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  1. Thanks for responding I appreciate it.... but we see life completely differently.... I'm not interested in money our business at all. The only thing that would interest me is to lead my students toward a vision, (I'm a school teacher), but I know very well that my students are a reflection of my own energy. It has become completely clear to me that everything there is in my life it's just symbolic and a reflection that mirrors my energy and emotions. That's why I asked you what do you think that you would had manifest if you would had stayed and this mental state of million of IQ or whatever was that that you felt.
  2. Even if I am conscious enough to understand that I invented Buddha and everything else I still can't invent consciously, it happens automatically, I want to practise doing it, inventing I mean, more consciously What I wanted to ask you @Leo Gura is what do you think you would hat invent if you would had stayed in this state where your IQ was 1500?
  3. Yes, that's what I do imaginary which I think is true- imaginary which I believe it's not true (Like love stories with a happy ending, it only happens in the movies *sigh*)
  4. I remember I had a break down when I first realised it, 3 years ago. I even called my mom and started crying cause I felt so disappointed that she in not actually my mom in the sense I thought she was. I thought I wouldn't know how I would go on with my life anymore. I thought that my life would come upside down. But actually no.... nothing changed apart from me taking responsibility for everything that happens in my life.
  5. All health problems are inaccurate perception. The problem is that changing your perception is almost impossible. It can be done in some extend but you would hack life and then what? Maybe we are not supposed to hack life..... because we don't want to hack life. we are here to have a human experience.
  6. "The only person staning in you way is you. It's time to let her go..... Lose yourself" The black swan... It's about letting go.... "spiritualisme" reveals itself only when you let go.... suprise yourself Black Swan - You Bit Me - YouTube
  7. Besides Sadhhguru said it...when he was talking about kundalini, that those kind of changes must happen gradually otherwise you are at risk of losing your mind... And I know what he means cause my first realisation.. that I'm not who I think I'm and the world is not what I think it is, it is was really sudden.. BOOM!!! In my face! It was such a sock that I thought I would never be able to act like a normal human again in life.... thank God... most of the time I manage to control it and play my role as human being. When I called my mom and start crying cause that's what hurt me the most... the realisation that she is not actually my mom... she thought I lost my fucking mind..... That was two years ago... but I haven't lost my mind I'm stronger than ever... And now when I'm talking to my mom about all those things... she is making fun of me and we are laughing together... Last time when I started again telling her that I know better and that she should believe me... (that if she wants to see any changes in her life she should completely change her self and the way she sees things)... she answered me... " I don't wanna believe you cause I'm afraid you will take me in space with you"... she was joking of course and we were laughing so much... (I'm still laughing right now). Other times she tells me "shut up with those shit, I'm not that kind of person.. keep it to yourself, I don't wanna know about it"
  8. true story... even though it's harder as I thought to believe I can do it.. even If i know it's possible.. That's why I'm losing my mind here cause I know it's possible but I still can't do it.... and I'll alway remember this scene from spiderman where he is trying to web... how this fucking stupid things happens??!!! Maybe I will succeed it when I will be ready... It wouldn't have been nice to totaly lose my mind by fast radical changes anyway,,,
  9. I don't know if clubs are the right places to find the right women... But of course if MrBon want just to get laid, not strings attached, then it's a completely different story and I don't have an advice cause I have a totally different mentallity. Im my opinion you should try to meet women doing things like climbing , sports, yoga and stuff like that... It will also be very beneficial you will be become healthly and happy
  10. @Leo Gura I hate intenet I think it's a total waste of time... (talking to strangers and staying all day in my room, I've done that for so many years and it didn't bring much... it's a new age for me, I'm not gonna repeat the same mistakes) but God your honesty... is soooo fucking sexy You see Mr Bon... there are a variate of characteristics to supply yourself with to become more yummy
  11. It's really not easy to express my self in english for topic like that... it would had been difficult in Greek too.. It's a symbol... and the half it's dark not of course because it's evil.... but some people may exprerience some thoughts they have as evil... some women may experience thier masculine site as evil and have guilts...
  12. I know... there is no devil anyway.... I think masculine symbolises and represents the opposite of feminine... There is no bad or good.. that's what I'm trying to teach my self
  13. You confuse me... on the one hand you say our body is imaginary on the other hand you talk about diet and yoga... @Striving for more Do yoga and eat more probiotics. It helps so much that it makes me feel that my body is God