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  1. Started a job for a consulting company, and the onboarding process took a fucking week. Why are we doing training on outlook and things to take common sense. Why can’t they train us on actual things like being more confident in a job, or strengthening weaknesses in communication skills?
  2. Well Russia is a broken country, ever since she went from being a European superpower in the early 20th century to a communist hell hole, the Russian citizens suffered. Say if Russia never had a 1917 revolution, Russia would be one of the most developed of the European nations. You would not see even a 10th of the problems you see today. I hate Putin and his weird fantasies, but if he followed in the footsteps of tsar Nicholas II, Russia would come back to her greatness, to the greatness of what used to be the Russian empire. I know this was deep, but my honest opinion to this subject area.
  3. I just moved to a new city for work, and it’s a serious shock. I have no friends here, and I feel like I will not be able to make friends. I just feel like I can’t fit into society, and this is something I’ve been struggling with since grade school. Any suggestions to break this cycle?
  4. Well I’m living in Pittsburgh PA now, so not as much of a hustle bustle city as New York, also got not single 😂
  5. Covid cases have come down to a record low, and with these new upcoming booster vaccines, it will become irrelevant. But I still see people wearing masks. Why are people still wearing masks? Who wants to live with that fear all the time?
  6. I recently got an opportunity to work for an AI/ML startup in Switzerland based in Lausanne. I will be most probably staying there for a few months as part of the contract, is there any value in learning French or German, or will survive with just English?
  7. Unrelated, but I also think a lot of immigrant communities in developed western countries take in the negative aspects of american thug culture and make it their own. Kinda the negative of our culture's effect on the rest of the world. I mean you have a serious problem of black on black crime in London, in London! Point is not everywhere is America, and applying American politics to different places is just stupid. With the case of Sweden, you had a completely white, homogenous society not too long ago, and all of a sudden introduce these immigrants. Now add in some far left American politics in the mix, and you have a recipe for crime and gangs.
  8. I appreciate Leo's honesty, but we can't just assume he's some perfect person. Every human has flaws, including Leo. We as people who developing ourselves should simply remind him that having these racial ideas is not good, and misleading. On the other hand we shouldn't bash the guy for having his own opinions.
  9. @Leo Gura Honestly you think like the majority of Asian Immigrants in America. My parents would honestly prefer to live in a diverse, but White/Asian dominated area over somewhere thats more black and hispanic. Even me, I would love having black and latino friends, but I would never dare live in a black/hispanic majority area, too much crime. Objectively white and asian areas are safer, but black and hispanic areas are cooler (hence gentrification)
  10. Isn’t anyone in the United States who isn’t Native American an immigrant tho? Or atleast can trace their lineage in America to immigration?
  11. I agree with this, but I think that simply takes time. At the end of the day we need to vote people into office who are willing to reform the system. At the end of the day we the people have the power. We just need to vote for the right people.
  12. You'd be surprised how dangerous these inmates can be to other inmates behind the walls of prison. Yeah it's not high conscious, but sometimes we have to deal with real world issues with real world solutions. Once we as humanity evolve, then we reconsider, and maybe we won't have as many sick criminals out there. But in a world where a HUGE section of the population is stage red, we need stage red solution, fight fire with fire. You can't defeat stage red with stage green, that is a recipe for disaster. That only works in a world where theres only <1% of people who are stage red in this world, but that is far from the truth in our world today.
  13. Death penalty is good for people who are an absolute danger to society and are not able to be saved. However we also need to make sure that those who are sentenced to death penalty are actually dangerous, and not innocent.
  14. Bro you killed the Kishore Kumar fanboy in me
  15. So I’ve recently learned about THC’s younger cousin delta 8. Are there any real effects from delta 8, or is it more like CBD? Is it safe or dangerous to consume?
  16. It is I’m not denying that, but I guess, with a self admitant bias, that can take you only so far. In the Hindu tradition, a lot of stage turquoise sages, gurus, and yogis achieved these high levels of consciousness without the use of external substances. Again I’m not excluding or undermining other cultures, but I’m just giving an example where huge advances were made in consciousness without drugs.
  17. I really miss this type of music:
  18. Oh and let’s not forget this classic:
  19. I just love that this show is so New Jersey 😂
  20. @Leo Gura but why use a chemical for that? If you want to realize the profundity of life, shouldn't you realize the profundity of being a human, without adding chemicals to your body? I'm completely for psychedelics to open that door, but after that shouldn't it be you, not the drug, that takes you to these levels of consciousness? At the end of the day, the hero's journey is about avoiding the path of least resistance, and isn't taking 5 meo to those profound levels taking the path of least resistance? I'm sorry, but I find it rather cocky from your side to say that you have reached the highest level of awakening and god realization without at least appreciating others have too, without the use of psychedelics. I know many will dispute this, but Sadhguru reached many of these levels of consciousness without the use of psychedelics. I agree that psychedelics may have an important role in introducing one to the path, but I also think that after a while you have to give up on adding more chemicals to your body, and walk the path with the authenticity and beauty of the human body.
  21. I also know that there is THC-O and HHC. Given these three main derivatives, which one of the three offers the best euphoric experience?
  22. I've heard that with Delta 8, you won't get that paranoid, is this true?