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  1. Haha, that is good. Sometimes i have this feelings and thought that i am too old for something or it is too late (i am 27). But i got an insight which told me: "live is over when its over, so it is not over yet" So i realized that nothing is over until you are dead.
  2. This is exactly what i was thinking while reading the post
  3. Thats true, but its very hard when you dont have anything going on in your life. And when a girl shows a little bit of interest you get attached to the approaval very easly.
  4. Sorry but this is not relevant for guys, i have one very ugly girl friend of mine. She is aroggant and super ugly and she still have options with men and men are hitting on her.
  5. Ofcourse, these stupid men..
  6. With this amount of work you better get rich, then you wouldn't need this stupid game.
  7. So much work for what? Atracttive or rich guys could do 30 girls for one month if they want, but it is what it is.
  8. Me too, i am sick of people (especially women) use me for validaiton and acting interested and then disappear. Why should i always take the high road and act cool. And letting people getting away with bs?
  9. Women that i know who has slept with lots of guys are deemed low value and there is no question about it. You could fuck them, but you could never take them seriosly.
  10. This is my take on that: The better looking you are, the less work you will need to put in order to get hot women. If you are model looking, you will be able to pull almost any girl you want. The worse looking you are the more you will need to overcompensate for that in order to get hot women. With things like status, money etc. I AM TALKING ABOUT GETTING HOT GIRLS ON REGULAR BASIS. Yeah, you might get lucky and get cute girlfriend even if you don't have anything.
  11. I will be very interested to hear your opinions about this guy. I didnt know where to create this topic because he is really discussing lots of things from dating to politics. And before you start judging watch few of his videos.