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  1. I've been suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome for 7 years now and have already tried everything possible to find healing and to recover from the disease.
    Nutrition, supplements, Kriya Yoga, body therapy, personal development, spiritual techniques etc. I have been to over 20 different doctors and went through a lot of diagnostics and tests, but nobody can tell me what the cause is.

    Now I've heard @Leo Gura talking about the fact that you can go in a psychedelic trip with a specific question.

    Do you think I can try psychedelics to find out why I'm sick and to heal myself from chronic fatigue?

  2. My girlfriend and I are interested in psychedelics. However she suffers from chronic heart disease and I from chronic fatigue syndrom / fibromyalgia. My girlfriend had a heart operation as a newborn, now she is fine and can do almost anything. The doctors advised her not to do things that would extremely increase her blood pressure like for example squats with 200 pounds without exhaling. But she can do regular sport activities.

    So you could argue that it is not a chronic disease. However, she is fairly limited in terms of carrying out extreme activities as she has to take care of herself.

    So in this case i thought specifically about 5 meo, which lets your pulse go through the rooftop. I know you might advice "go consult a doctor", but their knowledge about psychedelics and 5 meo is very limited, often to the extent of not knowing anything at all in this regard. And I wouldn't hold your responses as a substitute for medical advice. Therefore, I would be interested in knowing your opinions.

    I remember that Dr. Octavio Rettig said that over the last years he worked with thousands of clients and in his 5 meo retreats, a very few died owing to underlying health conditions.

    My conclusions so far: In my case it’s probably not a big deal, maybe there is a risk that my chronic fatigue gets worse for a short period of time after a trip. With 5 meo I’m not sure. Regarding my girlfriend, some mild psychedelics with low doses, it's probably ok. However, not 5 meo because of its strong effect on the heart rate.

    What do you think? Is it quite a risk and perhaps refrain from psychedelics especially with chronic physical illness or worth the risk?

  3. 12 hours ago, zunnyman said:

    @Azrael Hey, this might seem like a dumb question. I think you said something along the lines of this in the past "My whole life was a nasty lie" and then you cried after learning this.


    3 hours ago, Azrael said:

    I think you are dreaming. No, I didn't. If you can quote that I would be astonished because I wouldn't say such a thing.

    I think he means this:

    "Trip Report: On Being God


    I did this for a few moments and then just had to sit down again and just cried like a little boy for a god 5 minutes straight. I just couldn't believe what I had done to myself for my entire life and what kind of nasty game I played with myself. I just saw it before my eyes and couldn't believe it."


  4. Emotional inhibitions / inability to get emotional in front of anyone 

    I'm struggling with expressing my emotions, whether it is in front of my family, girlfriend, friends, strangers, it doesn’t matter who. This leads to all kinds of problem like shyness, fear of public speaking, stage fright, being tensed, having difficulty to connect with someone and so forth. I've tried many things like visualizations, autosuggestion, i've also given tons of lectures in front of 30-40 people and have had many girlfriends, i talk to people on a daily basis, but still have emotional inhibitions.

  5. Sadhguru explains that 99% of enlightened beings leave their physical body, so they don't stay usually.

    He is saying that most people die at the time of enlightenment and you never see them again. The enlightened beings have to consiously create karma to maintain their body. He quotes Ramakrishna Paramhamsa's obsession over food as an example for consiously created karma.

    Why should we become enlightened if enlightenment means actually dead?  I thought enlightenment is about ego death.

    Now i'm afraid of practicing any more spiritual practices because of leaving the body. I have to take care of my children and can't leave now. 

  6. I have chronic fatigue syndrome since 3 years and with chronic fatigue i don’t mean i’m a little bit tired all the day, i mean it in a pathological way. When i do sport, i get a headache, chills and huge exhaustion. When i’m in a relaxed state, i still have these symptoms, but less strong. I went to 20 doctors and a few psychologists, but they couldn’t find anything. All the physiological parameters were fine. I clean up my diet, do personal development and meditation. Nothing has changed. When i meditate, i fell asleep most of the time because of my chronic fatigue. So I heard Martin Ball talks a lot about energys and the energetic body. I thought maybe it is a possibility i have an energetic problem. Do you think i should consider 5-meo or is it more likely it has just the opposite effect and my health condition gets even worse?


