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  1. I never put weed and Germany together in my head, interesting indeed.
  2. My fiancé and I bought a house priced at $560,000 and put down a 20% for down payment, and our closing will coming up in May. We were told not to open any accounts as that would affect closing (not sure how but that’s what our agent told us). I also have an HYSA with American Express, and plan to transfer all my savings money from my BoA account to my AmEx account. If I transfer my money, would this have an effect on my house closing?
  3. Didn’t Navalny support some Neo Nazi groups in Russia at one point? I remember there being another thread from a long time ago in which someone posted a video of navlany hosting a Russian patriots parade, and there being Neo nazis at that event. I mean i know it has nothing to do with OP’s topic, but I do feel that if Navalny were in power, he would have emboldened such groups in Russia. Maybe would have replaced corruption with fascism and racism.
  4. Well there a petroleum strike in India….so things already looked kinda fucked.
  5. I think it’s a smokescreen….something to distract people from real issues. The thing is that the politicians and corporations are threatened that most people see through the BS of the current system, so they need some sort of distraction so people stop caring about them being exploited by these same politicians and corporations.
  6. So I’ve recently learned about THC’s younger cousin delta 8. Are there any real effects from delta 8, or is it more like CBD? Is it safe or dangerous to consume?
  7. While I hate fighting with my girl, when she gets angry i find it fucking sexy. Is this a sadistic form of preference, or am I not alone in this? 😂
  9. Not to scare anyone…but we had another mass shooting in the US: suspect is still at large
  11. Democracy isn’t going anywhere….it’s alive and well in the US and Western Europe, I have to emphasize Western Europe.
  12. I agree, the world isn’t ending or going to shit….it’s just that we are more aware with social media and technology. War has always been the norm since humanity has existed on this planet, and it’s never going anywhere. In fact, one could argue that in the last decade, humanity has seen a sliver of time where war was at its lowest, but that’s an exception not the norm.
  13. Found a great song that perfectly gives us a sense of what true awakening feels like:
  14. But the thing is Iran and Saudi are much lower on the spiral. They never had a woman’s rights movement like the west did, so the women in those societies for the most part like wearing hijabs, like playing that role as they see it as a moral duty in their society. It’s not just Iran, in most underdeveloped places with stage purple red and blue, people, even most women, accept that woman have a specific duty in society and men have a specific duty in society. Also Iran, India, china or any eastern or middle eastern culture for that matter see nudity and exposing one’s self as a sign of impurity. The women there genuinely see covering up and wearing a hijab as a moral duty to uphold specific values in their culture.
  15. I’m very possessive when it comes to my fiancé, friends, family, and personal belongings. Is this a stage red quality?
  16. People around you probably thought you were joining some Neo Nazi movement at the time ?
  17. So recently I watched one of Leo's rather old videos, Stage Purple, and I had a few, or really one criticism. The issue that I would want to raise is categorizing Indian culture as stage purple. While I have found what 99% of what Leo says in the video quite insightful and helpful, I do think Leo's understanding of what's less developed what's more developed is a little bit skewed, especially when it pertains to any understanding of Indian/Hindu culture. For starters, to call Indian culture a primitive, stage purple culture is like calling the US a stage turquoise culture. Do some aspects of what can be considered "purple" values over cross with some "Indian" cultural values? Absolutely, and I don't blame Leo or any westerner perhaps for overseeing and simplifying the essence of my culture. Did you know that without western exposure to spiritual ideas from the east, especially from India, there would be no green/hippie revolution as there was in the 1960s. The reason why westerns were so captured by this idea of spirituality is because of the Chicago World Fair in the late 1800s. A man by the name of Swami Vivekananda, or a mystic, was invited to travel to Chicago and introduce Americans and westerners the wonders of yoga. Ever since, India has captured the imagination of many westerners who trying to find inner wellness. But this is not the first time people from around the world went to seek spiritual knowledge from India. Let's go back thousands of years. Back to Alexander the Great's conquest of Iran and India. When Alexander reached the Northwestern most point of India (today Afghanistan), he thought he would conquer India easily. Not the case. A small chieftain in the area had defeated Alexander's entire army, making him flee back and die like a little loser. Does this show that India in the ancient world was a stage purple society? Let's analyze the reason why Alexander wanted to go to India. It wasn't that he was trying to get "spices" or simply open up "trade routes", he wanted to see a mystic, who could give him infinite "power". See the thing is Ancient Greece and India had been trading for thousands of years until the time of Alexander, and those that came in contact with India also knew that India was rich with mystical and scientific knowledge at that time. Please let us not undermine this, undermining this is erasing history and supporting a eurocentric, biased version of history and spiral dynamics. Shifting from culture, I can also give my personal experience as a Hindu born and bred in the United States. Hinduism is not meant to be a religion, it's a way of life. Hindu simply means and has always meant someone who lives in the area that is Hindustan, a term coined by the Mughals. This included Indian Hindu, Sikhs, Muslims and Christians. So Hindu became Hinduism as a result of separating the religions during the colonial period (you know the favorite divide and conquer strategy of most European powers). What the many practices, rituals, philosophies, etc. of Hinduism are is what has been referred to as Sanatana Dharma. Essentially this culture was about seeking the ultimate nature of this existence. The rituals, yoga, schools of thought (Buddhism was a part of this btw), traditions are essentially doorways to transcend and join this ultimate nature. Hindu's don't just worship a monkey god because we actually believe there is some monkey flying around, no! We worship this monkey a god because we want devote to that specific dimension of life which the diety represents. The root of this practice comes from what is called "Bhakti yoga", the yoga or practice of devotion. The basic idea of the philosophy is that one becomes union with reality through extreme devotion. Hence hindus pray to dieties....we practice this devotion. Now do I agree that India is nowhere near as advanced, structurally and socially as the west today, but I would grant that result more to historical reasons/political reasons/societal shifts rather than the culture itself. One has to understand how badly Indian civiliazation was attacked and invaded in the last 1,300 years. The Turkic Muslim chieftains, the mughals, arabs, Europeans, we dealt with them all. And all were in brutal stage red at that time. So in a way, these brutal invasions, with an already fractured civilization, broke Indian society and completely transformed it. And for the last 1,300 years until 1947, most of India was conquered by foreign powers most of the time. It was not until 1947 that a good chunk of India became united under one banner, just that it was missing pakistan, afghanistan, and bangladesh, but no matter the case Indians were united. And today we see just how crazy the development is in India. I can tell you from personal experience that India has changed in the last 10 years. It will become a global superpower. So please, I would not oversimplify Indian culture and put it in some primitive stage purple category. P.S. my bad for the essay lmao, but felt pretty passionate about this topic
  18. Those videos talk about rural tribes people. Interestingly they are considered the lowest caste in Indian society, but that’s crazy I never knew shit was that crazy.
  19. Yea in history there definitely were blood thirsty rulers, I think of Ashoka on the top of my head. But I mean in more modern times too.