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  1. But don't go jump off buildings trying to fly, unless you're absolutely certain that you can. (Both literally and metaphorically :D)
  2. It absolutely is possible. Anything you can imagine is possible. And yes God is positive imagination itself.
  3. Don't fight your ego. Let it be your friend at a comfortable pace.
  4. Who we really are loves everything, but our physicalized form can have a hard time doing that because of its habits. So it can be better to start with loving things that are easy for us to love and in that way we can and do build a more universal love, like a momentum of loving in a sense.
  5. Money is another thought.
  6. It depends on where you are regarding the idea of money. First of all, remember that like everything else money also is an idea, a thought. So, what are your thoughts about money? Notice what they are.
  7. What you say is true. But at the same time remember that your body actually is consciousness. Therefore even if you experience the conventional idea of "physical death", that which "dies" will be imaginary. You the oozer of "physicality" are eternal in either case.
  8. And don't feel like you have little time. You have infinite time before you.
  9. Alright, let's say it in this way. There is a God that is independent from you. Yes. But you are the way that formless God looks like when it looks like an object.
  10. These are all just words, all we are saying is just words. Experience is something, like, emotional and experiential. Now, you are a magnet in a sense, and if you keep being with those confusions active in your mind, then you cannot hear the answer, because you are busy with the question. There is then like no gap in your mind for the clarity to come to.
  11. The answers you're looking for are in the vortex. First you have to be allowing vibrationally. Otherwise all you see is chaos and confusion. It is as simple as that. As obvious as that.
  12. I know that I am God by my own experience, but I am an evolving being also.
  13. It is great that you don't want readymade answers anymore, you want to truly experience it, but stop giving readymade answers to yourself also. Don't limit yourself to your question also.
  14. You want to stay speechless. I say first stay speechless and then the answer will occur to you. This is why teachers of all centuries taught meditation.
  15. We are God but as the ocean analogy we are a part of God. And God is Consciousness. And I understand that you don't want to limit it and you are right. But look at it from this perspective: if you say that you are not God you also are limiting God, because you say there can be something which is not God. God is everywhere except you?
  16. I agree. Infinitely simpler than words can express.
  17. When I experience oneness I see that EVERY song is about that, and EVERY thing is about that and that only.
  18. Whenever you are feeling love you are hearing from God. Whenever you are feeling fear or anger or anxiety you are not. It is that simple.
  19. You are missing a lot of things and you forever will, because reality is infinite.
  20. I think you feel like we are limiting God in some sense, and you are right, because we are trying to explain the limitless through our limited and individualized perspectives.
  21. Astonishing Power of Emotions, and, Ask and It Is Given by Esther Hicks.