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  1. Alcohol/Cocaine is the opening of the body. MDMA is the opening of the heart. LSD is the opening of the mind. DMT is opening of the Consciousness/Being/Infinity. Enlightenment is that which is prior to and b3yond all of them ahhahahah but of course alcohol and mdma have some mind altering effects as well and LSD some heart etc
  2. Death and Life/Love are 2 sides of the same coin. Awakening is all about dissolving and thus living the separate self so much that it dissolves into Love. The enlightened state both and neither dead nor alive. That which is prior to God Consciousness and God Consciousness are experienced simultaneously. 2 of the most painful shifts on the path are the shift from ego to Being/Self/Love/God, then from Being to Non-Being. Ramana himself experienced 2 deaths. Death of self and then death of "Soul". This is what it was. Too many people on the path deny death, so they're stuck in Being without realizing both emptiness and Infinity, your Realization is not complete. It is the merging and transcendence of both Being and Non-Being that gives rise to full awakening. When the "Arahat" merges with the "Bodhisattva" you get "Buddhahood". Your True Nature is revealed.
  3. I'd say most of this disagreement is in concepts and words people use. I'm willing to put my money on the fact that if you can go inside a person who claims to be enlightened and experience the world through his eyes that you'll experience the same thing. Sure the content might be different but context would be identical, but content = context so yeah. It's impossible to "know", "imagine" or "experience" what THIS is like before you're there there, it's as simple as that. because there is a "there" there, the Source of consciousness is the same for everyone, everywhere at all times. The whole point of the journey is to go from surface of consciousness (conventional reality, ego state, form etc) to the Source (deathless, cessation, emptiness) , you can say this is like going from 1st jhana (very solidified fabrications) to 9th (no fabrication. No consciousness). But a lot of people get side tracked, and instead of going vertically down they stray away to the horizontal. Although there is nothing wrong with exploring different states of consciousness! And going downwards you will inevitably encounter many w0nderful mystical experiences of both hell and god realms, but if you get caught in experiences you run into the trouble of becoming a jhana or psychedelic junkie and never truly reach the Source lol. And see when you reach the Source it loops back to the surface, closing the circuit. Now Source is everything and everywhere at all times, appearance, Infinite is the finite, source = appearances, NIrvana = Samsara blah blah. The whole notion of spirituality and even enlightenment itself also becomes another ground to eventually transcend.
  4. Mainly Vipassana, self inquiry mainly. I've recorded my entire path on Youtube and training journal on IG,
  5. That;s a good explaination. God/Infinity must include existence and non-existence, Even when a cessation occurs you won't be there to experience it. But training yourself to go in and out of existence and non-existence over and over again does something to your mind and how you experience Reality. And yes your daily experience becomes something like a permanent state of cessation while still totally conscious. Existence and non-existence both becomes just another concept at the end. When they merge as One, both are transcended.
  6. I never said non-existence is a ground or it's what happens after death. I'm saying non-existence and existence are One. 2 sides of the same coin. "Truth" is beyond both existence and non-existence, form and emptiness. There is no contradiction there. Actually contradiction/paradoxes IS the bedrock of the Ultimate. When you shrink yourself down to non-existence you flip yourself inside out into Infinite existence. Through out the spiritual path you tend to go back and forth between being and non-being, God mode and emptiness mode, until finally they merge as one, and your moment to moment experience is something like a Schrödinger's cat. you're both and neither totally dead, yet alive. The "Buddha" is the merging of both the "bodhisattva" (love) and Arahat (death). At some point you stop thinking about all of this.
