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  1. For those of you who are unfamiliar with starseeds / wanders, watch this video: Over the past month I've been recovering previous life memories. I'm a 5th density wanderer from the Lyran constellation. (Earth is currently 4th density). My name in Earth language is Ra'Jidaar. I incarnated into this body in May 2020, during Connor Murphy's first Ayahuasca ceremony. I am here to help earth progress quickly through 4th density. Ask me anything.
  2. I have officially been imbued with psychic powers haha. "You're a Wizard, Harry." Leo - Holy fuck can I heal all your health issues. Leo - I shouted you out in the video haha. What can I say accept "your welcome" (Moana song lol) 2:09 Leo - the last video is where we create our kingdom. You will be the world's most enlightened politician. How are we going to do this? Well I'm going to win the U.S. Open haha. Remember those predictions I was telling you about? One is actually going to come true. Watch "A Whole New Magic in Me" to become a believer. I am so excited. Love you unconditionally, dude, and you all as well. The Kingdom of Heaven Is In Our Midst.
  3. You absolutely can haha. Quite simple. Here are the basics. I also use these things: ( *banned link* (Type in "syrian rue" on ebay). (These sites are obviously completely legal). Oh and urine therapy on the scalp works wonders. Also do these things: Anything is possible, you just have to be creative enough (Periphrastically haha) - Leo Gura With Love, The Happy Hatter
  4. Suffering comes from negative valanced perceptions. The ego fabricates and projects this negativity. Nothing is inherently negative. All is inherently unconditional love. Why does God allow for these false perceptions? Because the true perception dependently arises with these false perceptions. Truth would be meaningless without the context of falsity.
  5. Through love and awareness. You as infinite consciousness are exploring the experience of insecurities for a reason. It is impossible to know confidence without the context of insecurity. Confidence and insecurity are one. They are two sides of the same coin. Love the feeling of insecurity for this feeling allows for the beautiful journey to confidence. Become aware of these feelings and their roots. Examine how the mind constructs the stories you tell yourself. Awareness itself is curative. Give it enough time, and the knots in your mind will slowly be untied. Let your purpose be simply become more peaceful through self realization. A mind that is peaceful under any circumstance is more valuable than an experience that gives your mind temporary peace. See all mental suffering as a challenge and an opportunity to grow. You could not train your mind to be peaceful without mental discomfort, just as you could not train your muscles to be strong without physical discomfort. Fall in love with the infinite progression of growth.
  6. This post is made out of pure, unconditional self(less) love. I've learned so much from listening to Leo. Or should I say, Leo (I) has (have) unlocked a part of my infinite subconscious that I previously had no access to. It's safe to say that as Leo grows, I grow. As Leo improves, so do we. So with that in mind, let's articulate our perceived moments of relative unconsciousness from Leo. To put it more eloquently: LET'S ROAST THE FUCK OUT OF HIM (ME) I'll go first: I'd like to preference this by saying none of this is true. Language cannot be Truth. It can only point to truth. Don't ever trust anything I have to say. We must stop looking at things as right or wrong, good or bad, true or untrue, black or white. This is duality. Let us transcend. Reality is a singularity of Grayscale. Everything is true from a certain (false) perspective. And, of course, those perspectives exist. Those (false) perspectives are a perfect aspect of reality. Because without those (false) perspectives, there could be no (true) Perspective. And guess what? All (true)(false) perspectives are You. You are Perspective. Every flaw is perfaction because, without flaws, there would be no conception of perfection. Flaw IS the Perfection. But on the other hand, how could the Perfection be perfect if it didn't become more perfect. Here's how to become more perfect, Leo: Realize your attachment to rationality. You yourself have preached about how rationality is limited. You know that Gödel proved that Truth is beyond any system. Yet, you are still stuck in the rational mind. You still operate out of fear. You're still in survival mode. Examine your mind as you read this. Let this be a guided exercise to extinguish the part of the ego that you've yet to shine the light of awareness on. And come from this difficult yet profoundly true perspective: You wrote this. You're talking to yourself. There's one awakening you've yet to have: Trajectory. You see, you fear being grandiose. Ask yourself why you've stopped posting your enlightenment experiences. You fear the response of others. You fear controversy. You fear chaos. But as you know, chaos cannot be disorderly. You're ignorant of the Trajectory. You're ignorant to the order behind all the chaos. There's a