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  1. Whenever I listen to Krishnamurti, or read some philosophy, maybe even study maths or programming, I literally feel the brain changing. It's not metaphorical. It's evident it's changing and rewiring, how we can feel the muscles tear while lifting weights, I feel some part of my brain tear or break to form a new relationship between its cells. It's more than a AHA! Insight. I can physically see and feel the brain changing. Do you have any similar experience in frequent?
  2. No problem. Make sure she has a lovely time.
  3. I'm getting tired of pop music, modern popular music having lyrics all the f* ing time. There are few who just do instrumentals and they all go to game osts or movie osts. I don't know if anybody is willing to listen to regular music that aren't OSTs that have no lyrics. Bach and Mozart's pieces usually did not have lyrics, which made their music better. Why are people so addicted to lyrics? I'm not going to go far to say people have abused their hearing sense, but I really get irritated by lyrics. I know listening to poetry with the music can give us more pleasure with our ears, but excessive words can really be painful to me. Why does music have to have words!
  4. @Ulax that is an interesting point
  5. I agree. @AtheisticNonduality has never played any instruments or studied it. You can see this when you read his first comment on this topic.
  6. We all have circadian rhythms. It's not right to force yourself. Yet, if you do have to wake up early, just think about your motivation levels. Maybe you need a sense of direction. That will make you wake up even if it's hard wont it.
  7. If you approach the girls as if they are your friends, without an agenda. Who cares if it's all the girls or only one girl. I'm not good at picking up girls, so I don't know what I'm saying too.
  8. Are all illusions simply image? When something has time, space, width and length, we say it is 3D space. It's obvious these aren't Truth. In other words, they are illusions. But I want to know what kind of illusions they are. Is it image? Or is it like virtual reality. Pictures and virtual realities are a bit different.
  9. I mean, with the feminists movement, and a lot of how woke culture indulges in their way of conditioning men can feel like a Thought Police in 1984. Maybe, they don't physically restrain anybody, but they do try to guilt some people on taking this act or those acts. This act is "good", and that act is "sexual misconduct." What other than this but a thought police?
  10. @Nilsi Anybody who is rich, sophisticated were burned and shamed in China with the Maoist revolution. Absurd. This is the thought police, only it had come to physical violence. Physical violence, emotional violence, or intellectual violence, all are the same, aren't they?
  11. @Bittu haha I've got a bit depressed constantly listening to game or movie OSTs. I didn't want to listen to Mozart or Bach because if I kept listening to them, I felt like I was getting out of touch by society. Some MFs like listening to club music, in which I have no respect at all. haha. Not that I don't like some of them. Pop music in Korea, even in America just seems mostly dull to me. I don't know any instrumental music aside of electro music that actually intrigues me, which is sad. Electro music fulfills me only 80%. I need 100% satisfaction. Where can I get it.
  12. @AtheisticNonduality What's your definition of good lyric @Something Funny You've understood me so completely. Thank you!
  13. @Inliytened1 I guess, our minds are such great tools it can imagine 2d, 3d, 4d, 5 dimensions. Yet, our minds can never imagine the whole, the infinite, the universe. Therefore, we see people create 1 dimensions, 2 dimensions, 3 dimensions, and even 4 dimensions. Sadly, it can imagine everything but never the infinite.
  14. Krishnamurti had explained this perfectly. I used to think having blackness in my minds eye is no-mind state. No, that "blackness" is thought too. Blackness is color. Truth has no color. I was imagining black. The thought of black was giving me the illusion that I discarded all thought. I also thought having no "sound" in my head was ending my chattering. But silence is also chattering. Truth has no silence nor chattering.
  15. @Inliytened1 Are all imaginations 2D or 3D. Or maybe, 2D and 3Ds have no difference.
  16. Well, don't forget to be friends with the girls, exception from the fucking. Friendship is very important for all of us.
  17. I'm still in the process of reading his book. I knew that this premise was right from the start. But I could never prove it, nor see how it was true. I'm reading this book because I heard Berkeley "proved" it, or at least, was able to explain why the world is an imagination. It's fairly simple to know that everything we see isn't reality itself: only, an interpretation of reality from our senses. But how to explain not only that everything we see is not reality, but also an imagination? This seems difficult. If you have read Berkeley, can you explain.
  18. @Breakingthewall Read about Chuang Tzu's dream. The butterfly dream. You'll instantly understand that maybe your reality is a dream. Nothing sentimental. Just a fact of life. After we understand or realize it, we can go on with our lives, do our work... etc.
  19. @RMQualtrough Okay. I see how the sensory perceptions all occur in the immaterial. So is it in "my mind"? Or is it just "mind"? May I define anything immaterial: mind? And maybe I can't say "my mind' or "your mind". There is no such thing as my mind or your mind. It's simply mind. Right?
  20. I dont get the brain --> image part How is it the computer i am typing in.... how is my hand, this keyboard simply an image?
  21. I've experienced it. I've done it. People show totally different sides to them through the internet or the dial. I wonder why. It's probably because I'm a dumbass in text, social media... etc. But I really experienced this with my friends, girls, teachers, mentors, etc. I feel like it's almost impossible to be honest, and good in these medias. I can do it in real life, but not here. In real life, I can control anyone doing anything over the line, doing something disrespectful, but I can't control someone being stupid in the phone.
  22. Jiu Jitsu for now, or Judo seems to be the most practical, hands-on, reasonably (only reasonably) safe options for truly learning Martial Arts. Fighting can help you learn so much about social dynamics, and about who you are. Try to be safe and be respectful of everyone, so everyone will be the same to you. Boxing and kick boxing is good to learn, but I know that frequent hits on the head in their games can be detrimental to your intellect.
  23. Recently listening to him, I get clarity.
  24. @Leo Gura Your hate for Trump is pure, understandably so. Though, don't You find him entertaining.