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  1. Well, you really have said a lot to dive deeper into haha.
  2. And everything else is a relative, manifestational, experience.
  3. This one explains it pretty well, with a good depth of information about it.
  4. Yeah, I thought of that meaning of it also after I wrote it haha.
  5. Both solipsism and nonsolipsism and everything that can ever be said about reality, or any model of reality at all, is relative, including this thing that I'm saying. And then, if this thing that I'm saying is relative, then this thing that I'm saying also is not true, therefore what I'm saying is true, and false, and true, and false, ad infinitum. Experience is not a conceptual thing, it is not this or that, it is not a or b or c or d, that's all relative, that's all contextual.
  6. Yes, that's certainly something I agree with. Man, I think I'm understanding something but this is so hard for me to explain for now. This is something I'm not even able to explain to myself clearly yet. And maybe I'm totally bullshitting, I don't know 😂
  7. But just because you are not hearing the sound of it doesn't mean that it really didn't fall, because even in the asking of that question we say that "if a tree falls in the forest", we, by definition, are saying that there is a tree that is falling in the forest.
  8. Yeah, but if reality is imagination, maybe us being able to imagine that other parallel worlds etc might exist is the tree making a sound, in a sense. Because if we say reality is imagination, but other probabilities of the universe that we can imagine do not exist, then it feels to me like we are contradicting ourselves.
  9. @Mason Riggle I think we are misunderstanding what "only now exists" means. If we are watching a channel on the television, do we say that "this channel is the only channel that exists"? "This channel is the only channel that exists, because this is the channel I'm watching now".
  10. Yet everytime you get into the dream state, you forget this world and find yourself in another world and continue from there, when you are in the dream state. Just because it is not your current experience now, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. But if what you mean is this shit is what I'm dealing with now, and this is the reality that I am in, that I'm being now, and therefore all those other ideas of the other dreams I can have etc don't simply make sense to me, and irrelevant to me, then yeah. But it doesn't mean that consciousness cannot become another "frame" in that sense all together, like it is being this "frame" right now. But if you say that all that matters to you simply is what is appearing to you now, then yeah.
  11. Yeah then that's a matter of how we are defining the word "universe". To me, the word "universe" means this current experience of this timeline, this current dream, where we believe that, for instance, the Allies won in the WW2. That's the history, just as an example, that we are believing to be the real history in this current dream. The idea of the multiverse, basically, is what I'm talking about.
  12. Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm saying, this socalled "timeline" is one of the infinite probable movies consciousness can appear to itself to be.
  13. @LastThursday @Inliytened1 yeah.
  14. What I mean, simply, is to become another socalled universe that is coming from another history. Now don't say that history is an illusion and so forth, of course the history is an illusion, that's what I'm saying. What is right here and right now is not something, it is the form nothing is appearing being now.
  15. The best teacher of all times ever who is very very very rarely talked about and not known very well at all is your own Inner Being, the Source of all, who you can directly tune to.
  16. So, everyone's minds, memories, personalities and so forth are my imaginations in this moment, and nothing is actually coming from a past or whatever, but all of that is just what I'm imagining in the moment, and I can change it all anytime I begin to imagine something else? People, their thoughts, memories, minds, bodies, "worlds", etc etc etc, are all simply my imagination, literally made out of absolute nothing, of absolute void, that is who I am as the awareness, the creator, of all that is, and I'm doing that so effortlessly in "every moment" that I'm not even realizing? People, all knowledges, all behaviors, etc etc etc, are me myself, me taking a form and appearing to myself as humans and their minds and "selves" and so forth, and believing that they are something that is outside of me for sometimes I'm imagining them unconsciously, and assigning individualities etc etc etc to "them"?
  17. This might sound way too simplistic perhaps, but I think the way you know true knowledge from false knowledge is simply by feeling for the resonance of whatever you think the knowledge to be. That's why quieting your mind might be helpful, because you then are not tripping yourself up with thoughts and modes of confusion and doubt and so forth.
  18. Nahm was talking in the "normal human way" when it was required. To me it felt like he usually talked in a subtle way, but yeah, it probably was not helpful to newbies who are not aware that all of this, including Nahm, already is imagination, already is consciousness.
  19. So I'm imagining people, their bodies and minds and memories and histories and so forth. Everything about everyone and their socalled past experiences and so forth are being imagined by me in the moment because there only is the moment, and there is no such thing as the past or memories or stuff and so forth. People and their characters and so forth are my imagination made actually of nothing, made of imagination. Their locations and entire existences are my imagination made of nothing, made of imagination. The entire reality and history and so forth are my made of nothing, made of my imagination. Alright. Okay. Yes. 😂
  20. I loved the part where he talked about this frame, this moment and the contents of this moment, just being here, and needing a history, a past, an evolution, etc etc etc etc, to "justify" the presence of this moment, this very experience, and the idea that consciousness, the self, creating the socalled history and background, etc etc, of this moment to make the existence of this frame seem logical to the human mind, the humanized form of consciousness, aka me, that believes in the realness of time and causality and so forth.
  21. If there is no real reality out there, then there also is not an "it" that you're interpreting, there only is interpreting. The noumena Kant is talking about is not something, it is interpreting interpreting itself.
  22. I'm remembering my past, like I studied in this university and learned this and that and this and that, so is it all actually that, from the absolute perspective, I am imagining all of that now? Then that means that I can change my history and become someone who studied in another university in another department and become someone who has already known the other things, like the stories of people who took a hit on their heads and started to speak fluently in another language, that they didn't know, overnight. I understand that it is all, past present and future, consciousness imagining stuff, like, for instance, consciousness is imagining a language called English and a thing called a website and a concept and so forth, and yeah. I understand that at the ultimate level all knowledge and history and so forth, even this very world that we are living in is an imagination, and therefore, of course, at the ultimate, the absolute level, consciousness can be capable of doing such things like creating another universe and history and so forth. But I also understand that while it is, mechanically, sotospeak, possible for consciousness to experience such things, and in that sense, creating the idea that it has experienced such and such things, and so forth, like changing the past and the present and the future and so forth, but yeah, I probably cannot, for whatever reason, from my physical human perspective, experience such shifts, hmhm. So, if I imagine that I have actually studied in this and this and this and that university a programme which I have "actually" did not study, then probably I will not be able to imagine in a way that serves me well in "this world" that we are living in, so it will probably be like me lying or being fake, and so forth, because I have this belief within me that says I actually have not studied those things and I actually do not already, already, know those things. So perhaps, at the absolute level perspective, I'm imagining being someone who does not know those things and therefore am experiencing being someone who does not, already, knows those things, hmhm.
  23. What if you were a cat two months ago and then you slowly started to imagine that you are a human and gradually and gradually, and now you believe that you are a human and have always been a human?