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  1. Or is it in now but we cannot see it yet? Like another spatial coordinate, like another country. It is like in the now but we cannot see it because we are in the country, in that sense, called now, instead of the country called the future.
  2. Paranormal is unusual normal. Rude thoughts suffer.
  3. What we call experience is condensed idea.
  4. So we can say past, present and future are imagination. And ultimately we are in the now imagining past, present and future. They are all potentially in the now, but different probabilities.
  5. Do you have suggestions of tv shows and movies that are, like, related to these subjects?
  6. Everything is thought within thought Everything can be imagined Everything can be known Process is an illusion But who cares really Idea is idea is idea
  7. Let's create such tv shows and movies.
  8. You have to see that the mundane and the magic are the same thing. The mundane is magic which you're used to experiencing. Inside and outside are one. And this is happiness. This is infinite power and wellness.
  9. Everything is mind, so care about how you're feeling. Every moment is magic.
  10. Anything is possible because everything is mind. So care about how you're feeling, so that you can be imagining what you do desire.
  11. Surely that's what I prefer as well. But acknowledging that negative experiences also are our own creations might empower us. It would help lessen our, like, victim mentality.
  12. Oh I watched both of these. They were good yeah.
  13. Slap after slap after slap actually is part of the beauty if you can see it.
  14. But this is a dream reality. So when you're in pain it is likely for you to create a zen master who also slaps you like everything else in a sense. But depending on your expectation he can be kind and good to you as well. Depends on what you expect. We're in a dream reality dude. I'm not trying to be discouraging but as I've figured out this is how life is.
  15. Past and future are just imagination, alright. Now also is an imagination. What we experience in the now is dreamt into being by the self. So if all the experiences in the past, present, and future are imagined into being by us, the awareness, then I think it means it is possible for us to travel to what we call past and future, if the awareness imagines ...
  16. But who am I to say these things like do this, do that, etc. I just know me in that sense hehehe.
  17. I think your list is pretty good. I would say do whatever it takes to make you like feel better. And forcing oneself usually backfires in that sense. The more we try to feel good the more we are in a mode of not feeling good since we're pushing and efforting.
  18. I think a zen master slaps especially the ones who are in pain.
  19. Don't try to force yourself into loving life.
  20. What is missing always is alignment with self, with being.