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  1. @Razard86 I love what you said about not taking more than you need to, I think that's where my Spirit is taking me as well, that idea that it is still more than possible to exist in this system just to not get greedy with it, I think the answer was simpler than I thought @Eph75 This is actually a quite convincing argument as to why that won't happen, but I suppose I derive that thought process from the fact that, in all fairness, we have been blessed with the miracle of the internet but also because of that, it opened my eyes to the truth of the matter with which, if the internet is a giant simulation in which almost anything is free, why couldn't reality be the same way, although now that I think about it, internet is a paid service so I guess technically it does go deeper than I originally conceived... @JoeVolcano From an egotistical perspective you might be "sliding downhill" but I do also realize if your spirit is fee than there's no need to worry, but simply because of the fact that you mentioned that, could mean you and I are in a similar position, we both need Self-love enough to get the courage and integrity to start acting on our ideas, rather than holding ourselves back out of fear of our own capabilities @jimwell This guy looks like a good example of a free spirit, by our standards he's just a homeless man living on an island but nonetheless, he seems like he is okay with that, so that's great. However, the more I realize it I am a long ways off from that person, my ego is still heavily involved in societal matters and standards and like you said if I really wanted that I would've done it already and been fine with that decision, so it seems that it's more about denial and fear, which is ultimately holding me back, most of those options entail just living very frugally for a while, but I think instead what I truly need is to start taking pride and seeing the beauty in what this system has done and could do. @Yarco True, and I've thought about that exploitation process, but nonetheless I don't want to exploit it for ego gain, I think the best I could do is a compromise where I can still exist in the society and understand it's benefits and importance while maintaining a more fair trading system, but then again, I can't shoot for perfection that will just end up destroying me, which is ultimately what I'm doing here, hence the problem @Michael569 I think what you said about the Shadow self is spot on, which is why a certain measure of self-love is needed to combat that. I don't think that wanting a more free world with a possibility of opening things up for people is a bad idea, but struggling with that and using it as an excuse to not engage in the already present and dominant system is just that, an excuse, by the ego @Thought Art True, it can be just that simple @Consept Yeah, action is definitely something I need to work on, I've never been one to jump head first into things, that's part of the work I probably should be more focused on though @Vercingetorix Very true, the ego is all about denial, which is exactly what I've found myself doing through this thought process, and now that I think about it, money isn't really the problem, as it's simply a force, or a go-between to ultimately reach wishes "with great power comes great responsibility" @Roy Man that sucks, that's exactly why I'm so against capitalism, but what I'm realizing now is that it's less about being anti-capitalist and more about being pro-something, We can't just let those woes weigh our souls down and hate on things as the ego would like and as I'm starting to realize as tempting as it is it doesn't help as I've clearly learned here. You've gotta have a clean free spirit to truly take worthwhile action, however you can achieve that, that's where self-love comes in @narkuser Well it's less about the desire to do nothing but more so the desire to do the right thing, I think my arrow is pointed at an unattainable perfection which is what leads me to this constant dead end path, it's just about finding the little joys in the struggles here and there and acting on them in a way consistent enough that the pains begin to solve themselves @BlueOak Exactly and my spirit will always feel joy for giving so that should be where my focus is rather than on how to NOT do something, which is what is leading me to this dead-end trap as someone mentioned way earlier. Better to focus on the Spirit's ideals and integrate them into the system rather than force my will onto it, as the ego would have it
  2. @Bobby_2021 It's not Delusional, someone later said that it's still possible in the far future but there is a strong possibility that my ego is using this conundrum as some sort of shield to hide from something @RendHeaven No @SamC Maybe, but I do also want to seperate self-love from ego-love, I think moreso than anything else being out of touch with love and living in angst because of NOT wanting something
  3. I haven't posted here in a long time but I'm really struggling with this problem and I feel like someone spiritual would understand this issue more so than someone who isn't spiritual so hence after 2 years, I'm here: The Problem I have a lot of business ideas and I've saved up enough money to survive for about a year and successfully start my own business, there's only one problem, I really don't want to. As a matter of fact, I really don't want to do anything, I don't want to work and I don't want to start a business. Now I know you might be thinking "well that's just lazy" but it's more like, I'd rather venture to the woods and build my own cabin FROM SCRATCH than have to participate in this miserable money pyramid scheme greedy ass bullshit. As you can see I'm very frustrated by it and a part of me feels like I'm going crazy but I also just really hate the idea of chipping away at someone's livelihood, I truly believe there's no reason why the world shouldn't be free, honestly if we can make up all this payment bullshit I feel like we could make up an excuse to give away most of the things that we pay for just as easily, yet I'm powerless to make that call and I still need to eat and Survive, so then the cycle repeats itself and I'm stuck. The Solution I've already thought of a few options for a solution to this but I would also like to hear from all of you, mostly to see if anyone is feeling the same way? Or if you just have any advice on whether or not I should just drop this thought process or if I'm on to something, mostly looking for advice here though.
