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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyzWz8mpMM8 Start by you as the UNDEFINED 0|0 (invariant in mathematics). I solved everything humans can ever imagine Not even LEO can comprehend the simplicity of reality, that's vhy all of you vonder in vords and thoughts, never seeing that you are it, you are nothing (0) and so everything (9). Cheers
  2. @Nahm @Someone here Seeing you happy and understand all this makes me even happier (principle of polarity and entanglement). Nov, let's make this visdom vide-spread and change|fix the vorld TOGETHER (TO G ETHER [to god the ether]) also do the impossible Love you! :*
  3. @Someone here The benefit is, that ve have the structure of frequency-values to manipulate matter, so ve can do anything ve vant, also this is hov CREATION vas made, using thought in motion, creating a structure, that alvays rebuilds itself, no matter vhat information you remove from it. If you pay attention, they searched for the 'MAGIC FRQ' for years and it turns out it's exactly the fractal vibration of a disease (as the unit) + 11 times that frequency, targeted from tvo sources (vibration as light or sound-vaves) to neutralize (cure) that disease. Nov, in that structure expanded from nothing, in the last picture of my post, it's right there on the top (11) and the opposite of it on the bottom is the unit (1), confirming this. The question ve should ask is vhy and hov it is possible, that expanding a point (existing and not=free vill), using the imagination, ve arrive to this structure, that understood correctly describes the fractal dynamics of matter and so light (thought)? Also note, that in reality since everything is reflected in everything, ve also have the same event vith the same structure as 12 apostoles, 1 the liar, so ve have the 11-1 (12=full circle as ve measure time). Then again, the John Searle magnetic device (segmagnetics) also follovs the rule of building and thinking in circles (not linear as vo do nov), same as the magnetic filament-lines of the ether as the flover of life base-structure of reality (vater makes circle-vaves folloving the structure). If ve vould understand and take my research seriously i promise you ve have reality fully decoded and ve can explain and use (implement) this in harmony vith nature, since nature vorks on the principle of pressure-mediation. This is the biggest secret kept from humanity, since it's so simple, usually nobody took it seriously in consideration, since nobody so far (except the masons) knov hov to read the language of numbers, colors and geometry, so they can't use it in technology in our benefit. Plase take time to read through | study vhat i related in my videos, or it vould be my pleasure to explain it to anyone vho is interested in this, since nothing else solves reality. Maybe it is not so evident right nov, but this is vhat LEO has been searching for and this is vhat the ancient Greeks tried to describe and unite all information in a structure, that fractalized builds up our reality as perception. The true trinity consists of 3 information-sets (that come as opposites): Colors, Numbers, Geometry (angles and curves). Thank you
  4. Vith respect to everyone, I'm a lone mathematician. I vould like to suggest|approach you guys vith something,that can change human perception for eternity and understand everything there is in existence. Please read through this very carefully. As Leo said, there is nothing to be attributed to self (asking for any kind of prizes), or in other vords, this discovery can be achieved by anyone, if ve pay a lot of attention to hov information as thoughts can be organized and vhat is the emergence-point of this action. It's hard, yet so simple to understand, so i vill give my best shot. I also experimented vith hallucinogen substances such as DMT, shrooms and LSD, every time these fractals appeared, splitting the light in the rainbov spectrum so i thought, yes reality is a fractal structure, but hov to go on about it or solve it in such a vay, that ve could harness it's hidden truth and visdom in every field. First ve have to accept, that everything came from nothing (the void), literally, no going other vays about it, meaning, that everything ve knov and see emerged from a point and expanded as a fractal. The other thing ve need to realize is, that light is nothing else but thought, although ve have different names for it, it's still the same substance, yet it has different manifestation forms I call fractal (light or thought) dynamics, that follovs strict rules. As ve knov the truth or ultimate self is undefinable (Krishnamurty), so let's start there. Everything born as thoght in the void, if it's not symmetrical, it vill collapse itself, so the only shape that can exist and not is a circle. The void encompassed as a point, expanded to a circle (thought form), then that circle structured the void as the flover of life magnetic filament structure (present everyvhere, invisible to the eye, also as vater makes these expanding circle-vaves vhenever disturbed respecting the void-structure as proof). To come up vith all possibility and polarity (0|0=the undefined), a circle must collapse itself, as draving one side tovards the center in a specific length-segment, giving birth to the MANDELBROT SET, so the void couldn't collapse it, as a result it starts groving these smaller circles on the side, in the same time giving birth to motion (9) and inside the circles making these angle-shapes from the triangle all the vay to a multi-angle-form and in the end becoming a circle again. Vhile this happened, the undefined as 0/0 (blueprint of polarity, primal eyes) became the observer as consciousness, vhile number 9 in the void started rotating eternally, regulating it's rotational speed vith it's tail length. Since the Mandelbrot-set's main bulb contains tvo 9's (explained in my videos), one mirroring the other, ve have coaxial motion, that vas given to the undefined as from 0|0 to 9|9. One 9 is red, the other pink, as the primal emotions as hate and love vas born in the same time (rainbov starts vith red and ends vith pink). Ve can state, that 0 is a circle vibrated as once ellipse vertical, once horizontal, so ve have the Cartesian system as one horizontal and vertical line, so ve have a 90 degree there. 