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  1. Long story short: I've been suffering from OCD for about ten years, the problem was more severe back then and right now the situation is much better. 9 years ago one guy touched on my back and since then i have tension in that exact area he touched me. This tension makes me anxious and unable to sit still or focus on a single task. Do you think that this might be trauma in my body and how could i realease it?
  2. There is no single reason to be nervous, she invited you to her house. Keep in mind that some girls are really shy and they will never do the first move even if they have very high attraction towards you.
  3. Its over, my first relationship with a girl just finished. Even though it was only 3 months its really hard for me because i am 25 yo and put so much effort to find a girlfriend. I wasn’t needy or anything like that, but she said that i’ve never opened up and she has never get to know me good. She wanted serious long term relationship, but maybe i wasnt good enough. And the hardest part to accept it that i screwed it. My self esteem is down to zero right now.
  4. Quick update. We texted today and she said that we could try again, but this time on the right foot. I just realized that i was sad because of the feeling of abandonment not because of her. Now when i am with clear mind i am wondering wheter its worth it to do that again.
  5. Thank you for the support all, i know it might sound pity but i feel very sad..
  6. Its over.. I have mental health issues, i shouldnt be seeking for relationships but rather healing myself. This type of things just make the situation worse
  7. As she said, i have never opened to her.
  8. This is what i was thinking i hope that is the reason, not what she told me
  9. money and status are not cliché my bro.
  10. Omg thank you you said that, its really funny how people just ignore something and throw it out of the window because they say "Oh that is stupid red pill or black pill ideology". You shouldn't believe anything you hear of course or adapt red pill/black pill ideology, just see wheter these things are true, just be honest with your direct experiance. Stop dismissing something just because its red pill or black pill. Actually when you are honest with yourself now you can do something and improve your situation. If you live in fairyland and coping all the time with your believes how the sexual market works, then good for you.
  11. I have very hard time opening up and talking about myself with basicly everybody, even the close people that i have in my life. I can talk with somebody but about himself just asking questions and making comments. Its very hard for me to share my stories, express my feelings or talk about my personal life. Its quite difficult to connect with new people, once we had our conversation they end up knowing very little about me or nothing. I think that is self esteem issue? What do you think.
  12. Haha, that is good. Sometimes i have this feelings and thought that i am too old for something or it is too late (i am 27). But i got an insight which told me: "live is over when its over, so it is not over yet" So i realized that nothing is over until you are dead.
  13. Thats true, but its very hard when you dont have anything going on in your life. And when a girl shows a little bit of interest you get attached to the approaval very easly.
  14. Sorry but this is not relevant for guys, i have one very ugly girl friend of mine. She is aroggant and super ugly and she still have options with men and men are hitting on her.
  15. Ofcourse, these stupid men..
  16. With this amount of work you better get rich, then you wouldn't need this stupid game.
  17. So much work for what? Atracttive or rich guys could do 30 girls for one month if they want, but it is what it is.
  18. Me too, i am sick of people (especially women) use me for validaiton and acting interested and then disappear. Why should i always take the high road and act cool. And letting people getting away with bs?
  19. Women that i know who has slept with lots of guys are deemed low value and there is no question about it. You could fuck them, but you could never take them seriosly.
  20. This is my take on that: The better looking you are, the less work you will need to put in order to get hot women. If you are model looking, you will be able to pull almost any girl you want. The worse looking you are the more you will need to overcompensate for that in order to get hot women. With things like status, money etc. I AM TALKING ABOUT GETTING HOT GIRLS ON REGULAR BASIS. Yeah, you might get lucky and get cute girlfriend even if you don't have anything.
  21. I've been hanging out with a girl for 1 and half month. We already had 6 dates, and we haven't had sex. I pushed her couple of times and she said that its too early and she don't know me yet. She text me, she invites me out, and couple of times she said that she is looking for serious relationship. We could keep hang out, but the problem is that i am very sexually attracted to her and its really hard to not tear her clothes when we make out in my car. We had a conversation and i told her if she is not interested there is no reason to waste our times, and she said that if she wasn't interested she would be hanging out with me. I also told her that, that its really hard for me to do that. She said its too early and i don't know you yet. If i didn't like her i would have had cut contact with her. Is she attention seeker? What could i do?