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  1. I would say that beliefs are identification to thought and feeling patterns. But identification goes much deeper than beliefs, it actually alters the way we see reality.
  2. I just want to add one final thing and that is that all distinctions is separation. If it's truly is ONE then no more distinctions is needed. Nothing more needs to be said. Of course we need to go our direct experience and see if there seem to be duality within it. If there is then more work needs to be done.
  3. @Ampresus A glimpse of your true nature.
  4. I've had that belief too. I was constantly looking for what was wrong with me, searching for personality disorders that I could have. The relief came when I started to question that belief. The truth is you are who you are and there's nothing wrong with you. Not that me writing this will help to get rid of the belief. You need to go deeper. You can do it yourself. Write down everything you think is wrong and then question every statement you wrote. What is wrong and what is right? What is a good person and what is a bad person. Are those statements actually true? Where have you learned that this was the case? This might come down values you inherited from your parents or the collective unconscious. If you need any help feel free to pm me. ?
  5. How would you be wrong or bad? Does a bad person act in a certain way? I know I'm asking alot of questions but it's just to get into the core belief.
  6. What are you worried will happen if your self image is bad?
  7. It's hard to say which path is most efficient. What I would say is that it's good to contemplate and integrate your realization but most of the work is practice. If I had to start over again I would have both formal and non-formal practices. Test which ones you benefit from mostly. I'd recommend strong determination sitting as formal and non-formal different mindfulness practices. Just being present is a great non-formal practice.
  8. Does these thoughts come up at random times or are there specific circumstances where these thoughts come up?
  9. @Conscientious Anon Were you still in control of your body?
  10. It wasn't a doomed endeavor at all. Perhaps it's those who engage in a discussion with you who learns the most? I for one would gladly continue the discussion because I did gain clarity.
  11. Too bad. I really enjoyed talking to you about this. ??
  12. I would say that there is no true identity since identity is clinging and clinging is ego. That's a logical conclusion that makes sense from your absolute POV and I agree that time is only in thought. There is no time because it's always now. But the now is always changing and this can be directly investigated. Again you are separating consciousness with content of consciousness which is not oneness. If there's only consciousness then the appearance is consciousness too. If it's truly is one we can't separate the two which you do. You can say that the appearance is within consciousness but you are basically saying that they're not equal. Appearances are only appearances and not consciousness. Which is why I don't resonate with what you're saying. If they truly are one and consciousness is all there is then appearances are also consciousness. This is a great point! I can see now why you are reluctant to say that appearances within consciousness are the same as consciousness. But what if nothing actually come and go? Like a tvscreen which is playing a movie, the appearances on the screen are in constant change but nothing ever leaves. What makes it seem to leave is the mind interpreting parts of the appearance as things which are separate from the other things on the screen.
  13. I haven't heard that translation before. How do you interpret the third sentence? Yes, I agree. I would say that consciousness is in constant motion. There is nothing to cling to. Not even the absolute. From the absolute POV you are correct, it is changeless. But that is only half the truth. That is what I mean when I say that it's a subtle form of separation. There is no appearance within consciousness but appearance as consciousness. That is true oneness. This is a good analogy because it can explain the way beliefs create our reality. As long as we have a belief that the stick is a snake we will construct our reality so that it will appear that way. Just as believing to be a separate self. Or an absolute self.
  14. That's a good realization to have, you are not the thought but it comes from your conditioned body and mind. On the level of thought you can question these thoughts. Are they true? Are people not to be trusted? Have there been a time when people used information against you or where does this stem from? On an emotional level what you can do is meet the fear. Despite being afraid you feel the fear fully while doing what scares you. Go easy on yourself and back off if you feel like it's becoming overwhelming. This dissolves the fear and it will start to feel easier and easier with time until it no longer feels like a problem anymore.
  15. I see. Maybe this one, im paraphrasing: The world is illusiory, Brahman alone is real, Brahman is the world. I would say that there is no wave that is depent on the water. Whether the water is still or in motion it's only water. That is the illusiory nature of the world. Just like there is no actual wave, but the water waving, there is no world but Brahman worlding. In other words, Brahman in motion.
  16. What about the heart sutra? Form is emptiness, Emptiness is form. The way you describe it has a subtle form of separation between consciousness and 'things'. Perhaps a better way to describe it would be the ocean and the wave. There is no separate wave. It is the ocean waving. Just as consciousness is thoughting.
  17. Yeah, that's the better question to ask since the former presumes that enlightenment is a form of attainment but it's actually seeing through the illusion.
  18. No it isn't realized in the future. It's realized now. Future doesn't exist. Truth is what is, so remove all seeking for future knowledge/attainment. Problems doesn't exist, only thinking makes it seem like there's a problem. Desire means there's a future goal to attain but if truth is now and happiness is now then look at what's blocking you from being happy now. Questions come from thought and only serves as a distraction from direct knowing. Truth is not a mystery to solve. It's simply being presence. I'm being very direct in my communication and might seem provocative. Just want to let you know it isn't meant to be confronting or provocative.
  19. Yeah, he does call it the natural state. He also calls it as the stateless state which I think is a better description since it doesn't come and go. But natural also seem fitting since it's unaltered. Not to put too much emphasis on the words. It's all right here and now. No matter how ordinary now might seem to be.
  20. @Gesundheit2 That's some good points. States come and go. If you're interested in exploring different states then that's fine but might be a distraction.
  21. Desire stems from lack so it's always a struggle before the desired object is aquired. When we get the desired object the lack disappears but not because we got what we wanted but because the desire has stopped. You can see this for your self. Once desire "hits" you do you feel fulfilled or do you feel like something is missing? ? Desire is a complicated topic because there is a belief that desire brings happiness and hence desire is a positive emotion. And that if we let go of desire we won't get anywhere in life. That we will just lay in bed and do nothing. That doesn't really hit the mark because we can do anything we want even though we let the desire go. The only difference is there won't be any lack and all of life will start to feel fulfilling. We start to move to higher emotions such as courage, acceptance and love. Yes life is about expansion. However if we stay in the state of desire then expansion will stop and we will never get truly fulfilled.
  22. @JonasVE12 well said. Also sometimes fear can be transformed into anger before going into courage, depending on the situation. But anger is a higher emotional state than fear as it has a tendency to move into action, moving towards what formerly has been seen as fearful than to avoid it. So don't be surprised if anger shows up.
  23. I've found that sitting with the fear and feeling it fully to be the best way. That allows it to be fully transformed into a higher emotion.
  24. @Dumuzzi Thanks for sharing your story. An awesome read for anyone who is into kundalini stories. ?
  25. Wants (desire) is based on dissatisfaction, yes. Without desire and dissatisfaction there is still doing but without the struggle of desire. True. If the present only feels like a way to get to the future, the goal of the wanting, then it's based on desire. But if you're content with doing whatever you're doing in the present without any thought about getting there, be done etc the it's not based on desire. ? If you are discontent with the present moment just let go of the feeling that makes it seem that way and enjoy. ?