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  1. You guys are all funny. It has to happen.
  2. thank you for your answer BUT leo i pay taxes. therefore i'm giving back to society perhaps even more than you if i were a billionaire. yes, you giving spiritual awakening and that is priceless, but i giving $$$-taxmoney as a billionaire for trees, police, hospitals and all of that just because i do transactions all the day for all of us. AND also what if actualized were a company. the more buying and selling, the more volatility, the more transactions, the more value for actualized, the more people getting attract. weren't this good for you also? Imagine what you could do with all the company stock money o_o you will build retreat and enlightenment centers and such things sort of like tesla but spiritually. thanks a lot, yes i try to be positive and i like the aspect of creating good karma , but i think one is not safe from bad things, even if i was theoratically a 100% positive being. nonetheless i agree, the world needs more "good".
  3. i do agree. earlier today i saw an ad at the bus stop: "masks, put on you berliners" i was thinking if they are going through a "checklist" like: -put things up-side down -seeing things as what they are and so on or if they just spontaneously come up with it.
  4. days ago i saw a few times that leo is critical of practices that favor you even though there is no creativity involved (i.e. trading). i don't want to start a new discussion regarding this particular topic, please. it is obvious that there are intelligent and creative people or both combined. Depending on which world view one shares, i.e. that intelligence and creativity must be fostered early on in order to achieve above-average results (The stream cannot flow higher than its fountain). These qualified people have it easier according to this logic to produce values. (e.g. programming - yes many programmers are wageslaves, i know) less advantaged people can't create value so easily or can't get so much out of their creations (nobody wants a buggy or very simple program) what they can do is to go with the flow (e.g. repetitive work/trading/selling a hype/livestream) yet they can be positive oriented people. They could share or donate the profits. so leo really wants to say here that e.g. the 6 days working slave at foxconn is a bloodsucking creature, because she tries to trade herself out of slavery? if all people follow this thinking and stop promoting or teaching such practices, how is this person above supposed to escape? "no, only a priviliged person is leeching, because he could do better" better do what? where is the line? what is repetitive work? how is working in a bigtech cage-cube something else than repetitive work when it does feel like it? "just quit, do something valuable" is this the answer? am i a coward? should i risk it all, without financial safety? addition: "no, just start small, and bootsrap it" ok but climbing my way up i have to feel bad about earning money the >>low conscious<< way? Isn't trading like an early stage business? i have to do diaries about the numbers, psychologies, feelings. i have to adapt strategies if there are problems, i have to be consistent and acribic in my history, i need to be in good shape or mentality, i need to control my feelings and so on... if i can not manage theese things how could i even become an entrepeneur? i mean why not testing the waters perhaps being succesful and adding that experience for myself? TL;DR: does it matter how i accomplish my goals, even if it is less creative work in the beginning or is this the wrong path? thanks all, love
  5. The interesting thing is that breaking the old top was a confirmation of a higher fair value of btc. If we hadn’t overcome the old top it would’ve been an invalidation point of a higher fair value of btc. This is interesting because now we know for sure the price is an indicator of btcs value estimation. Because of that we saw corporation interest. Regardless of short time price action - breaking the old ath set the new fair value up. my opinion is that the new fair value has increased from 10k to about 50k. Notice also that we could see short time prices of 10k and 150k.
  6. you won’t get rich quick in crypto, only if you are very lucky or you have already a ton of money and speculating hard. BUT you will get rich slow. (But of course nobody wants to get rich slow) and you have to put A LOT of effort in your research. Asking for the coin that will make you rich is not the way - also that would be leeching off the time of research that another person did also known as spoonfeeding. Leo has of course not the slightest idea of crypto but i always like him playing the devils advocate. What crypto really is would be what some call wealth transfer. Why? Because 1st. the big boys don’t have it on their radar. By the time they will and small fishes have caught up leveling the playing field. 2nd - you can deny it but the things being build right now will heavily influence our future - and i think for the better - investing in it then doesn’t sound so bad isn’t it? Especially when it all comes together for what some people loved it in the first place. Decentralization. But of course you don’t have to buy the ticket for that boat. You can watch it from a safe distance and visit this new continent later when the infrastructure is already in place.
  7. There are plenty of examples where this is not the case. An example would be a guy with the name john st julien. Basically, he was a drug-addicted junkie who founded one of the largest ngos in africa without hardly a cent, just with a camera, and provides for thousands of people and animals.