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  1. So I realized that deciding to listen to other people may drive me insane. So if I take words that I like dislike whatever I'm feeling put them together could I come up with more interesting interesting spiritual content then people have to offer. I'm thinking of it from an alchemical perspective but other ideologies as well
  2. How accurate is I ching in this modern world?or does it give false hope? It keeps telling me my hardworking will pay off and that I'm supposed to meet someone
  3. I'm not sure how to go about fixing my situation should I change the story that I tell myself about the situation. I am currently addicted to heavy pain meds. I have been taking less and less for a while. I want to get off them just don't feel like I can. I constantly experience entities in the form of thoughts interacting with me I see God quite a bit how am I to deal.with all this and withdrawels
  4. Hi I am very confused at times with my consciousness. I have been in the rabbit hole for quite some time. And going at it alone for the most part. I would like some advice if you could? Thanks