  7. I'm the last person to tell you there is nothing to do you're already awake lol it's true on the ultimate level but on the relative level there is A LOT of work being done. Even afterwards. ALl those debates are pointless and entertainment, as long as you put it on paper it's biased. The better way to measure non-duality BBC is to have a survey of describing people's moment to moment experience, perception and etc (even that's an inference when it comes down to "subject experience"). Instead of talking about how much you can lift and the science behind your training philosophy, compare the physiques of 2 bodybuilders side by side. Jefferey Martin describes what he calls "enlightenment dogmatism" which i find very interesting. People who's had Realizations tend to think their own awakening is the highest most profound, even very awakened, ESPECIALLY the very awakened ones fall into this trap lol. But when he sits down with beings from different traditions who seem to have disagreement about this stuff on paper are actually describing the same thing Cessation is not necessary, nor is it the ultimate Truth it's just a useful tool is all. But the point is it's hard to Realize and lock in all possible states without the entire range of consciousness, from unconsciousness to super consciousness.
  8. Someone asks me to respond to the section about cessation in that section of the video. A cessation isn't the ultimate truth. It's simply a tool, but one of the most efficient one to re-wire the mind and cause the damage in permanently shifting your base line consciousness. My criticism isn't psychedelics per se, but that if there's no permanent shifts in moment to moment experience, there is no AWakening/Realization. There is no god realization without permanently dropping the self, and cessations are simply one of the tools to chip away the self and Self. Both psychedelic trips and meditative experiences are temporary transcendence of the self, not the permanent dropping away of self. See consciousness is like a rubber band. The more you can contract the more you can expand. It's almost impossible to lock in "God Consciousness" without contracting it to Unconsciousness, until the 2 merge as One. Cessation is beyond form and formlessness. Existence or non-existence, beyond eternity or infinity since there's no space or time there. Yes some Buddhists think it's a pre-requisite to enlightenment but others don't. But even people who don't practice cessation or even meditation, 9 out of 10 times they've had them on the path to Awakening. Ultimately what cessations do is allows you to see in real time how the entire universe is be created moment by moment. And that form and emptiness/existence and non-existence are one. It's also a way to loosen your attachment to both form and formlessness; existence and non-existence. People who haven't had cessations tend to get stuck in States of Consciousness/Being/existence/Love mode, but it's also very easy to get stuck in Non-Being/emptiness mode. The Natural State is the merging of being and non-being, hence the experience of it is like having a permanent cessation merging with infinite consciousness and all the states in between. Neither consciousness nor not conscious. Both and neither dead nor alive.
  9. Everything Leo speaks in this video in regards to awakening and god i have personally encountered, the difference is I don't call it God or Love or Consciousness. And I stopped giving them importances. Awakening is the most extraordinary thing one can imagine yes it is absolutely mind blowing, so infinite that there is no more mind. No more levels consciousness. No more form or emptiness. Even Awakenings and Realizations and even enlightenment itself are perceived to be the stuff of the dream. Of course all these "experiences" will make you shit in your pants, physically dying, being so blown away you're no longer human, and they are all encountered on the Path. But eventually they are all absorbed and transcended. The more ordinary the more Divine. The better way to put IT is that it transcends even the notion of extraordinary vs. ordinary. On no Self being a "minor" Realization: Temporary experience of no Self on meditation or psychedelic is not the same as Realization of no Self. Realization is deeper than a transcendental experience and both are "minor" sure. But the permanent dropping away of self/Self is on another dimension altogether. After self/Self drops away there is nothing but God and Infinity 24 7. There is a quantum difference between a self perceiving God in the center vs. permanently dropping away of any center or vintage point, and there's only Godhead Comprehending and Creating Itself ad Infinite. Now I can only speak from personal experience but before self/Self permanently drops, even the most mind blowing experiences still comes from a self. If you had a Realization or an "experience", then you find yourself shifting back to separated state then it's a temporary experience of a self and not a Realization, let along the permanent dropping away of center, which is beyond any teachings of contemporary Neo Advida or most mainstream or new age spirituality teachings. In fact it's beyond spirituality altogether. There's absolutely no reference point to the "experience" of permanently dropping away of self/Self. There is no words to describe it. It robs everything away from you, even Consciousness itself and all of your previous Realization. There is no perceiver, no agency, no center at all times. The enlightened self sitting on his throne of Nirvana is the final layer of the dream. edit: Buddha didn't teach Absolute Self. He taught no-self AND No-Self, which is the middle way, the merging and transcendence of Being/Non-Being, Absolute Infinity and Absolute Nothingness. But No Self IS True Self, so let's not get bogged down to terminologies. But I see way too many people on the Path getting stuck in the identification to an Absolute