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  1. I never felt so close to find my life purpose.. I rewatched all the videos in the life purpose course for the 3rd time right now. I also bought and read The big leap from start to finish (great book ! thank you Leo for the recommandation) It's clear for me what is my zone of genius and my top unique capabilities right now. But it's hard to find the best approach to articulate them in one or two sentences. What is my super-power ? what is my top unique capabilities : Developing unique and practical action plans to solve a specific problem, achieve a specific goal or get a specific result. How I do it ? By mastering any new subject, challenge or goals I'm interested in through in-depth researchs, deep reflections and learnign from a variation of sources of informations (books, online courses, youtube videos, interviews, etc..) Then assemble all the knowledge I gathered in one place and apply some questionning methodologies that help me think of original ways to simplify the concepts, optimize them, make them more practical and easier to achieve. I think that it's clearer for me to present it this way.. But Leo recommand in the course to articulate this informations in 2 sentences so I can mix it with my Impact Statement in order to find the right formula for my life purpose. Any recommandation ?
  2. @Hello from Russia Thank you for your clarifications ! really helpful.
  3. Hey guy's, Just need some inspirations about how you practice your daily affirmations. I have a list of 20 affirmations that are short, consise, and ideal for my current situation and life purpose. But I can't find the right approach to integrate them correctly and smoothly. Should I stick with the 20 affirmations and read them all for 15mn every day for the rest of the year ? => I found that it's very confusing to read 20 affirmations several times in one 15mn session. I can't focus and I don't have clarity since it's loot of affirmations. evene if the phrases are short.. Should I just select the one most important affirmation and read it for 5mn every day for the rest of the year ? => I found that this approach is more efficient since we just focus in one thing, the integration process is smoother, but one affirmation isn't enough !! What do you think is the best approach ?
  4. @VioletFlame I will definitely try it ! Thank you for the recommandations UPDATE : I optimized a little bit my ritual since the last post, Reading only 5 affirmations (instead of 20) : I selected only 5 most important affirmations based on my top goals and priorities. It's definitely easier to recall 5 affirmations compared to 20 haha. I read each one of them for 3mn. out-loud and sometimes in my mind. Writing my 5 affirmations : After each affirmation session, I open my journal and write them in less than 1mn so I can really memorize them and integrate them deeply in my mind.. Listenning to a Medidative Music Background while reading : I also found that reading my affirmations everyday started to sounds a little bit robotic. So I tested a new approach, reading them while listenning to a meditative music. It can also work with an inspirational/motivational music. It added a little sens of fun and inspiration to the process. Connecting with my emotions : Combining an instrumental playlist while reading my affirmations makes me feel like I'm in a movie living a hero's journey haha. It shakes my emotions and my motivation and it's so good to feel that way reading your affirmations. This channel have lot of great music we can play while doing this ritual.
  5. Like Leo said, work to improve your high value skills, Based on your life purpose, what are the training program you can develop for yourself ? Say to day every day work on high value skills you can offer as services in exchange for money or a job. Personnaly, I learned digital marketing, copywriting, e-mail marketing and it helped me a lot when I moved from Tunisia to Canada. Find a high value skill you can develop. Even if you don't have any specific idea right now, just set the attention to find it, do lot of research ! You can also find some ideas and opportunities on freelancing platforms like UpWork. Gain experience freelancing . Develop your profile on Linkedin. Apply for jobs that fits your skills. And keep going. Also, Keep coming back to the lifepurpose course ! It's really worth it, I watched the entire course 3 times until I really developed a clear understanding of what is my real life purpose, my values, my zone of genius etc.. Wish you all the best !
  6. Hey Leo, Thank you for your response and thank you for this amazing course. It really changed my life. It's crazy but this is what I'm doing actually haha I'm a digital marketing consultant actually since 4 years. But dealing with daily clients in a reactive mode is killing me from the inside. That's why I started the life purpose course, to find a mission that will be more aligned with my top values. Since the last time I posted here, I contemplate lot of possibilities on how I can articulate my life purpose in a way that really fit my zone of genius, impact statement, top strenghs and top values. Here's my final results : MY ZONE OF GENIUS : System Thinking & Deep learning : Studying and Mastering any new subject to develop unique and highly efficient action plans, systems and infrastructures. MY DOMAIN OF MASTERY : "Full Stack Entrepreneur" (online business, sales, entrepreneurship and leadership) MY 2 IDEAL MEDIUMS : 1. Speaking & Teaching through videos, interviews and online workshops. 2. Regrouping Authors and expert in one platform to teach their books and their methodologies in practical ways through online workshops. MY LIFE PURPOSE : What I want to do : Develop an online course platform that gonna share practical workshops and action plans. Who I want to help : Freelancers and small business owners. RESULTS & IMPACT I want to make : Help them frow more revenues Help them develop world-class companies Help them find authentic "Work-Life-Harmony" Help them transition from technicians "entrepreneurs" (working IN their business)... to real entrepreneurs/leaders (working ON their business) Help them transition from stage orange entrepreneurs to stage green and stage yellow entrepreneurs. => My only challenge right now is my 2 ideal mediums... I don't know how the f*** I'm going to convince experts like Leo or authors like Gay Hendricks to teach their experience and methodologies in this platform.. And deep inside me, I know that my ideal medium is books or articles, cause I'm more comfortable writing than speaking, But deep inside me also, I know that producing videos and workshops on my own will be more impactful.. But hey, It's just the beginning haha. I'm gonna do my research and start building my "soft-skills" while I'm "smooth transitionning" to this ideal medium, zone of genius and life purpose. This is just the beginning of my new Journey and I'm really excited to enter this "Dark Forest" and start this challenge ASAP. Thanks again Leo for all the value you produced in this course. It really helped me gain lot of clarity about my authentic self, my life purpose, what I really want to do and what I have to do right now. Thank you so much.. Skander