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  1. You are on the false forum, my friend
  2. they are 2 completely different words: 1. schon Already Yet 2. schoen (schön) Beautiful Alright
  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! AAAAAAA! Do you really don´t see any difference between thinking negative thoughts and being beheaded?????????? Is the nuance so slight????? I just stop here. No sense. Too much spirituality, too much 1st world snobbery.
  4. @cypres He just says that a westener shoudn´t be agitated when a terrorist beheads a human being. Then he decribes the perspective of a rich well set westener and the perspective of poor terrorist and his bad childhood. Nothing wrong about it so far... But! What he completely forgets is the perspective of a victim. Not important? Tell me what you want, Leo lives in a bubble, in a laboratorium of consciiousness. Somewhere in this thread he says that, if he were a victim, of course he wouldn´t think about difficult life of terrorist, but fight for his life or scream for help or whatever. I ask him, what is the difference? If not his but another person´s life is threatened he would rather think about terrorist? Doesn´t this other person deserve to be saved? What is more important - difficult childhood of a terrorist somewhere in the past or the life of this person in the present? He is speaking in this video from a perspective of a safe and well set westener.
  5. tamam kardeşim ? how do you know? you are a woman did you have an enlightened lover?
  6. So tomorrow is Monday. And you know what? I am glad that I am not a director. As a director you have not only to implement the idiotic ideas of CFO but also to be aligned with thousand other directors, which have grown in our company like mushrooms. You cannot just run your CONCEPT to the end, untill your are at the end it´s not your concept any more, it´s NOT a Concept any more, it´s a heap of sporadic uncontrolled ideas of thousand other directors who want to be in a game. But you are still a director who is in charge of IMPLEMENTING, like my ex-boss. That the new target operating model won´t work any more shoudln´t bother me, since I am nobody, not responsible for the outcome. It´s just a matter of honour (because I am sure, it would work if I could implement it on my own) and compassion to my ex-boss.
  7. @Preety_India Oh god... I could read your love letters for eternity..
  8. "You want to have both – rational understanding and experience. But rational understanding is more important. I´ve met both kinds of people. I´ve met people who intuitively know that we are one, but they completely lack the rational understanding of it, and honestly they are not very smart, I don´t want to be mean, but they a kind of stupid, but they might be very nice and compassionate, but they miss it on so many levels... And then I met people who only understand it rationally and they became like calculators and they are completely missing a very important element, they are missing – life.. the vibrancy.. the artist side of it.. this is something which is difficult to put into words."
  9. Oh don´t ask, It´s pretty crazy currently. With all that directors - new and old. Every day some new ideas, new changes, new requirements from everyone of them, seeing only their part of whole picture. I don´t know anything any more. I have developed a concept for new target operating model, I was sure it would work for 90%, and the rest 10% I would need to check and solve on spot when we start. But there have been so many changes since then, I am not even informed about all of them, I am not sure of anything any more, or rather I am sure, that nothing will work. My ex-boss says, we should try and walk passionless through this development stage of our company. But I don´t want to bother you with this crap. If I had had a lover, I wouldn´t give a shit but walk passionless Actually.. since I know, that nothing will work properly, I can relax.. No need to bother about unknown 10%
  10. @Preety_India Sorry, I won´t comment in the other journal
  11. @Knowledge Hoarder It might be. But think, where he is coming from. Radical christian community. He didn´t even go to school. It´s almost impossible, that he has got where he is now. He has made a longer way than Leo. Speaking about the favourate thing of this place - SD, he is able to embrace all the stages behind him being where he is now. Besides I like the emphasis on collective, in my opinion Leo is missing the collective perspective. Anyways I think Leo and Morgue could help each other with their biases. In other words I´d like listen to them speaking to each other.
  12. They are like you like them. They take everything seriously. And also such thing as family. They don´t start it untill everything is ready, organized and established, like a tree, a house, a job.. Now I understand, why my aunt fish loved my german BF even more than I did. I wouldn´t be surprised, if she still has his foto behind the glass of closet door.
  13. When is the time right? @Preety_India be careful. Nobody get married in Germany before 30. ?
  14. I think, because he himself experienced abuse by a religious community as a child, he would never justify Taliban´s actions by their difficult childhood or condemn afghan people to the slavery because of their low SD stage. He was there - in slavery, in abuse, on low SD stage, but he´s got out of that misery maybe not without the help of others.
  15. His life is incredible. He is so rational and educated. But he hasn´t got a real education, because he was sent to a christian school where the taught him rubbish and abused his mentality severely. He educated himself on his own. His craving for freedom and knowledge is breath-taking.
  16. Sometimes I am a perfectionist and sometimes don´t give a shit. I always set priorities.
  17. This forum is funny.? I don´t know!! And guess what, it doesn´t interest me! What is it good for to know what combination of 4 letters you are? Dependent on situation, people, my mood I can be a different person. I am not even the same as I was an hour ago. No interest in putting my self in one or another category.
  18. Actually if I give another thought.. I attract men who are afraid of intimacy, closeness, relationships. I don´t know what they want from me. It´s often not even sex. Why they just don´t stay in their caves but hatch out for me. And it cannot be, that I need to integrate this fear? Actually I have integrated it. But it doesn´t make any sense.
  19. Hate is love (Leo) Why should he hate you? He doesn´t even hate Taliban or ISIS. You cannot be worse than them.
  20. I wonder if it means you need to integrate a narcisstic part into you?
  21. @Preety_India What kind of men do you usually attract?
  22. I attract very different types of men. No special type really. Does it mean that I have integrated everything already? It might be. I have no shadows, no depths, no secrets. But there is a certain type of men (and women) who are annoyed by me. Perfectionists. People who like order, predictability, lists. With a trace of arrogance. I wonder what does it mean. I bet, we will end up by hating each other - with my 3rd director. She told me, she hates it, when one column is wider than another one. Oh my god! Maybe this is the reason why there were not really intelectual types of men around me, mostly simple peasants Nobody to talk to. But on the other hand it´s better to have a peasant around you than a stupid intellectual thinking he is smart.