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  2. How specifically are they "destroying their lives"? How exactly are you going to know that what they are doing is actually bad for them? If you want to help them, you have to translate the solution you have for them in their language, so that they can relate to it with their current meaning making system.
  3. Few guidelines on how you deal with your OCD: (unconditionally) accept your thoughts. Resisting your obsessive thoughts will only make the symptoms worse. Use mindfulness to observe them (like clouds in the sky) without judging or holding on to them. Get busy focusing on the here and now. Use distractions. Sometimes, you can manage your OCD symptoms by shifting your attention. Many helpful activities can serve as distraction (like: calling a friend, taking your dog for a walk, going swimming, listening to music, playing sports, etc.) Create a list of these activities you can do when the symptoms occurs. Gradually expose yourself to the fear. The obsessive thoughts are created when you try to avoid facing what you deeply fear. But unfortunately, when you avoid your fears, they only grow larger in scope. Systematically exposing yourself to distressing situations can be curative. And lastly, Practice self-love. Take care of yourself: exercise, meditate, do yoga, do things that makes you feel good, make friends, hang-around with positive people. Eat good food and take nutrition suppliments. Stop demanding that your behavior needs to fit your self-image/persona. Give yourself a break. ❤️ You can also read Rewire Your OCD Brain or see a therapist nearby. PEACE
  4. watch how tony robbins uses this model to re-establish leadership in times of chaos - like on 9/11.
  5. the integral community is at green vMEME.
  6. @lostingenosmaze New update!
  7. @lostingenosmaze if you did that, we wouldn't call you a hero. right?