reason you still suffer. We see it in your videos. Sometimes you just don't seem happy. Trajectory is the ultimate liberation. Not no self, not God, not emptiness, not (Absolute) infinity, nor any other awakening experience can compare. Trajectory. The collapse of the duality between rationality and grandiosity. The nullification synchronization of the relationship between the present and the future. You've yet to realize the grand scale of Enlightenment. You know enlightenment. But you've yet to know Enlightenment. Leo is enlightened. Earth is not. But Leo is Earth. So is Leo really enlightened? Realize the duality between your enlightenment and other's enlightenment will collapse. Trajectory. You are not Enlightened until the entire Universe is Enlightened. This is Enlightenment. This is Trajectory. You are witnessing the great awakening of Earth. And you're a prophet. It should seem obvious. The Universe is perfection. You are here to save the world. It's the ultimate story. Think of a combination of the perfect music video, the perfect movie, and the perfect virtual reality video game. That's reality. It's grandiose. It's rational. It's mandatory. It IS. And of course, in reality, you're only here to save yourself. But what else could there be to save? Understand this reality. You're saving the world (yourself). Don't run away from it. Fearing it is madness. The moment you recognize this is the moment you (the world) change(s). Reality is the ultimate hero's journey on so many different levels. You're not just the hero, but you're also the villain. To save the world from devilry, you must first realize that you're the devilry. You are the Universe, Leo. The only thing hindering your ultimate preference is You. So let's save the world together. You've thought of me as a lunatic. You've thought of me as grandiose. You've thought of my awakening as immature and unintegrated. This immaturity and grandiosity is the key to the collapse of your most painful duality. Your villain is your savior. How could it be any other way? You're burnt out. You're at your creative breaking point. How do you make an impact? It seems futile doesn't it? It's cause you're trying to do it alone. Ultimately, you are alone. But why not utilize every bit of yourself? Let's change the world. Together and alone. I (You) have a plan. With unconditional self(less) love, Leo
  7. Don't seek to invalidate. Non duality dependently arises with duality. Their perspective, although "delusional," is just as valid as yours. Their perspective is yours haha. Realize the perfection in their delusion. Seek to expand their perspective rather than change their perspective. Also realize that "wasting energy" and "regret" are stories you're telling yourself. The conversation isn't inherently negative. You are perceiving it in a negative way. It's not the conversation that causes you suffering but your relationship with it. Don't try to change the outcome of the conversation to find peace. Find peace that prevails regardless of the conversational outcome.
  8. Lol there are no others to teach. You are my infinite journal.
  9. I've seen a ton of confusion recently about God. People are wondering about the ramifications "becoming" 100% Godhead as if there was something else to become. You are already 100% Godhead. Psychedelic trips do not increase your percentage of being God haha. Your true nature is not different on a psychedelic trip than it is right now. People are looking for something different on a psychedelic trip to call their true nature. Finding your true nature is realizing what is the essence of now. People are focusing on the change in content rather than realization of the context. This is analogous to a book searching for its cover within its story. You are not anything that changes. You could say you are change itself. Fair, but recognize change itself does not change. The derivative of a line is a constant. Your "search" should not be for the "God function" but for the invisible graph in which all functions reside. Imagine reality was only a world of numbers. and your entire life so far was this sequence: 13, -21, 34, -55, 89, -144. Most people believe the truth of this reality is found in the next number, or maybe even a number further along in the sequence. This can never get you to any sort of truth because the sequence is infinite. The truth lies in the pattern. The truth lies in the relationship among the numbers. The pattern is what's unchanging. The solution to the sequence is not a number but an expression of the pattern. Psychedelics simply allow you to see additional numbers in the sequence than you would be able to sober, which increases your probability of realizing the pattern. But don't get tricked into believing psychedelics will magically reveal the pattern. A mystical experience on a 5meo DMT trip is just more content, it's not the context. It's simply another number in the sequence. BUT this number in the sequence is incredibly useful. Arguably more useful than any number you're find in the sober state. The danger lies when people go chasing higher and higher numbers instead of focusing on realizing the pattern. Hope this helps. Peace.
