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  1. HI Leo! Really appreciate your help. I will do this and focus on other girls meanwhile and educate myself in this topic. Question - I really want her and we connect on phone so there is a cemestry. The problem (I think) is that I have been to pushy regarding to her and when we was gonna meet I sounded a bit stressed a desperate to book this which she then said "You make me feel so stressed" so I changed subjet and said haha ok but I need to know so I can plan my days but no worries lets decide next week. And this week she avoided the question. So my strategy no (Since I have accepted that this can fail but still really want to give it a try) is to back down a bit to not be so needy and chill and just talk with her and have fund for a few days to build connection again and when I feel that the mood is good again approach this question again about when we should meet. What do you say?
  2. Aha okej now I get it thanks So ture. But its hard when she plays games with me aswell. And you know how it works you dont want to appear needy
  3. I am going to soeak to her on phone tonight and she levs in an other city so so first decided that I should go there then she hesitated but tonight I guess I just ask her on phone if I should ge there or not otherwise I plan otherthings because I am busy with other stuffs?
  4. So ture. High self worth and I am the price not she.
  5. So you mean - Just belive I have the confidence and self worth that I am the price and she should be happy to be with me because I am busy and an important man?
  6. Hi! Need all advices regarding this topic. Just speaking to a girl now on voice messages but have not spoken on phone and want to meet with her but she is diffucult. What can I do to make her interested and to be really interested in me. All tips, mindgames etc are welcome but please be concreate.