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  1. Thank you for your advices. I managed to gather the courage and say it. Everything was fine. Yes i am coditionet that others needs are more important than mine, its very difficult to stad for myself, because i always deem the other people feelings superior than mine.
  2. I want to leave my job for 1 year and i cannot gather the courage to tell my boss that i want to leav. Its a dead end job and i feel so misrable. I feel afraid because i am sure that reaction won't be good and i am stuck in my head always imagining scenarios. What to do?? I cannot stay in that job even one more day.
  3. If we get rid of the fake gurus that are preaching red pill i thing that red pill is pretty solid.
  4. Thank you for the comments, i wont abandon the channel!
  5. Hey guys, thank you for your comments! That helps alot. I am just becoming aware of how much i care about what other people think about me and i definetly have to work on that. Further comments are much appreciatet.
  6. Actually i dont care wheter he respect me or likes my content or not, he is not close friend. I just feel a little bit uncomrftable because somebody that knows me will watch my content. And yes, i want Youtube to be something like a long run project for me. I i agree with you. Soon or later if my channel get more popular people will find it either way. Thank you for your comment.
  7. Yes, that is an option. But what if that happens again after two years.. And also i put so much effort in that..
  8. I've been doing youtube videos for around 2 years. Usually i am covering topics that i am interested in presented in whiteboard animation. Youtube is some sort of a place where i express ideas which i am interested in and also a place where i could be creative. I don't have lots of followers and until yesterday nobody knew that i had a channel. Even my brother. I wanted to grow it and eventually share it with close people if i want. Yesterday i saw that one friend of mine subscribed for my channel, and even though i don't show my face i am sure that he figured out that this is me because he knows my voice very well and my name of the youtube channel include my first name. I dont know why but i got very uncomfortable feeling and a liitle bit of shame. I dont know why, it felt as though my secret place where i share thoughts and ideas is exposed and i no longer can get there and be creative and express my ideas because now a person that knows me will watch my videos and will be judgemental. I am afraid because i think that from know on i will be reserved and not able to freely express my ideas because of somebody that knows me will watch me. What do you think?
  9. You could find it in torrent sites across internet. I cannot share it here because i think its against forum guidlines.
  10. Usually that kind of people have never experianced depression, so they just don't have idea what might be like...
  11. I just want it to share it with you here, i really want to hear your opinion. This is the most ridiculous things i have ever heard.
  12. What about he having a girlfriend and don't want to talk to other girls but he is just polite?
  13. In my opinion if the other person is not interested he/she just don't invest in the conversation. When i text a girl and i see short replies or no questions back i just stop texting.
  14. Red pill guy would say that this is not possible .