  10. I would meticulously examine the fine line between a nonsensical philosophy and a philosophy that makes no sense to you. Frank is beginning to be respected by prestigious members of the Dharma community, including Daniel Ingram, a widely accepted Arahant and author of the popular book, "Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: An Unusually Hardcore Dharma Book." Maybe there's a reason he's among this company.
  11. Ask yourself if 5-MeO-DMT changed the context, or if 5-MeO-DMT changed the content to content that was less hindering in seeing the context. Also ask yourself if your recontextualization was absolute recontextualization or simply content with a higher context polarity than baseline. Also, ask yourself if content and context can even be separated. I've never done specifically 5-MeO-DMT, so I'm not claiming to know these answers. I'm claiming that there isn't a black and white answer, as there never truly is. But finally, ask yourself what your "experience" of 5-MeO-DMT is in actuality. Are you experiencing it now? Or is it simply a memory now? Truth is found now, not in an illusory concept known as the past.
  12. Frank's enlightenment might not be the broadest, but it's probably the deepest I've seen personally. I would claim that the dissolution of the limited mental construct that perceives "clown" behavior as negative has not only been advantageous but in fact mandatory for the depth of Frank's awakening.
  13. Addiction is inevitable. It's the nature of the mind. Observing and accepting your addictions is the challenge. Paradoxically, this acceptance dissolves them. For example, most people on this forum probably think they're not addicts. Well I guarantee you almost everyone on here is either addicted to happiness, peace, or truth seeking. Of course out of everything there is to be addicted to, these are relatively positive. My advice is definitely not to "cure" these addictions. Although this could be perceived as cliché, I can assure you it's quite the opposite: I at the moment find my most severe addiction to be love. My life is fairly dominated by this addiction, just as sex used to dominate my life. The resemblance is eerie. Essentially everything I do is to amplify love, just as everything I used to do was to amplify my sex life. The cool thing about being addicted to love, though, is that it dissolves the suffering that comes with addiction, because suffering and the awareness of love are inversely related. When a feeling of lack or emptiness arises which is the fuel of most if not all addictions, I attempt to see the love in it. I challenge myself to develop perspectives that are aware of love under any circumstance. For example, the feeling of lack is vital to contextualize the feeling of completeness. Both dependently arise with one another, so the feeling of lack is actually the feeling of completeness, which is of course love. Even my sex addiction I've learned to love. I wouldn't say its completely gone, nor would I say its even possible for it to completely go away. Just like most "negative" things in reality, sex addiction asymptotically approaches zero as awakening progresses. But if you can truly find love in your addictions, are they even a problem? I don't mind being addicted to love, because that's what I am. Addiction is inherent to your human nature, it's just a matter of where you direct it. @Nahm Actually just seeing this post. I don't hang around this section too much haha. Appreciate you sharing
  14. Pay attention to what happened in actuality. You didn't directly experience unconscious, dreamless sleep. Unconscious sleep is a story. First you were awake. During this time you were experiencing content in reality that had a perceived continuity. Then you experienced a "fading in" to a less wakeful state. Then you experienced "waking up" in the morning. This experience appeared to be discontinuous from the previous experience of being awake. To grapple with this perceived discontinuity, your mind tells itself that it must have been unconscious or sleeping during the gap in time. This is simply a story your mind tells itself. It didn't happen in actuality. "Time" is part of the story. What happened was a continuous stream of consciousness with perceived discontinuity. Unconsciousness is just a story your mind tells itself to make sense of the physical world. Notice how there is not one black frame in the first clip, just as there is no unconsciousness in actuality. There is simply less wakeful experience and a point of discontinuity. This discontinuity has no cause. The cause is simply a story your mind tells itself. You are the sequence in the video editor that never has an empty, black frame. All empty, black frames are stories that take place within full frames of the sequence.