Self. Cessation is 0 consciousness. Complete black out. Which makes this Insight extremely valuable because non existence is in a totally different order than existence. No consciousness is in a totally different order than levels of consciousness. YET they're also exactly the same because 2 sides of the extremes eventually cancel each other out and become 0 when they meet as death is Love/life. But I'm still on the fence whether it's necessary for awakening. In my direct experience it's the ultimate no experience that truly truly re-wires the brain permanently. It takes 5 to 10 years of meditation to get your first cessation. After awakening you can get 10 cessations in 30 mins of sitting. (What I'm more interested in is permanent shifts. It doesn't matter how many awakenings one's had, but if moment to moment perception isn't permanently altered, say shifting from 720 to 1080 to 4K 360 and 8k 360 or the self dissolving from solidity to liquid to air, then there is no Realization). Enlightenment is not a state of consciousness. It's 0 if you want to put a number on the dial, which also makes it Infinite and in-quantifiable. All "levels of consciousness" belongs to the dream and are the by products of "peeling away of separation/conditions". Enlightenment is deeper than consciousness or even awareness. As krishnamurti said "The moment you are aware of Awareness, you are not aware of Awareness" It's deeper than total unity and Oneness. As Adyshanti said, you eventually "wake up out of Oneness". You could say it's the _______ prior to unity and all states of consciousness. Prior to and it's what manifest the dial on the awakening scale. Shinzen young describes the path as going from surface level consciousness to Source. And many people on the Path got diverted from going directly to Source to sidetracking themselves to the content/manifestation of Source mid path (although Source is Appearance. Content IS context. But this cannot be Realized unless one's abiding in Source as Source). But what happens AFTER Source is Realized? Sure one can continue to explore. There is no end to the Infinitude of Reality. But as I've emphasized many times, there is a event horizon you cross before and after enlightenment. Ramana Maharishi and many other sages on that level all point to the fact that enlightenment itself has no levels. You're either there or you're not. And it's not a process happening anywhere. The question of whether or not it's a brain/mind State becomes completely irrelevant.
  10. IF nothing matters then everything matters. every extreme/paradox on this path eventually closes the loop on itself until all dualities collapse. For instance, total lack of free will when taking to the extreme becomes extremely liberating. Sure the character might not have free will but Reality itself is endlessly Free in it's infinite expressions, and the character IS part of TRue Nature.
  11. HAah ha ha prefect analogy. Remember the first time I glimpsed the thing "alien" was the first thought that popped into the mind. REALLY CREEPY because of how infinite and intelligent it was. And then I used the metaphor of being possessed, first your entire being, and then it possesses everything else then eventually it IS the entire universe, always have been, and it is only THAT which is looking out through your eyes. When you walk is just the universe eating. When you shit is just the universe shitting.
  12. When you become Reality, the manifestation of _____ is endlessly creative. "As individuals, we can have the view of totality only if we have some realization of Total Being, because the view of totality is not simply a mental view but the very openness at the heart of Total Being. We cannot hold or embody the view of totality if our realization is limited to nondual truth, or to unilocal unity, or of course if we have no realization at all. Because Total Being is free to manifest any view, whichever face it presents is what we typically then call reality. We don’t usually know this kind of freedom, we don’t even ordinarily expect it, because most of us are caught in a particular view, and we believe that is the only way reality can be. We mostly live within the dualistic view, until we recognize or realize the true nature of reality. Because of this, for most of us the realizations that tend to happen most readily are within the nondual view; sometimes we might even experience realization within the unilocal view, but rarely do we encounter the view of totality". The first and second turnings, which culminate in the enlightenment of nonduality, are consistent but incomplete insofar as they do not include, for instance, unilocal unity or the realization of not being anything. As I discussed in Runaway Realization, there are many subtle concepts—of self, of time, of space, of causation, of emptiness—that persist in the classical enlightenment of unity or nonduality, and these preclude other experiences of reality. The view of totality, in the fourth turning, begins to address this incompleteness by including all possible views of reality". "The meaning of Total Being expands as our experience of true nature reveals more and more of itself. Total Being can shift from being the totality of the individual to the total being of the whole universe to the mysterious total being beyond time and space. True nature allows us to perceive everything in a new light. We recognize that where we are in the moment is not other than anything else. Everything else is within us, and not only everything else but everything else at all other times and places. When we are not experiencing ourselves this way, then we are experiencing ourselves only as the individual and not the unilocal nature of the individual. It’s true that as an individual, we are in time and space. But we are also the true nature of the individual that interpenetrates all time and all space, bringing everything in time and space to one singular point".
