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  1. That's great. I would love to see an updated 2022 version given that Leo 2017 was anti-psychedelics lol. Imagine how much further this list has evolved.
  2. In one of Owen's last videos he admitted to be wrong to a previous (political) belief of his. Has Leo ever admitted to being wrong after changing his mind on something like this? Serious question. Thinking you are the be-all, end-all is quite worrisome. Owen is not this.
  3. Meditating for 2 hours or working out for 2 hours Whichever one is harder for you, do that one
  4. Everything is Consciousness From the imagined "person's" perspective, a rock probably has the same consciousness level as dirt ... but they are both imagined and part of Consciousness
  5. lol Ivermectin is a NOBEL PRIZE WINNING drug that has helped BILLIONS of people, literally. It obviously cuts into big pharmas profits. Why are you so pro big-pharma? --- If the vaccines work, why aren't they working?
  6. lol history will NOT be on your side. The facts are already against you. Look up the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. Imagine trusting big pharma in 2021.
  7. All wars are bankers wars. All war is a racket. They were ignorant.
  8. Psychedelics cut into big pharma's profits. Imagine trusting big pharma in 2021.
  9. They've had the most communist propaganda throw at them with attacks on the nuclear family. Throw in the highest % of fatherless households. God is neutral and loves all, he gives us the choice. We are here for the contrast. My choice is that communists are NOT people.
  10. You're an intellectual coward. You lost the debate with your pathetic MSM narratives. You have zero facts and zero points. Bring your threat of force upon me and I will show you annihilation.
  11. Way to bring ZERO VALUE to the discussion with ZERO POINTS and ZERO FACTS. Talk about intellectual dishonesty and cowardice. Here is your process: 1. lost the intellectual debate and discussion 2. threaten force, but know it will not work 3. resorts to calling names We are on step 3 now
  12. Wrong. And I'd love to see you try. You lost the intellectual battle of truth and facts so you now want to try force. Bring it, I will use self-defense.
  13. And if your vaccines DON'T work, THEN WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO TAKE SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T WORK Oh, so your vaccine and mask only work if I have one too right?
  14. If Vaccines work, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. If you're scared, THEN YOU STAY HOME Why is YOUR health, MY responsibility? That's a coward's thinking who won't take any personal responsibility. How about you lose that extra 25lbs, quit drinking, detox and destress more. That would save more people than anything.