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  1. How many non-violent people are incarcerated from having psychedelics? (weed, mushrooms, lsd, etc)
  2. Barrack and Michael are part of our Imagination.
  3. "my" fault since "I" imagined 9/11 happening To what greater purpose it serves is yet to be seen. Maybe when the global-cabal responsible for 9/11 comes to justice, it will make a nice "end to the movie"
  4. Ivermectin won a nobel prize in 2015 for Physiology or Medicine. It has been used probably billions of times.
  5. Libya was thriving before US "intervention". Good economy, education, etc. Then Gaddafi threatened the petro-dollar aka the Rothschild central-banking cartel.
  6. Thousands of Americans are still stuck in Afghanistan. Biden just went on vacation.
  7. God CHOSE to come to a 'place' with finite Love (temporarily). God CHOSE to have and experience bias (temporarily).
  8. all biases equally this includes the bias of 'not having biases' being better than 'having bias'
  9. To drop all biases is to be "dead" and Oneness To be in this lucid dream is to experience contrast in order to 'know Onself' and 'learn' again. Similar to wiping game data and playing the game all over again for entertainment
  10. Why did Jesus whip the money-changers out of the temple?
  11. what is sleep - changing our state of Consciousness same with permission slips like psychedelics, alcohol, etc same with death
  12. Belief that something will heal you Belief that there is something accessible to you that will heal you (spoiler: there is)
  13. Imagine thinking you need an imagined vaccine... for an imagined virus... all in a lucid dream All is imagined. Why live in fear?
  14. Sadghuru is the least guru-like of the "gurus" ... why 33 and not 29, 30, 31, 32, 34, 35, 36 37, 38, 39, etc...