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  1. Thanks for the responses. Over the past months I've gotten some relief through, and feel like things are progressing. Reading Dr. Ruscio's book has been helpful. I do have another question.. while the elemental diet appears to be an effective later stage resort, if one were to omit the elemental diet and just do a 14-21 day water fast would that be even more effective? Does a water only fast create a re-balancing and healing within the gut microbiome?
  2. Maybe stool transplantation... but not yet.
  3. Hey Michael, thanks for the thoughtful response. I haven't seen a gastroenterologist, this is a clear lapse in my judgement and I appreciate the suggestion. If I'm understand you correctly, you are saying a GI-MAP Stool Test falls under the functional medicine category and is not as accurate or specific. Where as something like an endoscopy or colonoscopy IS more accurate and specific. As for the SIBO, in trying to save myself money I did not get a breathe test done. I did a 6 week treatment with Oregano, Neem, and Goldenseal. I experienced symptoms of a die off around 18 days into the protocol, and got some relief, but nothing substantial. To clarify your message, are you suggesting I get in contact with a gastroenterologist and work with them prior to having a GI-MAP Stool test done?
  4. Hi there =) Due to struggles finding results with my gut health, I'm reaching out for some direction. After just completing a round of antimicrobial herbs in an attempt to treat a Hydrogen dominant SIBO, I've found myself experiencing some excruciating pain. The gut pain I've been struggling with during the past 4-5 days have at times left me completely debilitated(laying in bed in a cold dark room attempting to breathe/rest/sleep through it). I've been dealing with chronic gut issues for the past decade roughly, with ups and downs through the journey. Over the decade I've learned quite a lot about health, the gut microbiome, and my own body/mind. I understand this human system is far more connected than I'm able to wrap my head around, and do my best to implement a holistic approach to my life and health. Despite the many angles I attempt to come at these chronic gut issues from, sustained health has not been found. I feel as though my next step is to take a Stool Test, as treating this gut through herbs, elimination diets, exercise, sleep, and a healthy environment hasn't been enough. Does a Stool Test seem like the next reasonable step to be taking? I'm also open to and would like to hear any other suggestions, Thanks
  5. Curious to hear from some of you enlightened beings as to what you deem to be the top attributes/qualities to reach enlightenment. While I'm not levitating yet, there has been healing, growth, and clarity in thanks to the list below. (ranked in order) 1) Awareness (Contemplation, Introspection) 2) Open Mindedness 3) Discipline
  6. Hey Gang, In simplifying my environment and actions, a state of peace has arisen. This ease of movement has replaced a previously chaotic and depressive existence. Healthy relationships, meditation, breathwork, exercise, and nutrition have all been crucial in this development, but understanding the importance of these could not have been reached without the aid of psychedelics. Integrating the insights from psilocybin journeys have provided me with sustained health. As I'm sure many of you have also felt, this health, and sense of clarity is something I would like to share with others. Over the past month I've built up a small group of people with whom to discuss non-dual philosophy, and health with. I've really enjoyed discussing these topics with people of the internet, and find sharing to be one of the greatest means of solidifying lessons learnt. What keeps popping up is the notion of turning these conversations into work, Work in the form of a Psychedelic Integrative Life Coach. Thus I reach out to anyone in this field, who could offer some advice as to how a psychonaut can turn their passion into work, and gain some traction in the field of Psychedelic Integrative Therapy. Cheers
  7. At the end of my breathwork I frequently end up in an altered state which is very peaceful, and occasionally blissful. This happens during my last breathe hold of Bellow's Breathe, where at it's peak i'm taken to a state that consists of: 1) No thoughts 2) Euphoric energy flowing through my whole body 3) Sensations of immense strength and balance. I am able to reach this state easier if I've smoked weed, and even easier if i'm on a small dose of mushrooms. Why do these substances make getting to this place easier? Also does this state of consciousness have a name? I'd like to find out more about this state and continue to develop skills which allow me to get there on a consistent basis. Thanks
  8. Hello, I'm new to the forums here and looking for some course recommendations. Specifically I'm looking for a course that studies the root cause of trauma and addiction, and also has a component of how to walk someone through the integration process of a psychedelic experience. The desired result being that I would be equipped with the tools to assist someone who has gone through a psychedelic experience and is requesting guidance on how to incorporate the newfound knowledge into their lives. For nearly half my life I lived in a depressed state. About 2 years ago I was able to acknowledge my lack of responsibility, and began to take action that aligned with my values. Many of the insights I've gained over the past 2 years have been the result of moments spent alone in stillness with Psyilocybin mushrooms. I've found much healing through the aid of both cannabis and psyilocybin, and would like to develop the skillset to share this process of plant medicine healing with others. The traditional health model of my country let me down, and many others are feeling the same way. Has anyone taken a course like such, and is now working as a Psychedelic medicine integrative guide? There appear to be numerous courses available online, and i'd like to speak with someone who has a more direct experience with this. Thanks =)