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  1. @Hugo Oliveira This actually worked wonders!
  2. People forget that even Obama, who was one of our greatest presidents, carried out numerous air strikes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.
  3. @Preety_India
  4. @Phyllis Wagner Index funds, especially for long term investments.
  5. @Someone here smoke some good indica (plat kush, og afghan are some of my favorites), this helps me a lot
  6. Have you read money master the game?
  7. Great question! The average duration of police training a prospect needs to go through is around 840 hours, or 21 weeks. That is only 4-5 months of training (if my math serves me correctly). This is simply too short of a duration to cover everything a police officer should know. To draw a comparison, the average police training someone goes through in other countries could be as long as 1-3 years. Another thing is to train police how to be professionals, dealing with all types of people, rather than training them to rough people up for breaking the law. It would be hard to accomplish this if police officers only had 21 weeks to train. If we increased that training to at least 1.5 years, other things such as ethics and basic human psychology could also be covered. Also 4-5 months should be used for bias training. Another thing that I am for is re-distributing funds. I don't mean defunding the police, but I do firmly believe that the federal government should re distribute expenditures from other hefty federal expenses, such as military expenditures. Even taking 5% of military expenditures would be enough for funding mental health/drug rehab services throughout the country. So assuming that the federal government does this, we can have strong mental health/drug abuse services that work in unison with every police department in the nation. For example, if a homeless person acts up on the street, instead of the police handling it by themselves, they can have a mental health representative with them in helping them deal with the situation. If someone is sticking a needle or smoking crack in middle of the streets, the police can have a drug abuse expert there, so instead that person doing the drugs goes to rehab instead of prison. I know that having all of this is too ideal, but even funding strong mental health services in every city will make a difference, and take the burden off of police.
  8. That's why I said "it COULD", to emphasize the fact that its simply a possibility. I think most cops who join the force don't do it so they can "be racist pigs who kill blacks", its more about keeping order in society while also getting a good pay. For all we know, Derek Chauvin could very well have plenty of black friends, and have nothing personal against black people. But as part of his job, he was most probably assigned certain neighborhoods, which happened to be black neighborhoods, and responded to calls that almost always involved a black suspect/victim. This will naturally create a bias in which every black person he comes across, he will assume that person is a criminal. Its this bias that's the problem, and the current police training doesn't to enough to tackle this bias. I don't think calling Derek Chauvin a criminal or a "KKK racist murderous cop" will help the actual issue. I personally believe that Officer Derek Chauvin is simply a victim of a larger, systemic issue in police training. But instead of tackling the larger issue, we are too focused on calling Derek Chauvin a murderer and putting him in jail. But again....these are just my thoughts, and they are open to changing.
  9. Yea but when someone is on drugs, especially hard drugs like crack cocaine or heroin, they tend to act in aggressive they have to be dealt with aggressively.
  10. To play devil's advocate, I think in Chauvin's mind, he knew he was dealing with a heavy weight, tall black male. Maybe his experience with arresting black males was almost always met with aggression, so he was under the impression that in order to subdue Mr. Floyd, who happened to have a heavy build, he needed to use full force. I think from a psychological perspective, humans have a tendency to fight/flight. And if the only option we have is to fight, in Chauvin's case...that too against a big/heavy build person, we are going to put our full force. That, one could say, Chauvin was trying to do. It could also be that Chauvin has certain racist tendencies, and took it out on Mr. Floyd. We will see during the trial.
  11. His defense team is saying that Mr. Floyd actually overdosed on fentanyl, and therefore died from that...not the chokehold. I really hope that this defense doesn't stand, but if it does, and Derek Chauvin is acquitted of any first degree murder charges, I bet that we will see Rodney king style riots throughout the whole country. Even if BLM and other civil rights groups push for peaceful protest, you will always have that minority of people who want to instigate chaos and anarchy on the streets. It's just the way people work
  12. @onacloudynight This forum is more for knowledge sharing than anything else. If you want real consciousness work, simply stick to the videos and your practice. Think of this forum as an subreddit
  13. That's a fact. I genuinely feel bad for a lot of these guys, they don't even know that they are ignorant. I pray that these folk awaken from the delusions that was fed to them by Fox news, QAnon conspiracies, and our former orange idiot
  14. I am not one to be pro-intervention, but I definitely do think this has to be one of the center stage issues that the UN and other nations should address.
  15. This film pretty much sums up stage orange in 2.5 hours:
  16. @ilja yea, they were neglected by their parent who is The Soviet Union
  17. Not that this completely pertains to the topic, but isn't eastern Europe HIGHLY xenophobic from the start? I know a lot of people who were warned to not travel to some countries (Poland, Ukraine, Russia to name a few), as xenophobic attacks towards visible minorities in those countries happen in broad daylight. I read somewhere that a lot of neo-nazi groups thrive in these countries, (it is said that Russia has nearly 50% of the world's neo nazi skinhead population, but I guess that doesn't pertain to this context as Russia is a non-EU nation), so I guess its not surprising that the elected officials of those nations reflect the racist, xenophobic, and highly nationalistic sentiments of their societies.
  18. @Arcangelo I don't know if you are just trying to be a troll (if so, what are you doing in this forum in the first place?) Also here are some violent movements that happened in the name of Christianity: KKK, Azov Battalion, the pograms carried out by the black hundreds in Russia, the Nazis (big part of their agenda was to promote the lutheran identity), every white supremacist/neo nazi group out there, shooting at abortion clinics, the idea of criminalizing abortion, do I really have to continue?
  19. @Yahya Leo did a whole video on Islam….I recommend watching that.
  20. @Leo Gura If I'm going to be honest, isn't that assumption from you a bit condescending? What if he does? I mean he is an AI researcher from maybe he does have the cognitive capability to at least FATHOM what you have to say. I'm not saying you should go on his podcast (you probably don't care for that publicity anyways), it's just that assumption in itself is very condescending. P.S. I still find your content EXTREMEMELY eye opening and has been helpful in my own life, but I also believe in the power of constructive criticism
  21. @Preety_India yea you actually are right on that front. He was the former executive chairmen though.