  4. Thank you! Well California has pretty much always swung in favor of the Democrats for the past 50 years. As far as why that is or why it started I'm not too sure but I think it could do with the amount of immigration and diversity in those areas as compared to the midwest which is filled with "Deep Americans" as I call them or Americans who have been here for a long time and want to uphold traditional values.
  5. YES It's so interesting to get into the social analysis because it helps you to be better informed for future events.
  6. TO BE CLEAR THIS IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY, THIS IS ONE GUY'S ANALYSIS OF PARALLEL'S I HAVE OBSERVED BETWEEN THE TWO ELECTIONS So now that that is out of the way, Biden has just won the Presidential election, I won't say I saw it coming from a mile away but I definitely saw it coming from a few dozen meters. So what does this have to do with the 2016 election and Trump? Well I'm analyzing two things, I'm analyzing the similarities between the Buildup in the Biden campaign and the Trump Campaign as well as differences and most importantly, I am analyzing the Social reaction between the two campaign's, that last part is huge. AGAIN, not a conspiracy, but a part of me believes the Biden Campaign's strategy this run was so genius and incorporated many of the things that I'm thinking about after seeing Biden's Victory as President, so without further ado, let's get into it. I am going to go through is much quicker than this opening paragraph for convenience sake, but if anyone disagrees or has thoughts let's talk about it, I want to have fun with this, I think it's a cool little social analysis exercise. SO, Let's get into it: 1. The Underdog Effect In 2016, Hillary Clinton was the one to beat by nature of her broad political experience as well as being a previous First Lady of the United States, Donald Trump in this instance, was framed as the Underdog. In 2020, Trump has been running the country for 4 years as well as garnered a strong and supportive base the originally carried him to the presidency, Biden is challenging this base as well as challenging the ongoing trend of presidents being reelected to office which had happened with the previous 3 presidents. 2. Attention detracting ads Okay this one is a bit harder to understand but in my opinion it is HUGE. In 2016 Hillary ran multiple ads against Trump which featured him making fun of reporters and carrying on with this jokes and insults in a means to humiliate him, there's just one problem, the ads featured TRUMP, which means more attention going his way whether good or bad. What I find really interesting, is that in 2020, Trump played the same card that won him the office against himself, when he literally played on the big screen, an entire montage of Joe Biden talking, whether he sounded coherent or not doesn't really matter, even if he only had one good moment that was one good moment and once again, whether negative or positive attention, it is more attention for Biden nonetheless. 3. The Class clown vs. the mean professor, The Scrawny Nerd vs. The big Bully This one is very similar to the Underdog effect but it goes into a little more detail. In 2016 everyone expected Hillary Clinton to win not just because of her status in politics but because her experience painted a nice squeaky clean image of her as a fair president. However, Trump's extreme challenge of the seriousness and gravity of the rest of the "typical stone faced politicians" made him really stand out. In 2020, Joe Biden was going up against the current trend that President Trump had set up, one of challenge and brashness, however, Biden contrasted this with his soft spoken almost weak demeanor, especially when it comes to all of the jokes about his mental state, in my opinion, actually worked in his favor, as he became the target of the bullying and no one likes the bully. 4. Catchy Slogan Obviously in 2016 one of Trump's greatest strengths was his incredible slogan. It was such a perfect marketing tactic and a rally call to action which contrasted against Hillary's overly complicated campaign strategy which combined an attempt at humiliating her opponent that failed miserably "Love Trumps Hate" and an unclear image of what she was trying to represent. Now, when thinking of campaign slogans one of the last things you would think of is Joe Biden. However, although his slogan "Battle for the soul of our nation" doesn't sound too catchy, but every time you read it you hear it in Joe's voice, because he did a great job at slowing it down and putting it into your head with repeated yet slow exposure, in contrast to trump's quick seemingly spur of the moment slogan. So that's it, those are my ideas for this, sorry that it's longer than I wanted it to be but I thought that it would be fun to break down the social dynamics (or apparent social dynamics by my weak estimation lol) of the election and what goes on behind it. Let me know what you think, happy to hear criticism or other feedback, again I mostly made this for fun so please don't take it too seriously haha.
