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  1. Currently reading Tina L Spalding book, Making Love to God. Its about sex from a deep spiritual perspective, really eye opening text, imo. If you want technical, tips and tricks kind od stuff - Its not for you. If you want to know about level of openess that will destroy your boundaries and scare the shit out of your ego - this may be a nice choice. Have a great evening, friend!
  2. Thank you all very much!
  3. Hello! Im looking for a deep and profound book about intuition, any reccomendations? There seems to be so many of them, that it is hard to tell which one can be worthwile. If you have read any great ones - pleas share the titles here! Thanks, Have a great Day! ?
  4. In the Simpsons episode "Lisa the Vegeterian" this problem is nicely shown. Lisa discovers vegetarianism and starts judging and blaming her family for eating meat. I dont want to give you spoilers, but the end of this story is kind of wise.
  5. Its a very profound idea, that i think can be applicable in others proffesions as well. But most of the examples are musical. If thats not a problem for you, than im guessing it can be really helpful. Edit: There is a talks at Google episode with mr Werner talking about effortless mastery, you can find it on the youtube. You can see if what he's saying is resonating with you.
  6. My first post on this forum, hello everybody! Although i've read many many many self improvement and spirituality books, this one really is transforming my life. When my yeraning for spiritual discovery presented itself, i was in conflict, for i want to make career as a popular musican. I was mixing my self worth and egoic purposes with the love for music for so long, that i was completly lost. This book was a huuuge eye opener. Im definitly biased about this one, beacuse music is such a important factor in my life. The book starts with personal story of Mr Werner, jazz pianist. Than he describes what is called here as "Effortless Mastery", a path to connect yourself deeply with music. Then he is giving practical steps to start your own Journey. It is very transformative, indeed. Basically speaking, its spiritual practice disguised as practicing instrument. You start opening your heart and music starts becoming more like devotion act to divine than a meaning to gain something from the "outside" world. Its like a zen or taoist practice, when you completly detached and completly in the flow at the same time. You are learning how to play music only from that state, so that can become your defauIt state when holding an instrument. I just love this book. If you are musican who is struggling with your journey - give it a try. I would say that if you doing any form of art you can benefit greatly from that book. For me it was honestly life changer. Its seems to be coming from a place of wisdom, love and joy. Thank you for reading this. Have a great day!