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  1. Every knowledge of infinity is within you already as a potential.
  2. Consciousness is genderless. But there can be some ...
  3. When someone feels powerless, they cannot think peacefully and logically. So as Jesus says it is easy to love those who are easy to love, the real mastery is loving your enemy.
  4. And guys, don't take his anger and rage as a personel thing. He feels bad and trying to find relief to feel powerful and good again.
  5. There is no Leo. He is the void, like everything else. And yes you are imagining Leo into being. If you believe that Leo is someone like that, you will imagine Leo as someone like that and your point will be proven to you, because there is no Leo. There is no object. There is no outer reality. And I really appreciate your desire to be self sufficient and not trusting anything but your own logic. And I definitely don't disagree with your anger, if it gives you a feeling of relief like that, I support it, because it gets you closer to who you really are. Feeling less and less bad like that.
  6. If we want to understand reality, we have to think in vibrational, thought-al, terms instead of spatial and temporal terms.
  7. Don't you sometimes find yourself enjoying a writing? I'm sure you do.
  8. Feeling good definitely does help. Creativity and ease are connected. I like these guys in that sense. They also are like crazy. She looks nice in a sense. F*ck the weird words. Like automatic parroting. No emotion. Universe is as vibrational as f*ck. Universe is cape like in a sense. These chicks also are like that. Old chicks also. Awareness. Balcony. Harry. Universe is that frickin thought. Unicorn being normal. Physics. Creativity just oozes in a sense. Why not allow life to be easy and nice. Why not experience oneness. Why not receive from rowling. From them. Creating unnecessary resistance. Spewing unnecessary wobble. F*ck it. This reality is real differently. Real in peaceful sense. In love sense. Quiet. These are unhelpful thought forms. Unhelpful worrisome thoughts. Life should be hard etc. Frickin meaningless. Trying to change is unhelpful. It then gets worse. Emotional change is the sh*t in a sense. Emotional nonresistance. People are part of the vibration. People are formless in that sense. Universe is formless in a sense. Awareness y in a sense. Mind y. Mooji ish. And it never is a big deal kinda. Not different in a sense kinda. Resistance. Emotion. It is so. Thought can be implying that. All being mind ish. Where is the space. Where is the where. Nowhere in a sense. Nowhen in a sense. Point in a sense. No point. Universe can be the motion of self etc in that sense. Awareness in a sense. All becoming the point. The point becoming all. Rupert becoming all. Tzu becoming all. Entire existence in a sense. Entire universe dada.
  9. It is not our job to understand things.
  10. Dog shit makes infinity bigger.
  11. God is peace and clarity and ease.
  12. There is no Terence McKenna. He says "hi messed up elves" with his multidimensional messed up voice.
  13. He is the best thing that has ever happened to you if you can see.
  14. Finite and infinite are one. The infinite is not an unconscious robot.
  15. But you cannot change your momentum all at once. Otherwise we're all messed up.
  16. The only thing you have to do is relax.
  17. Then go eat shit at dinner today if God is choiceless and if you are God. But yeah I know. It is the infinite and so on. Preference is inevitable.
  18. Understand that he is you. You are each other's thoughts. You are one with all that is.
  19. Amazing. Understand that this reality and that reality are all one interconnected reality. Both are your creations. Both are you. Awareness.
  20. But every thought is a living, breathing thing in its own rights, because everything is consciousness. And you yourself are actually a thought of consciousness.
  21. Yeah. Otherwise God would be like a slave who "has to" do things.
  22. But if God has to experience everything, that also is a limitation to God, as though God "has to" do something.
  23. In my dream, I go to a course and the teacher teaches me about how to do something. If this is a dream, then we are actually never learning anything. We are spewing "new" stuff only.