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  1. oh and this one too:♥BestReggaeMusic
  2. I meant blue politically lol Also I might or might not accept a job offer in Charlotte NC. What's it like living there @Terell Kirby? What are some cool things to do as a 23/24 year old living by himself in Charlotte?
  3. Not really, Austin is blue. Most Californians and NYers priced out usually move there. They say Texas is going to go blue in a few years actually.
  4. Acceptance from every facet of my life. Social acceptance from my family, my classmates at school, my colleagues at work, and from my girlfriend.
  5. Don't go to India. It's not some romanticized spiritual wonderland with mystics roaming the streets. It's just pollution, and a frustratingly morally uptight, stage blue population that don't even fully understand the vedic texts. If you like horrible traffic, rabid stray dogs everywhere, cigarette smoker, and chaos, then please go. But don't waste your education and life for a false idea of the "spiritual" path. You will be disappointed.
  6. I think Putin should just eat shit, as simple as that. That fascist will never want to understand God, he just wants power.
  7. I've been to Austin when I was super young, but from what I remember it's nice weather, like all year round. Contrary to what most people would think of Texas, Austin is extremely diverse, with people from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds. If you love diverse food options and some of the country's best bbq, then Austin is the place.
  8. I think this forum is dedicated to can discuss those things during your own time in real life No but know there is a world beyond this forum
  9. How competitive is the job market in Austin right now (specifically for an entry level developer)?
  10. Been having GERD for the past three days. Quite literally a living hell. Worst part is that I can't even get my exercise routine in. I tried going for a run the other day, towards the end I experienced a pretty severe acid reflux. For those who've been in my position, are there any exercises I can do that don't trigger my acid reflux/heart burn so severely?
  11. Yeaa I'm aware, hopefully enough people check it out before this gets removed. Really helped me personally.
  12. But even the stage blue version of love is targeted. Like if a stage blue person loves one person, they might hate another. I think the love that green and yellow puts out is more inclusive, where as blue is more exclusive love.
  13. Java and C++, helps you understand the the bottom layer. I'd say go even more lower in the stack and learn systems programming, you would need C for this. Of course the fundamentals are the first thing you should learn. I'm guessing you don't have a formal degree in Computer Science, but that does not matter, especially in today's industry. But my recommendation first and foremost is to learn about the Fundamentals, such as: Object-Oriented design/programming, important data structures and some basic algorithms, Dynamic programming, basic asymptotic time and analysis. I wouldn't worry about the core theory stuff, such theory of computation on a sequential or parallel processor, but if you are interested learning about that stuff, it gives you a more clear idea of how different algorithms you write can be better/worse. After all this, I'd say learn Java or C++, and move onto Python from there. At this point you would have knowledge in two or three languages that you could use in a server side development role. Next learn the Web dev languages like HTML, javascript, CSS and the fundamentals of Web development. By now you would have knowledge in both server side languages as well as client side languages, and now I would say to learn about how the Web dev side of things communicate with the server side of things. Get a grasp of databases and cloud computing, and you should be ready for the industry Again, this is all brolic, but going this route in my opinion is logical. Again it's up to your preference, if you want to do Web development or Web design only, you would start with Javascript, but if you want to do something more in the realm of full-stack application development, then I would highly recommend going the above route.
  14. Buddhism seamed to have spread throughout the world, in very different cultures. In ancient times, after starting in India, Buddhism spread as East to Japan and as west to Afghanistan. What was it about Buddhism that attracted so many from vastly different cultures? How did Buddhism travel so vastly out of india, as far out as Japan?
  15. She's especially going to have a hard time there. Doesn't really help that she's black, and given Russia as a whole in general is not a great place for black people or any POCs, she's going to go through a living hell being in prison there.
  16. what's our obsession with drugs
  17. But being othered can be damaging, and lead to some awful, and outright dangerous leads to xenophobia.
  18. I think the images and animations being used in the video make it look stupid. But I guess SOME things the sheik were saying are not completely off. From my understanding, he's simply getting people to live a more conscious life, and in a way the 'jinn' are nothing but the different aspects of your ego mind. A lot people who got sick did not go through this pandemic consciously, such as anti vaxxers and anti maskers, and in a way the 'jinn' got to the them. The jinn are nothing but the result of what your ego mind does, being in touch with 'angels' and 'god' is living a highly conscious and spiritual life. I don't like how he conveys this message in a very stage blue tone. I guess in order to touch and reach a good majority of his followers, who land in stage blue, he had to present this wisdom in such a way that would reach their hearts.