  7. Hey there, I wasn't sure whether to put this in the Self-Actualization file or the Meditation, Enlightenment file due to the nature of the form itself. But I thought that it would be best to put it here because really what I'm talking about is highly spiritual pursuit. I do think that it can be a good escape route, as a matter of fact I'd say it's the best. Besides this, aren't we all escaping something at some point anyway? Think about it, if you leave your old crappy job for some new snazzy high paying job aren't you escaping? Plus, I feel like more and more people are doing this everyday, we are escaping from our old way of life to embrace this new one, not just in our personal engagements but in our day to day activities. I guess it does depend on how you think about it but at some point I believe that the only way to move forward is to move away from the thing that's pulling you back and that's the escape. So in essence I feel like that desire to escape is a desire to pursue something higher than yourself and that's what enlightenment is all about. Just wanted to leave this here, let me know your thoughts down below.
  8. Hey Everyone, Just thought I would throw my hat in on this. I had a weird dream last night that I feel is very indicative that I'm becoming aware of my own body, just wanted to get your thoughts on it. So last night I had a dream where I was playing with a severed head of myself. I was making my own mouth move and I was opening my own eyes to see all sorts of expressions I could make with my own head. I wasn't even sure if it was me playing with my head or someone else because obviously I couldn't see myself, I was just there, but I remember having hands. That's about it, any thoughts would be appreciated!
  9. Yeah that's a really great point actually. I think it helps when you look at it from the wholistic perspective and just appreciate how beautiful it all is, it's like a never ending pattern where you've got multiple elements that are coming together to form the whole. In some sense I have been a little obsessive with this but I think it's more excitement than obsession and at the end of the day most people are just not ready for awakening anyway, which is totally fine. In some ways I kinda miss having someone around to have those conversations with but in other ways I totally agree it can become too much and sometimes you just got to have patience with it and appreciate everyone as they are like you said.
  10. Usually I wouldn't say that one video really changed me but I wholeheartedly believe that Leo's "Outrageous Experiments in Consciousness" has forever been deeply ingrained in my sub-conscious, it's the one he did after his 30 day retreat.
  11. Wow, I just got here and I'm super glad I'm not the only one. My recommendation would be this. Find a schedule, possibly one online, but really vet through all of the ones you find because there is a lot of crap out there. Currently, I'm attempting the 30 day live like a monk challenge for the month of October. It has REALLY helped me pick my motivation back up and I'm beginning to feel real change in my spirit.
  12. Hey Everyone, I couldn't find a better place to put this so I decided to throw this out here. I just wanted to give my honest thoughts and feelings as to my journey of awakening through college, as well as some struggles in the hope of finding some like minds who could possibly help me out and maybe share their stories too. I'm in my second year of college now and I'm getting deep into the awakening process, ever since I got the time to do spirituality (because of you know what) I've really pursued it. The problem is that my transition back into college has been difficult, I'm finding it way harder to make friends and I'm beginning to feel even more isolated than I did when we first went into quarantine. Nonetheless, I kept pursuing spiritual awakening, and I know that Leo says that this is the path of the awakened minds, it is a lonely one, but I also feel like it's important for me to get some feedback on this. So what do you guys think, is it possible for me to find like minds in college? I really do believe that there are other's pursuing a very similar path that I'm on and it would help if I got some guidance from them. I remember I had a mentor early on but he left, so I've been on my own for a while now. Has anyone had a similar experience where they've gone deep down the rabbit hole but you feel like you're missing the world outside? It makes it even more difficult that colleges are purpose built to prepare you for That's just where I'm at, any thoughts would be appreciated!