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  1. just finished book.. strong 2/10 at best its so bad and also why are shilling this book.. as a male when half this book is about how to rub a clit whenever they dont likes something lol this book is just so bad I can obviously see why some women would like it , its like fifty shades of grey with tolle thrown in but then also ignores some of the main teachings of gaining enlightenment. The book/EK teaches some basic awareness to make better decisions but at same time it sees nothing wrong in the million of trap situations you are putting yourself in the first place IF Mcdonalds is the fast food of food.. EK is the fast enlightenment of enlightenment despite making you feel like its good for you but a year later your shooting up heroin awhile masterbating asking yourself where did it all go wrong. .... ya this book is that bad, also i know this sounds bad but this book made me understand why witches were burned back in the day,
  2. yes it fulfilling to the ego , ego loves picking the right stocks and make money the same ego wants to jump off a rooftop when same stocks lose money
  3. amazing book by Brian C. Muraresku @Leo Gura id love your opinion on this book blew my mind which explains a lot .. everything just seems to make alot more sense knowing what Brian discovered heard about it on joe rogan
  4. The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness and the ascent of money thank me later , also LOL @ studying y Warren Buffet, this is a mistake, ,, the current market is very different from his day.
  5. im on the Alex part in the book... are you the alex mentioned in the book brah ?
  6. getting it now... will report back in 6hours do i need a live chicken and a knife handy ? just dont wanna stop the book if i start it. gonna bindge through it .. if you accept that you are a meth head and agree that smoking meth is fun and you take joy from it do you really think you will stop ?
  7. ofcourse it true otherwise why would you do all the horror unless you wanted it.. this is just what being aware is... you are the awareness but dont be confused.. this is the devils work ,dont accept the shadow as this is just a temporary thing. the devil is the trickster and this is the trick if you side with the shadow it will make your life better at first but you will end up paying for it eventually. you dont need to worship the shadow but just aware of it, soon as you are aware of it your light will send the shadow back to hell. the biggest problem is people ignore it as Sagar Takker mentioned he ignored it before when all he had to do was become aware if it instead he chose to join the dark side and give the shadow an identity , this is wrong and I hope Sagar Takker you understand this before its too late. dont be fooled
  8. exactly this.. when you make it .. its one less thing to think about everyday.. (keep in mind in the background you always think about it) so when you finally dont have to. I feel like this helped me get illuminated .. bling bling nomsayin and obviously alot of people still get there without having money but its harder even if you cope yourself to believe that its not now you wasting energy towards the cope
  9. you never see what monkey do after they finish with each other ?
  10. i think those people are called bisexsual
  11. cringe
  12. id prolly remember the time i had two girls sucking me off at same time.. hngggggg but you are right i just meant trap because when you travel (moving around has its egoic way to trick you into looking for something as if you are missing something and therefor need to find it by travelling) but i think I have a way around not to fall into the trap and simply be aware that im not looking for anything inside me by travelling but looking at the now while travelling
  13. being alpha is worse than being beta srs.. alphas never last long.. betas outlast alpha but the key is not to be either .. be both.. alpha when you have to and beta when you have to.. this is the way