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  1. Reality is magic that is "demagicalizing" itself, and that's what knowledge and science is.
  2. Leo has a video about that, maybe it can help you. But yes, if you are suicidal, you may want to work at that level first, because you probably don't want to think of it in its metaphysical sense in a suicidal mode, you probably are asking it as "why do I fuckin exist at all, I hate existing, why am I not nothing". You need to work on those beliefs of yours that make you feel like you wanna die first. And I know it from myself. I, many many times, wanted to die and delete myself totally from being, and just desiring to be nothing. And I promise you that you can experiencing dying before dying. You, at the ultimate level, actually, already are dead, because what you eternally, actually, are is pure nonphysical "spirit", and you're creating yourself in a human mode in a physical world, and you do it so amazingly that you're also becoming me who is writing this to you. However, what I'm saying here may sound like bullshiting to you, so you may want to forget about all of these spiritual ramblings for a while, and try to make peace with where you are as the "something" that you are experiencing yourself to be.
  3. Yeah, I agree. Thinking about reality from a phenomenological perspective can help, and, in my opinion, if we become, like, fundamentalist phenomenologists, then we need to say that all that exists is here and now. We just need to be in the here and now with no interpretation of it, just saying that that which exists is what is appearing to me in the here and now. We, however, also need to accept the existence of consciousness that is having this conscious experience, and we need to be genuine to ourselves about what we really are discovering in the moment about our emotional experience in the moment, also, because the experience of emotionality is like the elephant in the room. We are, in every moment, experience an emotional experience also, which we may, perhaps, call the state of being, and the state of being, in each moment, is changing in every moment, even if to a very very small extent. And our perception, our phenomenological experience, is also changing with that. I mean, in a more detailed analysis, it becomes pretty obvious that the state of consciousness has some interactivity with the perceived world. The state of being, the images in the mind, and the perceived world work like one interconnected system, and maybe we can even say one thing. I mean, in the direct phenomenological perspective, we cannot even talk about a difference between the inside and outside, because it comes with a cognitive difference that we create with our interpretation of being. That duality does not come with the experiencing itself. And if we become genuine enough, and truly be in a watchful state to see the nuances of experiencing, we will see that there is a "mystical" connection going on between the inner state and the outer "state", that it also, not simply in a sense of monism, but also in a sense of a monistic idealism, takes you into an experience of nonduality. That also is a very very big elephant in the room, that you discover, in your subjective experience, that reality shows itself to you as a representation of your consciousness, that it shows itself to you as, in a "mystical" sense, that which is not really different or distinct from you, and leads you into the idea that reality and dream, maybe, are not, substantially speaking, two different things, really. This experience of nonduality is a subjective experience though, and you cannot prove it to others around you, because it is not "objective" in a sense. Because it, in a sense, is like a meta state where the experience itself becomes self referential. And within that self referentiality of the experience, experience starts to become its own explanation, or the experience of "explainingness". And, in that modality of being, dasein can begin to experience its own being in the way that is truly authentic for him. In that modality of being, dasein can be aware of its being in the world, yet he also can experience being in the world as that which is being in the world itself. I mean, dasein can be in a state of being, in a sense, where he, himself, becomes the experience of "deconstructingness". And, yes, we can, for instance, deconstruct the idea of the self that Descartes was talking about, and take it also as a concept, or as a "that which is" that also makes itself appear in the direct experience, but we also, obviously, at least for me, should understand its importance, in the sense that there is an "I" that is experiencing being, even if it is the experiencing itself, whether it is for Descartes or, in that sense, Hume. I mean, Hume also was the experience of experiencing, even if he was not a "cogito" in the way Descartes might have meant it. So, it would really be meaningless to not refer to an experience of "I'ness". We can argue about what that "I" actually is, but in any case there is a "that which is it" that we are referring to. If we take it as Heidegger's dasein, and think of it in a process of "self deconstruction", to extend the process of deconstruction Derrida was talking about, borrowing, of course, from Heidegger, then, in each step, we can see how the self is a self constructing and deconstructing being, in every moment, for it is the very experience of being itself. However, becoming the process of that being and not being that is experiencing itself, to, perhaps, borrow it from Hegel, dasein becomes aware of the process of its own being, and the modality of being, and the how of it, in a sense, of how it is making itself what it is. Then it, in a sense, becomes the experience of deconstruction deconstructing itself, and there you can begin to see the "mystical" aspect that begins to reveal itself as that which is to you. And this unfolding of the self, also, of course, comes with its own questions. That is the level of being where it realizes that its process of being is being, and being, at that level, becomes the "authentication" of its own being. That is the process where the process also is that which is not process, and dear Hegel, again, shows himself to us 😂 Reality begins to reveal itself as that which does not reveal itself 😂
  4. It is not possible for there to be an end time. Existence is, in every moment, experiencing an end time and a beginning time. Every moment, universe experiences an end and then recreates itself. That is what continuity is. Constant recreations.