  13. HEY guys, I do agree with Leo that non-duality is just one mode of existence. One lens of perception. This is why I distinguish between non-duality, non-locality and uni-locality. You could say that those are all different stages of non-duality, but there are on the relative level degrees of non-duality. Here are some quotes from AH ALmaas's website that most resonate to my current mode of development, and might point out some of those difference (Beyond non duality) All Forms Exist Within One Another "The Freedom Vehicle makes it possible to have these types of unity experiences – we call them experiences of unilocal unity, or unilocality – with another person, a group, or the whole universe. Unilocality is the view of reality related to a nothingness that has no sense of space, extension or distance. The experience of being in union in this nondimensional nothingness is unilocal unity. It can arise as the experience of two or more individuals sharing the same location often experienced as being inside each other. Unilocality is neither dual nor nondual. We are not talking here about an ocean of consciousness that unites all forms as they arise within it – the nonduality of the boundless dimensions; nor is it dual, when individual forms are separate and relating spatially. In unilocality, all forms exist within one another. As we become comfortable exercising the view of totality, we can consider all kinds of other questions from its perspective. One of the central issues that we deal with in this book is the relationship between duality and nonduality. Discerning the implications inherent in the nondual view opens up whole new possibilities of experience. We will spend some time exploring these new frontiers by examining the nature of time and space, the role of the particular individual, the paradox of nondoing, and the various mysteries of emptiness—all from the perspective of totality. What is revealed as we do this is that reality is far more indeterminate, far more mysterious than anything we can conceive of. No single view—whether dual, nondual, unilocal, or something else entirely—can capture the dynamism of reality. Freedom is the freedom of reality to reveal its dynamism, to express itself as form, as formlessness, as both, or as neither. No single feature and no combination of features can exhaust the potential of reality. It is a mystery without end. Reality is always revealing itself by knowing itself; and knowing reality and living it becomes the fulfillment of our life. The purity of reality expresses itself to us, through us, and as us, all at once. Our life becomes the life of true nature—the purity at the heart of reality—living consciously and expressing itself as us"
  14. "Everything you do in life is to avoid the Nothing/Everything that you are" - Jed Mckenna heheheh
  15. Those are great resources thanks for sharing them. Rob Burbea is a f*cking beast. Also if you guys are into his stuff check out his talks on a lot of his "post emptiness" stuff is quite interesting and i think can resonate with a lot of people on this board, it's more about filling up the "Form" of emptiness after you';ve realized it.
  16. Well anything in life can be "dangerous" and "disrupt your energy system" if you do it excessively or don't know what you're up to. Some people do Kundalini yoga and get fucked up afterwards, it's usually not the methods or the tools in and of themselves that's the problem is how you use them and how much you understand their effects, and finding the right balance.
