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  1. Wow dude. You know your Stuff.
  2. If you met the right person (presuming you’re heterosexual) and we’re deeply in love, you probably wouldn’t need to ask that question.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has any views experience with these meditation apps? I have a VR headset and an App caller Tripp on there is pretty good, feels like I get benefit from it. Interested what people think.
  4. Seems like you’re more focused on judging people than anything else. just because people may not be self by actualising in the way you think you are, does not mean you are any better than them.
  5. I know experientially that what you say is the truth. This is as advanced as it gets but part of me thinks the world isn’t ready. We have non enlightened government because if we had the opposite, people would destroy themselves. People need their drama. Obviously as a people we need guidance but part of me thinks your stuff is too advanced. Do you have any thoughts on this?
  6. Do you mean should you move out?
  7. So what’s the question dude? I’m a little confused
  8. You need to understand what fear is and then transcend it. But easier said than done. Leo’s videos on fear are probably as good as your going to get.
  9. What would you say drives your perfectionism? In some cases it could be ego, but I sense it’s something different with you.
  10. She doesn’t come across as desperate dude.
  11. I would say most women are the same as the mature in my experience, and some men but not as many.
  12. Interesting. Thanks for your response.
  13. Leo, you’ve obviously accomplished a lot, worked hard, grown spiritually along the way whilst helping people and not giving into greed. Do you feel a sense of pride for what you have done or would you say that is ego?
  14. I think you’re not convinced that it’s the truth or you wouldn’t need anyone’s opinion on the matter? i would say as long as you’re content and it’s not fuelled by negativity there’s nothing wrong with it at all.
  15. An incell by his very nature, would not be interested in videos on how to change.