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  1. No James, all of these posts you make are a direct result of your own thoughts, in your neurotic mind, that is resulted from your subconscious programming that you got from other sources (one of them being Leo) and that you repeat after that over and over. "Just nothing" so says James after memorizing language and thinking his thoughts. You're nothing but an online troll.
  2. Firstly, solipsism is not an illusion, it's a philosophy. You use thought to understand it. Secondly, so according to you, things will only feel "real" (lacking your definition for "real") when things are not "separate" anymore, so why don't you do it right NOW? Don't just say it. Don't use a separate phone to contact me at a separate distance for a separate amount of time. Prove it now. No time. No distance. No self soul or ego or anything, no brain no thought. Go and prove you can see then "true reality". Reach me and respond this post without resourcing to separate means. Can you? Oh, you'll see how you "true" reality is nothing but idealistic wishful thinking. "Nothing is secondary, all is part of you, therefore real." Things can also not be "part of you" nd still be real. Yours is just an assumption. Also, dimensions are secondary, and they are proven. Solipsism is the illusory belief that the ego-mind is real and nothing else is. You really need to read the thing you're trying to argue against before writing, my man. Solipsism says none of that. It states that there is NO WAY TO PROVE that there exists a world outside of your mind with other conscious beings. It does NOT state as a fact. It remains unknown, for the solipsist. But there is no ego-mind that projects a world. Ego is not synonymous for mind. Ego-mind and the world is created from the one consciousness. How do you know that? ? How do you prove that? Where is this "one consciousness"? And the evidence for it? All is one. Of course it is, the world is a reflection of the spiritual, and the world of course is not divided, no, no, no.. we all live together in a one tribe of love, singing songs to each other and saying how we love each other, no family, race, DNA or any other thing, equal minds, equal identities, "selves". Of course. ?
  3. So once you "acknowledge" awakening (cough) stay in this forum 24/48 you then become "not mortal" anymore? Cool story bruh. Can you stay under water for more than 10 minutes?
  4. Why would this "god" like to "pretend" anything? Is god a clown? A joker? A troll? Or an unintelligent being that is pretending to be what is not and those who are not pretending have to try to "awake" dumb part of "god" that was "pretending"? You really believe that? ???? You invent all of this utter nonsense in your mind. There is no god.
  5. You're so smart man. You really are. Really are. Be proud of you with this intelligent comment man. It really is indeed.
  6. There is no if, if you have free will then it's already the case. You either have or you don't but you'd know if you don't.
  7. You aren't shit. You're just an anxious joe blow addicted to this forum. Your posts are cringe af, you are also a desperate incel who haven't fuck in years, but you can't notice it. ?
  8. I love how this dude talk for other people, as if he was their authority. "Look man your true nature is x and y, because I say so" Did anyone ask you?
  9. Or simply a weird belief you keep getting by watching too much Leo speaking that to you in the end of his videos. Because this belief is actually false. Psychedelics don't show you that. You can't be another person if you born as you, and not as another person. That's not even debatable. And if there is such thing as past life you have ever always been you, not another person, Leo always have been himself, not in his actual conscious form tho. But who also have his own past lives. That's how it is. But there are ppl who don't believe in past lives, these are the people who believe you were born by random chance and you exist by random chance. So,no past lives.
  10. Cringe. You actually lack free will 90% of the day. And even more if you lack knowledge of that.
  11. This is so false that I can't even..no he is not "another him" or his consciousness "rolling" anything. This is literally false and even cringe to say. and everything you see is just things you see..retina reflect off light......no mystery to wavelenghts.... it's not another "forms of self" of the same self people have. As if reality was a accumulation of reflection of self of people. No, objects exist by themsekves in their own dimension of existence...and consciousness..people..and animals.. live on their own. Learning and sharing more content to add or waste or erase info to quantum realms.. consciousness of different people is primary but it changes..just like each wavelenght is different according to where you are.. dna also shapes their self... This "another you" thing is pure delusion. Stop distorting what 'you' means and where it points to. I'd rather believe you were being ironic with "someone here", and ended up with "where is the infinite love" being ironic with all members who talk about some kind of idealistic endless love but dont live by it...it seems like their love has a limit..so it's more like finite love.... where is the finite love? Just like intelligence..when it comes to some people, they say they dont understand or need a re-avaliation of thwir subconscious ..so intelligence is finite according to them...