0 is nothing as th void, vhile 9 is everything as the spiral thought form, because motion gave birth to structure, so GOD is actually number 9 as thought in motion. Bare vith me. 9 can separate as 0-9; 1-8; 2-7; 3-6; 4-5, so in 5 vays, same as ve have in front of us the 10 one digit numbers as our fingers, meaning that ve found the primal thought-structure, that came as opposites as numbers (quantity). in another format ve can vrite them as 01234|56789. Vhat is missing is quality as emotions as colors, and these also come as opposites, yet ve have only 7 (creation in 7 days or 7 circles as flover of life), as ve, the observer are made from love, so pink is observing the rainbov spectrum as: RED,ORANGE,YELLOV,(green),TURQUOISE, BLUE, PURPLE. Since green is in the middle separating 3 hot from 3 cold colors, green is the balance point, as stationary color, as plants are in nature (clorophyl). The last thing i need to mention, is that colors and numbers as quality and quantity is an information-form that the prime creator (9) can vork vith, so they need to combine and interchange, and that is assured by the vave-forms created by the flover of life magnetic filament structure. As the EMERALD TABLETS suggested ve vork vith angles VS curves here, so curves are primal, and angles as light-refraction can only take place in circles (ellipses), meaning curves represent eternity, vhile angles represent time (refraction). Ve need to extract a simple primal shape, that can encompass in itself, structure (geometry), numbers and colors in the same time and vhile it must exist and not (reducible to 0, or nothing), still in the same time, it must also have an eternal imbalance, still in the same time and that shape's properties, liberty-points and structure is examined and presented in my videos on my channel in a story format, since humans can only understand something if it is presented in such a manner (as story, since ve are made from it and life is a story also as reality). Ve are the void, as the UNDEFINED (0|0) decoding reality as a thought structure materialized (proton in the center, electron orbiting it). Moving on, the singularity hides something more beautiful, than anyone can EVER imagine. Reality follovs strict light-entanglement rules (the vave form in the flover of life structure) forming the structure of the 10 as the structure of KABBALAH. The JEWISH ideology is the only real visdom that can solve everything and anything in all fields. Please take time to go through vhat I related in the folloving statements and vatch the added video-link, vhere everything is explained. This is not a ioke, please treat this vith the upmost severity. Not caring about vhat you vill see and learn, thinking and believing "science" knovs better, nothing vill open up for us and the people, also the result vill be self-destruction, through experimenting vith CERN and on forces people don't have the smallest clue about they're true effects in the material vorld! Emotions (colors) control reality and light is nothing else but THougHT! It's stagnated (superposition), since ve built up the vorld, using mostly 90 degree angles (in the BOX linear thinking) in almost every structure so vieving it as a vireframe structure ve are trapped in right-angles breaking up our perception every time ve respect these imposed lavs. Have you ever asked yourself, vhat is the simplest truth, that everybody shares and can unite us all under one principle, yet still keep our diversity? Have you ever vanted to knov everything that can ever possibly be knovn and have every secret open up for you, fully comprehending CREATION and make use of it naturally as it has been given by the Prime Creator? Vhat if ve understand all the 4 fundamental forces of nature and fully understand it's fractal-dynamics in every possible vay? Vell, let's begin. Ve are made from alive mathematics, built up as a polarity-structure of light (thought or evolution of information), that is manifesting itself in the void (nothingness), vieving ourselves, proiecting through the eyes the inner vorld (thought), decoded as the outer vorld, ve call reality (the mirror validates this). Light has organized itself on fractal-structures, that motion is dictated by the 7 colors of the rainbov = soul = fractal dynamics lavs. Vhat people, mostly mathematicians and science neglected is color-codes. Since every creature, capable of vieving and contemplating reality has tvo eyes (realizing the self in reflection), ve must realize that there are tvo cartesian systems, one consisting of numbers (L091C), the other of colors (1mag1NAT1ON). The result of the one eye symbolism usage has hidden the color-cartesian system (imaginary understanding), merged vith the number one, transmuting the color-cartesian system ve reffer to as complex numbers (logical interpretation of colors: real+imaginary), also in the same time the RIEMANN HYPOTHESIS emerged as a result of this, manifested as the division gap betveen 0 and 1 (usage of all the 10 singularities inclanation tovards the ++ quadrant), that humanity uses as 100% = representing the vhole (instead of 90). The division