  17. heh let's just say when I was "99 percent" dissolved, and during this time I had many enlightenment and mystical experiences, but when it was "100 percent" dissolved, the state was in a different order altogether. This is a quote from a fellow seeker who couldn't have said it perfectly, right before he "closed the circuit", "This moment is utterly distinct from anything that has occurred in experience up until that time. Relatively speaking, the first three paths are minor attainments while Fourth Path is a major attainment. At Fourth Path we crack open our limited awareness, gaining, for the first time, an access to the ultimate nature of mind; unconditioned awareness, or emptiness. Similar to the naked awareness witnessed in the First Path fruition, Fourth Path awareness contains a wholly open, empty element which relegates the fixed conceptual structures of mind to the level of obviously relative and ultimately false. Fourth path is the opening of awareness to perceive our true ultimate nature". Now we're simply talking about the Wisdom axis of the development and this is just one out of MANY many paths one could have taken that leads to the same end point, and can this person continue to grow in other ways such as becoming infinitely more compassionate? Or explore the magic realms through psychedelics ? SURE! but the distinction should be make clear so people don't get confused between reaching the "Source" of consciousness, vs exploring altered states of Consciousness.
  18. I thought I've already answered this. When I got into body building i did feel proud when somebody makes a nice comment about my physique being aesthetic. Nowadays I could care less if people look at my body, I do it because it's fun, pure and simple. I have 0 attachment to this body image. Sure it's great to be healthy and looking good, but there is really no reason why I lift. Everything you do after Awakening is automatic, driven by the Divine Will. What your hobbies are after Realization mostly depend on karma. If your previous life before Awakening was a CEO you may continue to make money afterwards just because it was what your previous character was good at, without attachment to outcome, and you simply enjoy every moment of the process. Perhaps after Realization you completely stop doing anything previously, for some people nothing changes, and they continue to do the exact same stuff as before. I will say this though, it's quite useless to think about what your motivations are or to speculate how you will be and what you'll experience moment to moment after Awakening, because you cannot possibly imagine it. Better use that time to do the work instead.
  19. The best way to describe Kundalini awakening is in my definition, simply the by product and dissolution of the separate self and your conditions. I always say the 3rd eye is the Cosmic Anus where all your "junk" gets ejaculated hehehe. After Awakening, after all your chakras fully open up, after all if not most of your conditions are dissolved, you're not gonna feel chakras anymore. I went through a phase when my Kundalini was still activated, and I thought I was a spiritual bad ass because I was oozing with Kundalini juice "My crown chakras were opened! I experienced states of Divine Consciousness as powerful as psychedelics!" my spiritual ego was attached to this for a while just the same way I was attached to my ability to access jhanas, lol little did I know what I was experiencing was merely the side effect of Realizations, not the thing itself.
  20. During the path i also thought jhanas were THE THING, but it wasn't until later on when I actually had a Realization that I came to see how they're really quite different things, between the "altered states" of ego state and mystical experiences vs Realization which is an "un-altered state". I would love to talk jhanas though i was a jhana junkie for a while hehehe
  21. You can't get to the bottom of this with the mind. Beyond the mind Reality is both and neither Real nor not real.
  22. It's neither an illusion nor not an illusion. When everything is fabricated then nothing is fabricated. Eventually Reality just IS, at some point you're going to stop thinking about or labeling Reality as an illusion or x or y. That's just another ground/illusion ha ha ha. This whole notion is a giant paradox but saying it's ONLY an illusion isn't really that nuanced.
  23. It's just language at the end, but through out the Path you begin by identifying with ego then you move the identification to consciousness and god finally in true Anatta you dis-embed from them all, no self nor Self; and paradoxically without the experiencer in the center allows an even fuller access to God. Remind you that all those names and labels and stages are ultimately void, there's always just this now. And it's infinite. Always has been.
  24. That was my experience yes. If you had a temporary experience of no self is what I call "transcendence of self" either spontaneously or on psychedelics or meditation, but always return vs permanent dropping away of center, which is a RealizAtion after many many unfoldment of temporary experiences and the whole Thing flips over permanently . The latter is not an experience per se. Now I hear accounts of other people shifting in and out of Infinite Consciousness even after no self Realization, that's why Leo said No self does not always equal pure Consciousness, but in my case infinite consciousness became a permanent mode after Realization so again I can't speak for everyone.