  5. What I'm saying is, science is about evolution. We are evolving in our concepts and understandings of how reality works. And future generations will probably make fun of how we are trying to make sense of reality in the way that we are making fun of how the ancient civilizations were trying to make sense of reality.
  6. I think it is not the questions that is the problem.
  7. If you think about it, even the concepts that we now are creating, kinda, are mystical things. I mean, we are observing the patterns of nature, and then we are ascribing a causal explanation to it. We create symbols and concepts to explain what the world is, and if you think about it, the thunder being created by the anger of Zeus is another explanation of what that natural phenomenon exists. You can even say that, we have just become more abstract in the creation of concepts in our modern scientific and philosophical discourse. We are creating imaginary "things", aka concepts in a more abstracted way, while, in the mythological explanations, you, in a sense, find a more concrete and storified version of those concepts. You know, I mean, we are creating concepts that, we believe, explain why things are the way they are, and all those concepts, ultimately, are a product of the human mind, they are abstractions and storifications of the human mind where we produce "something" that actually is not there.
  8. I don't think you need to know mathematics, but you need to know what mathematics, in my opinion, it its essence, represents, and that is the knowledge of how to think clearly. I think, perhaps, Spinoza's Ethica can help you about that, because he says that what he is doing is mathematical and geometric thinking, but he's actually, basically, talking about understanding logic and logical thinking.
  9. Guys, think wisely before you write something here. Don't forget that this is public domain. And it's okay to get professional help if you cannot get over some of your problems. It's okay to have psychological problems, but don't turn it into your identities.
  10. He, probably, has talked about the absolute level of being where there is nothing but the One.
  11. Meditating everyday, and deciphering your limiting self perceptions, and letting them dissolve. The natural state of yours is one with your desire, so you, simply, just need to get out of your way.
  12. Watching your breath, listening to the ticking of a clock, things like that. The simpler the better, in my humble opinion.
  13. Greater alignment with Myself.
  14. Thinking is our nature, in my opinion, that it is evitable, so the main question is about "how" to guide our thoughts, and staying in silence, I guess, is the best way, at least for me.
  15. Well, having a map is not necessarily a bad thing, I guess, because maybe there is, in a sense, nothing but maps. Like, maybe it is maps all the way down, and it's all about finding your own map? Maybe it's truths all the way down?
  16. Hello 👽🤖
  17. I don't think it is. It is simply showing that there is no hidden variable in the structure, like Einstein and David Bohm thought to be, but that reality really is probabilistic in the quantum domain.
  18. It can be helpful, perhaps, if you're studying etymology.
  19. Maybe it is even worse than that, that you did not even write those books, but you're writing them while you're reading them. But yeah, I don't know, that's the point where I feel like I'm gonna lose my mind, so I just try to let go and relax 😂
  20. I think it depends on how you really believe that you're gonna learn it. I think, that, if you believe it, fully believe it, then you can download that language in a second, but your mode of being in the relative realm, probably, will not allow you to be able to believe in that.
  21. We are in the relative realm where there is the experience of time and evolution.
  22. All those highest authorities are imagination.
  23. Well, they are pretty much the same thing. The superintelligence is God, and if you quiet your "ego" mind, then the only thing that is, ultimately, left is the God mind.