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  1. Define the values, maybe some have differences and you can combine them if they are similar.
  2. quickbooks and hrblock online. If you understand basic accounting, in quick books you can track mileage, receipts, run monthly income statements and much more in quickbooks. Its $39 a month. helps with tax time.
  3. The movie "Snow on the Bluff" opened my eyes about living in the ghetto and surviving. The main character is a crack dealer who robs naive college kids looking for drugs. The film is shot as a "documentary" or blair witch style. He has to do things to survive, people are killed and its extremely sad and chaotic life.
  4. After listening to the audiobook Life 3.0 - being Human in the age of AI , I am convinced in the next 5 years we will see super AI capabilities emerge. Would this be too soon of a timeline or too short? How many years will general AI then super AI develop?
  5. What spiral dynamics stage would quality and sustainable material goods (clothing, food, furniture, home) be considered? Since sustainability and environmental consciousness is a green value I would consider it green but I want to hear what others think. Orange has mass-marketed and promoted cheap goods that dont last long. What stage would quality goods that last 10+ years that are not mass-marketed be in? French culture has been historically less consumptive than western cultures and values high-quality food and not as much variety in clothing. They also seem to value a slow, intentional approach to life.
  6. Does anyone here have some fiction books that best demonstrate examples of wisdom or the heros journey? Maybe some books that are less well known and underrated?? thanks
  7. I wouldent be suprised if Tucker ran for president himself in the future.
  8. Give updates, I would like to know how it goes. I am considering joining a toastmasters group as well.
  9. Its too far developed at this point, we can only hope to steer AI in a way that does the least damage to humanity... obviously the military application of AI will be the most destructive. As far as the robot machine gun dogs go... thats terrifying. The "metal head" Black mirror episode comes to mind. Too many things in that series are becoming possible.
  10. Does anyone here love Sparkling Mineral water? Why does it taste so good? Does anyone have great suggestions for other water varieties? I just started drinking S. Pellegrino , and I love the smooth taste. I also like Spindrift, a flavored fizzy water with no natural flavors. Other water seems more bitter. I recently learned there are water sommeliers that actually can tell the difference in waters and tastes it like wine. Also - has anyone tried liquid death? I think its just a cleaver( or genius) marketing idea to sell water in a can but nevertheless its got my attention! Hard to justify buying $2 canned water at whole foods.
  11. The confusion to me lies in how children dont have clarity on higher levels on being/understanding such as who am I? vs to whom they are attracted to instinctivley. attraction is more survival and the spiritual quesion... Who am I? You can influence young impressionable children into wanting they/them pronouns in order to be seen as special. I dont think that young children would think they are special if they are gay... If you take a fat person vs healthy person and ask kids which one they would rather be they could tell you since they wouldent wanna be the overweight person instinctively. the question: Who am I? Is not as clear when you're a child.
  12. Lo-Fi spotify playlist
  13. Woah! I always wonder if anyone I went to high school with has a youtube channel.
  14. Late 20s are a difficult time, I am much happier in my early 30s than that time... I felt a lot of pressure from others and compared myself to others at that age.
  15. I loved this book, read it in a time when I was lonely and in a depressive episode. Really helped me contextualize life and how we make our own meaning. A self help book doing a movie is so awesome! Maybe this could be a new genre. Love the soundtrack also. This CD with the fat baby was one of my first cds I ever had in the 90s...
  16. I have seen a lot of conflicting info on pasture raised eggs being more or equal in nutrition profile in contrast with regular cheap eggs. Vital farms and kroger organic brand both have pasture raised egg options that I usually choose over the conventional cheapos. I dont think organic feed matters, most evidence I have seen, it makes little difference in organic feed for the chickens.
  17. I think it could be simple marketing, I have even seen Vegan wine being sold in Grocery stores. Although after doing research some wines are filtered through animal bones so its not technically vegan.
  18. The underlying message and characters in this movie really make it unique. I like Colin Farrell as an actor also.
  19. I did enjoy watching it but I agree... the acting was not great.
  20. I used a Pur water filter, I have heard they are not the best but I dont wanna spend $2k either... The $2k one I think is a whole house water filter. Anyone have a Berkey?
  21. Women like to see vulnerability and emotion in the masculine way, not the feminine way of emoting. Being masculine doesnt mean what you think it does... Acting stoic she will sniff that out and see you are not being sincere. You can still be strong and masculine and express emotions. For example, I think some of the sexiest, most masculine guys are dancers... Yes ballroom dancers. They are expressive, caring in their movements with the woman but also vulnerable at the same time. Men who dance are secure with their masculinity but also can show emotion. You can show emotion with dignity and self respect, even if its crying or hard at first.
  22. Rock climbing for adventure and getting closer to nature/outdoors and understanding my body movements better. I also have done trail running in the warmer months. I like indoor exercise in the colder months though. When I was younger I loved the trampoline doing gymnastics on it - flipping, backhand springs, jumping with my friends... Just fun flying through the air.
  23. I dont think overall Dentistry is a scam... But I do think Dentists are the used car salesman of doctors. I had the same experience when a dentist I went to in Cleveland told me each time I went there I had MULTIPLE Cavities. Then I went to one in another city a few times and had no cavities(Dr was younger). I think the cavity/cleaning thing can be subjective since sometimes a cavity can clear up on its own sometimes it gets worse. I dont have terrible eating habits and at the time I was eating very clean only sugar being fruit. I have also heard you can be more prone to cavities due to your saliva PH balance. If a dentist tells you your mouth is full of cavities/needs cleaned and you think hes full if it - go get a second opinion.