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  1. What about he having a girlfriend and don't want to talk to other girls but he is just polite?
  2. In my opinion if the other person is not interested he/she just don't invest in the conversation. When i text a girl and i see short replies or no questions back i just stop texting.
  3. Red pill guy would say that this is not possible .
  4. Attention and approval. She is very attractive girl but couple of times she told me that she feels very insecure about her looks and she thinks that she is ugly.
  5. I am getting insecure when my GF upload picture or story in instagram. We are in realationship for 2 months, so far we are having very good relationship and we get along pretty well. She doesn't upload nudies or some provocative pictures, just normal pictures. I am aware of the nature of relationships and that we might split up at some point, but this thought just bothers me, and she uploading pictures in instagram just amplifies that feeling.
  6. Long story short: I've been suffering from OCD for about ten years, the problem was more severe back then and right now the situation is much better. 9 years ago one guy touched on my back and since then i have tension in that exact area he touched me. This tension makes me anxious and unable to sit still or focus on a single task. Do you think that this might be trauma in my body and how could i realease it?
  7. There is no single reason to be nervous, she invited you to her house. Keep in mind that some girls are really shy and they will never do the first move even if they have very high attraction towards you.
  8. Quick update. We texted today and she said that we could try again, but this time on the right foot. I just realized that i was sad because of the feeling of abandonment not because of her. Now when i am with clear mind i am wondering wheter its worth it to do that again.
  9. Thank you for the support all, i know it might sound pity but i feel very sad..
  10. Its over.. I have mental health issues, i shouldnt be seeking for relationships but rather healing myself. This type of things just make the situation worse
  11. As she said, i have never opened to her.
  12. This is what i was thinking i hope that is the reason, not what she told me
  13. Its over, my first relationship with a girl just finished. Even though it was only 3 months its really hard for me because i am 25 yo and put so much effort to find a girlfriend. I wasn’t needy or anything like that, but she said that i’ve never opened up and she has never get to know me good. She wanted serious long term relationship, but maybe i wasnt good enough. And the hardest part to accept it that i screwed it. My self esteem is down to zero right now.