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  1. @mmKay I wish I was in MR.Beasts position I would generate so money and eventually exterminate the necessity for the use of money. it's impossible I know
  2. @fridjonk I wish LEO was my friend in real life he's so knowledgeable, and open minded.
  3. Just dreamt about facetiming some friends. Just dreamt last night i got a facetime call from some friends from high school. still wondering when I will be lucid. My plug just texted my phone saying he has my favorite strain of weed so I guess it’s safe to say I won’t be dreaming anytime soon.
  4. Dreamt about my car seat slider mechanism breaking. Last night I dreamt that my car seat mechanism broke and I uninstalled the seat to try and repair it myself, I had no luck so I called a Jewish coworker technician to see if he can help me and he gave me advice I followed it I still didn’t manage to fix it, eventually I remember figuring it it out someway somehow. The end. I’m certainly glad I can remember my dreams, I have faith eventually I will be lucid dreaming.
  5. I just had a two part dream the first part was very interesting because I got invited to a haunted house party by my friend that I almost never contact anymore because of whatever reason. The second part of this dream last night was actually the most weird dream I ever experienced because I was in a bus trip going somewhere and some person gave me his shitty rolled up joint, and I was just observing the shitty joint, then suddenly the bus stops and everyone in the bus steps outside we reach a dead end being patrolled by armed military. The next step is to cross pipes over across the a bridge that is steep and made of solid concrete so if I fall I would end up dead with these military people would collect my belongings like some call of duty warzone looting style looting. Anyways I can't remember much else except that I cum in my brothers mouth. EWW I know. I hope I have vivid dream tomorrow night wish me luck.
  6. BUYING shrooms off leo I just had an amazing dream. I wanted 7.5 grams of weed from LEO. Leo was my weed plug but i havent contacted LEO in a long time I had his phone number I was about to text him but i distinctly remember not texting him because I was afraid the police were reading messages, so i called leo instead. Leo answers the phone. (Leo has sold me weed before in my dream long long ago or at least thats what i believed in my dream. Almost felt like leo was an old pal from the past.) So I call Leo, he picks up I had to lower my voice because I was still afraid people were eavesdropping. I explain to leo my reason for calling i say i want that green he laughed and said i havent sold that in a long time he said he evolved past that so i ask for shrooms, leo agrees to sell shrooms I was about to ask where his house was since i wasnt 100% sure i was about 75% sure. Before i ask about the house address leo abruptly hangs up the call. I was going towards leos house but i remember I had trouble finding leos house before in my dream, leos house is surrounded in some type of ghetto slums while his house is not the slums. when i say ghetto slums i mean like 3rd world country slums. anyways I look for leos house i end up in the backyard of another persons house and i go back and forth almost like im looking for the secret portal that enters me into leos house, eventually i teleport into another persons living room, I explain to the family that i just entered the house i explain that i need to find leo they point to the backyard and say thats leo. I start walking to the backyard and see lots of people of all ages running around chatting socializing and also spot leo sitting face down on a table with people leo seemed busy so i walk up to the table and now im super excited i try and talk to leo but he doesnt look at me at first then i try to explain my reason for visitation and he realizes who i am so he gives me a bag of mushrooms i give him a $10 thats all i found in my pocket at first leo says thats too much money so gives me another shroom piece, i give leo another $5 because at this point i realized i had just got my paycheck so my money was in my pocket. I tell leo i never tried shrooms before he said read these two books before trying it. The end I wake up feeling like it was real but the feeling fades and im back to reality.
  7. @DefinitelyNotARobot wow you’re not a bot
  8. @DefinitelyNotARobotweird flex but ok
  9. @DefinitelyNotARobot Nice generic psychedelic profile photo, you must be so woke. haha
  10. @Leo Gura The longer the better. Since when do you care about complaints from the sheeple?