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  1. Tl;Dr; A: "But Leo.." B: "No. I am God. If you disagree with me you are simply not conscious enough to grasp absolute truth, like me"
  2. I don't know this perspective seems kinda unhealthy. So it is all about me, no one is real, , everything that happens in my life is a sign I give myself to awaken. Can you imagine living life like that? Seems like a psychotic break.
  3. No, but isn't the common explanation that I as God have split myself of from these perspectives in order to properly experience my human ego perspective, while the other perspective still go on in the now. I remember you explaining it like that in the past.
  4. Yeah sure, I know about all this. What I basically want to know is does God live his fake lives in serial or in parallel? I am aware that even if it is parallel there is ultimately just one being. But does this being live these one at a time or simultaneously?
  5. Could you give a yes/no answer to the question "are you conscious right now?"? I am aware that an illusion can still say yes to this question like a robot - I am still interested. Does anyone else get this? This stuff is mind boggling.
  6. While you are typing the answer to this thread you are like a philosophical zombie? There is no one home?
  7. Warch the UK version, ramsey is calm there. Its played up for american tv.
  8. Can also recommend "The Mind Illuminated", best book on meditation ever.
  9. As a White Man you already have to look ridiculously good to have any chance of even exchanging a single message with someone. If you are ethnic you have to be in the 0.1% of Men and your photos need to be flawless. So the good news is, if you are average it doesn't technically hurt your chances, because you can't go lower than 0 so you are on par with the average white dudes.
  10. Hey Guys, this is God speaking through a non-realized Ego. Please stop talking about me, I have deluded myself for a reason. Thanks.
  11. Do we really need to have a 1-hour God-Speech in every video now, no matter the topic? video start to feel like church.
  12. Why is not possible to formulate one perfect meta perspective that everyone can just take on as dogma? Why does everyone need to walk their own path and do the work all over from zero?