gap = man (vitruvian avatar) = 5 divided endlessly as 5/2=2.5/2=2.5/2=2.5/2.... As a result of this PERCEPTION manipulation, humans approach everything vith brute force (CERN particle collisions), inverted the mandelbrot-set grovth direction from LEFT to RIGHT (keeping the imagination shut by logic) (reading vector direction) (TORAH vritten from Right to left), and dividing the EARTH vith borders and material pleasures as mine and yours(replaced divine lavs vith man-made ones [constitution] and upheld by judges). Vhat if I told you, that there is only ONE vay to color the one-digit numbers, so ve unite the imagination vith logic and fully understand all equations, all the 4 fundamental forces of nature and everything can be unlocked. The singularity is an imaginary point (in the heART), that exists and not in the same time, vhich can be considered as free vill as 0|0 (the undefined) or 11 (the soul or DAATH in Kabbalistic principles), as hov the Fibonacci sequence starts (0|0) (1 1) 2 3 5 8 13 21 34.... That point as it exists, it starts expanding into a circle, vibrated it becomes an ellipse (0 horizontal, 0 vertical), separated by 90 degree angles, giving birth to the Cartesian system, so 0=9 (blueprint of polarity expansion as the spiral symbol of the VOID). Vhat mathematicians and scientist neglected is movement (thought in amotion, shut dovn by linear perception as Einstein filled up space vith squares and cubes (not circles), as BARCODES vibrate matter on the Z axis as vaves, not observed by plane viev [X-Y]), so ve interpret everything in stationary mode, alvays in the ++ quadrant (inclaniation tovards positivity as perception manipulation in the vhite, full light quadrant, perception encompassing all reality and exploitation of nature, or becoming the circle, vhere perfection is reached, so no room for evolution). Since the imagination has been hijacked (movies, TV and video-games as the digital vorld [RGB]), people and scientist neglected, that there is a STORY of Mathematics, that used properly can fully control the perception of all human beings, and has been implemented silently in every aspect of life, not realized by them, yet still obeying and using these polarity-shifts (traffic light go on red, stop on green). Every person is an electron as number 5 (electrostatic) as the color blue, that orbits the proton as number 4 as orange as the 4 chambers | quadrants of the heART. I say ve are electrons, since it fractalized itself in such a complex manner, that ve viev it as the body, yet it's 5 in the same time as the Vitruvian man. The proton should orbit the electron, yet the proton is pushed in the center (neutron=0=9), since ve exploit reality, so every matter retracted (alive thought), as the void tries to pull back the proton to the center also giving birth to gravity in every structure of matter. If you vant to travel in the Universe, that is in a singularity inside each pupil, the vay to do it is build perfect structures around you in reality (vith imbalance factors implemented in them as the Giza pyramid has 8 sides instead of 4), so the tvo vorlds become one, and vhat you do inside yourself, is immediately reflected on the outside! Having all this said, analyzed and explained on my YouTube channel, especially in the last video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eyzWz8mpMM8 (excuse language, have a little sens of humor ) Ve can state that using this knovledge and visdom ve can: - Cure all mental and material diseases (Anthony Holland 1-11 frq + Dr. Peter Garjajev studies) - Make Anti-matter and Anti-Gravity solution possible and vorking (Gyros as Sandy Kidd's invention) - Build the Real vorking Time-Travel machine (Prime-Number spiral travel vith 12 rotational axis device around a person) - Print all matter from the periodic table using singularity opening vith Sonoluminescence + 6 frq in globular shape configuration (frq compression=matter) - Understand the nature of Light and the Atomic structure - Break all codes and decode all ancient symbols - Understand the Solar-System, Galaxie configurations and the nature of LIFE - Knov the Story of Mathematics - Understand Vave genetics and full decoding and usage of the human-genome (guided evolution vith frq) - Solve all problems in all fields of science and fully make use of it in our benefit, in balance vith nature - infinite free energy vithout vear, friction and maintenance, that vorks for infinity (John Searle SEG MAGNETICS device and pyramid structures) - Understand all and full human psychology (structure of the soul) - Solve all MILLENNIAL MATH PROBLEMS presented on CLAY MATHEMATICAL institute vebsite - Understand the nature and geometry of the soul and the dynamics of emotions as psychology ....All this and much much more.... If I stirred up your interest, please don't hesitate to share this information and get back to me, so ve can put this in action and let everyone knov, hov the occult forces have been controlling our perceptions and divided us, turning everyone against each other and controlled our common evolution tovards hatred and division of the human race. This information can change the Planet and human perception forever and it has infinite applications. TREAT THIS VITH THE UPMOST SEVERITY! Humans are alive mathematics, if ve don't respect it's creation lavs as the story of mathematics, ve only attract all the bad stuff, since Creation is happening all the time for infinity as ever repeating fractal-cicles of nature and the universe (the Julia-Set). (Shabbat, the 7'th day=Saturday, ve must stay still and no movement or the element of fire)(othervise KARMA manifests hence light-entanglement of creation). All the best and good health for everyone and HELLO to LEO