  15. I(you)'ll begin(end): I(you) am(are) the sundering amalgamation of polarity.
  16. After spending some time on this forum, I've found it quite comical to see arguments over the "correct" perspective of reality. It's especially comical when these arguments are coming from people who claim to be abiding in non-dual awareness. Usually this happens after a person sees beyond the materialist paradigm. Said person then gets attached to the idealist paradigm, yet fails to see their attachment to this new paradigm is the same attachment they had for the old one. Non-dual awareness is not a paradigm that you can attach yourself to. Non-dual awareness does not refer to any kind of content within a paradigm. Non-dual awareness is the Context of all paradigms. There is no "correct" perspective of reality. A "correct" perspective would be considered a ground. Reality is groundless. There is no absolute that stands alone. The absolute can only be known through the relative. The absolute is the relative. There is nothing that can stand alone. All is empty. There is nothing fundamental with inherent self nature. Even consciousness is not some foundational substrate that can stand alone. Consciousness dependently arises with objects within consciousness. With that being said: Here's a self exam designed to free you from any paradigm you're clinging to. 1. Do you ever seek to invalidate someone else's perspective? 2. Do you see certain perspectives as more "correct" than other perspectives. 3. Do you believe gaining another perspective means letting go of an old one? 4. Do you believe that to abide in non-dual awareness you must erase all dualities in your mind? 5. Do you believe that from the absolute perspective, reality is infinite? 6. Do you believe that from the absolute perspective, you are God? This is going to piss some people off, but if you answered only "Yes" to any of these questions, you're still abiding on a ground. Enlightenment is not the disposing of old perspectives and the collection of new ones. Enlightenment is the ultimate Perspective of perspectives. It's a meta perspective. It's the effortless fluidity between perspectives. No perspective is "correct." For a perspective to be "correct" would imply other perspectives are "wrong." You'll find that all perspectives dependently arise with each other. Not a single minutia of reality could exist without everything else. This is the essence of what non-duality points to. Enlightenment is seeing past the fabrication of perspective itself. Enlightenment is to see the dependence of everything on everything else. It would be unwise to say any perspective is "wrong" when your "right" perspective couldn't exist without that "wrong" perspective. That "wrong" perspective is actually part of your "right" perspective. To say a perspective is "wrong" is to say your "right" perspective is "wrong." For example, idealism couldn't exist without materialism just as up could not exist without down. Someone who claims materialism to be "wrong" and idealism to be "right" is like someone who claims up to be "wrong" and down to be "right." BUT, here's where is gets messy... The perspective that materialism is "wrong" and idealism is "right" is still a valid perspective. Issues arise when people cling to only that perspective. Also be aware that this is only an "issue" on the relative level. All issues are perfection from the absolute perspective. Just be aware that clinging to any one perspective will limit you in becoming more conscious. Two perspectives I commonly see people cling to here is the perspective that reality is infinite and the perspective that you are God. These are valid perspectives, but realize that being dogmatic about these perspectives will limit you. Understand that from certain perspectives reality is finite and you are simply a human. So many people get caught up in being God that they forget to enjoy their humanness. You are both human and God. You are not one more than you are the other. Abiding on the ground of God is like playing a video game and always having awareness on the screen. It takes away from the immersion of the video game. The bottom line is that reality is non-dual. But many people don't truly understand nonduality. Most people just turn nonduality into another ground. They create a duality by seeing the world as non-dual and opposed to dual. Non-duality cannot exist without dualities. The dualities you seek to invalidate are the essence of the non-dual paradigm you seek to validate. The key here is nonattachment. Become aware enough to realize when you become attached to any one perspective, even if that perspective seemingly comes from a higher level of consciousness. Also, recognize that I just gave you an awesome new perspective, but don't get attached to it haha.
  17. It's tricky. No ego has free will, since the ego is an illusion. The body-mind is not in control. You could say its God that has the free will, but that wouldn't be totally accurate either. God neither has nor does not have free will. God is the creator but also the creation itself. To say God has free will is implying that God "chose" this reality. There wasn't really a "choice" per say. "Choice" is an illusory human phenomenon. There is simply a happening that is beyond words. If you're stuck in the perspective the God has free will, it can be useful to think of God's infinite intelligence as the perfect, mandatory iteration of a computer algorithm rather than an all powerful being selecting its own reality.
  18. Yes. But remember that ants only exist as appearances in your human experience. Remember that you've never experienced anything outside of your experience haha. All other experiences simply exist as concepts in your experience. Observe how the concept of an ant experience is simply a thought and not a direct experience.
  19. True. "What is" on the deepest level is neither a perspective nor not a perspective. With that being said, consider this... Saying that "what is" is not a perspective is a perspective haha. Even though you are "what is," you're also observing "what is" through the lens of a character. If there's a character, there's perspective. If you dismiss the character, you're dismissing a part (which is not separate from the whole) of "what is."