    Maybe @Leo Gura or @Azrael can also give their opinions, because you have the practice with the substance. 

  7. 7 hours ago, Prabhaker said:

    Body won't change but your drop of consciousness becomes one with universal ocean of consciousness, if body is not suitable death happens. 

    Can you explain that exactly? What does not suitable mean? What is the mechanism of action? If there are risks of a physical death I will stop the enlightenment work because i have children and not the best health (chronic illness). 

    6 hours ago, Prabhaker said:

    Weight training and body building doesn't make you tough. Yoga , swimming , jogging/ running are good for health.

    Be very careful with such random advice. For example: 99 % have a wrong running style which is why the most long year joggers have totally damaged joints. Check out the statistics, it's a disaster. Why weight training doesn't make you tough? It is such a linear activity as jogging.

  8. 8 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

    That's almost certainly false in my view. I've met healers (both enlightened and non-enlightened) personally who've spoken of their successes, I've had healers work on me, and if you spend even a bit of time doing research into various mystical traditions and alternative healing modalities, you'll see they don't make sense unless you allow for healing to be real.

    Just one of the cool perks of mastering nonduality ;)

    @Leo Gura  

    Also consider that possibility: They just think they can heal people. It is like to go vegan and feel better. Those people don't feel better because they don't longer eat meat, it is because they suddenly give their body all its daily requirement of vitamins and minerals for the first time. Of course they feel better! They engage themselves in nutrition for the first time and of course they feel better with all the micronutrients. But that's also possible with meat and has nothing do to with the meat by itself. So if someone "heals" someone other there can be other factors that actually effect the healing process. 
    Also consider the placebo effect. If I go to someone who heals me.. of course, I believe in it and will have a placebo effect. So there can be also psychological effects.

  9. On Thursday, November 17, 2016 at 7:17 PM, Leo Gura said:

    It's really hard to not get a glimpse of enlightenment after 100 hours of full-time mindfulness meditation. 

    @Leo Gura  How is that possible? Aren't you totally exhausted after 100 hours of "see... hear... feel... see... feel etc."? I already have less focus after 2, 3 hours of this specific practice because it is exhausting. After 8 hours my focus would be totally fucked up.

  10. @Leo Gura But if you are this vacuum of empty space, why you (the vacuum) observe the body of "leo" and his surrounding? Why you can't observe a person or other objects in india or a fish under the ocean? An empty space without a connection to bodies has to be everywhere, so tell me what's going on in south africa as soon as you're fully enlightened.

  11. With "I" I mean nothingness / consciousness. And as nothingness I thought you need a body as a "medium" so to speak to experiencing life.  I (the ego) just wanted to know what it feels like after the body died, not just the ego. If it is the same as before you were born then this "you can't die" is pointless to say because i as nothingness didn't feel anything before my birth, although you say there is consciousness. But yeah.. i try to have some direct experiences.

  12. It is often said that you can't die because you are not the body. BUT it's still fact that you won't FEEL anything after the body died right? Nobody can tell me that you felt something ever before you were born. So yeah.. nothingness never dies, but it isn't relevant to say that is cool, because after your body died your senses are gone and you need a medium to feel life right?

  13. Sometimes in college during lectures I concentrate on awareness and focus on phenomena like sight, sound, feelings etc. because I want to integrate mindfulness into every day life. But what I realize when I'm focusing on awareness is that I can't follow the content of the lecture because during mindfulness I hear voice as a sound. I realize this also during conversations when someone is talking to me and I focus on the voice. It sounds more beautiful but I miss the content of the conversation, so I have to switch to thinking or focusing on the context rather than the sound. Is it normal that I can't do both or is it possible to do both? Because on one hand I want to be mindful but on the other hand you have to understand the context.