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  1. I listened to it, don’t think i got much out of it. What was your favourite part about it?
  2. Also happened to me once took it thrice third time cooked it with lemon instead of vinegar. after one hour of drininkg it still nothing really, usually only takes 20 mins. Then at some point i woke up laying on the floor, drooling. Feeling like some kind of reptile, snake animal. don’t think i got anything out of this strange trip really.
  3. I was listening to a stream of this youtuber tiktok kid for the first time. Don’t know much about him just that he’s problematic very animated and starts beef with all these local rappers and calls them out. Similar to what Tekashi 69 was doing. Just self destructive, destructive in general, very animated but also a bit entertaining. Someone asked the kid why are you doing this? Why are you starting beef with all these rappers and even dangerous people like rockergangs. The tiktok kid said « because i am a man who loves death more than life » i found that interesting. It sounded a bit silly from this kid he has a lisp and all. Also he’s muslim so he probably comes from the frame of 13 virgins yadda yadda which imo is wrong and silly. But if you come from a frame of « oneness » this sentence could be interesting. It’s also silly, why would you love death more than life? I don’t even know what death is and if it’s real. But i am scared of many things (well my body is) mostly social things i sometimes like to think i’m not really scared of death, but when there are turbulences on a plane i tense up and feel the adrenaline. but if you go through life with this frame of « i love death more than life » or « i love death as much as life » then how could you really be scared of anything?
  4. Wether you get cancer or win the lottery both seems equally perfect for god
  5. think it would be interesting. Also maybe there could be some kind of transmission. i’m in Europe usually Also i wish i could visit a satsang, similar as what ram dass etc used to do.
  6. ~recently listening to some affirmations~ The voice, tempo and background music is important
  7. Would you rather? Would you rather be good or free? Would you rather be cool or free? Would you rather be loved or free? Would you rather be beautiful or free? Would you rather be respected or free? Would you rather be right or free? Would you rather be the victim or be free? Would you rather cling to a story or be free?
  8. Beans are really bad for my (sensitive) stomach
  9. He used to take psychedelics and drugs. Infinite is a very old song from before he was famous though
  10. I’ve had covid 3 times and i’m not worse than before i’ve had brain fog on and off before covid. I don’t want to jinx it though. All the best.
  11. So you would never go to a doctor because you’re imagining doctors and the real world? this conversation is wht made me think of it
  12. I thought prayer was more about a dialogue with or asking « god » for something like « dear god pls relieve little jimmy of his oxy addiction » « dear lovely god pls help me let go of the ego/these blockages » « dear god pls help the children in ukraine »
  13. Nice it’s really hard to let that stuff go though, i’m trying everyday and still have tons of shame and « energetic constraints »
  14. I get paranoid, anxious, uncomforable
  15. So it‘s really hard with food sensitivities what‘s real, what‘s nocebo etc etc but saw this video today and it makes a lot of sense. She claims eggs for example feed the pathogens in the body which causes things like brain fog. Thoughts?
  16. Happened again two days go, ate some eggs because it was the only breakfast. Got inflammation and fatigue symptoms a while later. Maybe it‘s just egg sensitivity. „Typical symptoms of a food intolerance include: IBS bloating stomach ache severe headaches migraines eczema acne itchiness rashes a lack of energy “brain fog” lethargy persistent aching swelling of the joints depression anxiety Respiratory complaints“ https://www.yorktest.com/us/intolerance/egg/
  17. I personally really don’t like the “shakey cam” and found footage style.
  18. The story was good but personally i didn‘t like the way it was shot, camera etc
  19. I’m not a Christian though can i also go to a hindu temple or satanic temple?
  20. To socialise, meet new people etc i try sometimes (for exmple tonight) but it‘s really hard if i don‘t feel social to trying to be social. Or trying to get into another mood. Sometimes it works but usually not.
  21. theres also barely a story my fav is maybe terminator 2, nice action and nice story
  22. Yea john wick is quite boring and silly imo just kiling loads of people in a stylish fashion, barely a story
  23. We need a new religion to hold humanity together PurpleTree-ism
  24. Do you eat eggs almost everyday? They make me feel worse i think