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  1. Love this. Nice perspective.. but to be fair, in order to get to Echart Tollie or sadhguru conciousness you probably would not go about all these love relationship bullshit, and it wouldn't be the same cause no one needs anything from anyone. What I meant by society is more, it's not someone's fault ( or we are the victims). The fact is however that ass long as we are driven to survive and as long if we are in these loop, we will always have biases. Love is ego, and when the ego is transcended we experience Love with a CAPITAL L aka infinite LOVE.
  2. The only difference is that men can whine about it? common, that´s not to put it in a higher perspective. That´s downplaying the struggle that guys face. I can tell that you still think it´s impossible that a guy can have it harder or even as hard as a woman and I get it, its fine. That´s why we need more empathy in the world, for everyone - cause everyone struggles and feels like victims sometimes. We all feel hurt, and I understand your pain regarding this issue - that you´re angry and that feel like you're a victim of men´s selfish and unconscious behavior. I encourage you to do the same if you haven´t already and try to deepen your understanding for the guys that struggle with stuff on the other side of the coin as well - cause a lot of guys to feel deeply misunderstood regarding the problems that they face, just like you. It´s not your responsibility, Men are not victims of this at all, but I think that love and empathy towards men´s struggles in this case ( and of course in woman's case as well) won´t be bad for anyone. Deeper understanding and higher picture thinking is the foundation for a solution, for all the problems we face in society, including this one. So now as an exercise , vizualise about being a low value guy yourself, put yourself in the shoes of a shy, insecerue INCEL who never have had sex in his entire life. Think of yourself being rejected by a girl because youré not confident enough. Can you do it? Can you see it? have you done it? GOOD. THIS is the reality for a lot, and I mean a lot of guys. The only question is, can girls see it? IDK, I'm still researching it, lmao. p.s Íts not a competition about who has got it worse, we all suffer from our own " biggest problems". What we all should strive to, is to be able to take on more perspectives, to understand all struggles better, (:
  3. well, its not mainly that. girls like confident guys and its fine. it´s not the societys fault. males do the chasing and females are the selective ones. Its a mammal thing apparently. its true though, that girls are to busy to care about themselves, I mean after all - they need to find a high quality mate. It´s nature, its biologi -- It´s PSYCHOLOGY. Not bad nor good - just a feature of the design we call life and survival.
  4. I read your post about pick up earlier today. I understand that you feel misunderstood by a lot of guys, that you feel frustrated, and that you can´t find a high-quality guy who doesn´t leave you or whatever, Its a real struggle.. I get it, its hard af. I have seen a lot of my female friends suffer. Many of them feel misunderstood, used, and manipulated for sex. I encourage you to read my reply, to the answer. Yeah, a lot of girls struggle and I am not saying you or anyone aren´t, but its a different kind of struggle. almost the opposite problem actually, The question is, however, do you see that opposite problem that guys struggle with? Is it possible for a woman to see it? And if not, why is that? (; I'm not saying its bad or that you should. I am simply interested if you and other girls can, cause if not - that's interesting af ((;
  5. Exactly! But why is it so? Like wtf, I for sure know what I like lmao. Girls are more EMOTIONAL and guys are VISUAL... but if that's the case wouldn't girls be able to understand us better than we can understand them? From my experience it is the opposite. Never ask a girl about guy problems and definitely don't ask them about how to attract a girl. They don't have a clue.
  6. Not sure what you mean. I explained some principals for attracting females to my female friends for fun - not to attract them. I told them the mechanics of attraction and that girls are more selective than guys and that guys who is not considered valuable by girls- wont be getting pussy. No, not necicerly. What are guys attracted to? ( simplified af version) Hot girls. Boobs, a pretty face and a big but. What are girls attracted to? Personality, confidence, authenticity, humor ect I totally get it. It's super hard for girls aswell and they have different problems... Sexual harassment, players who leave them after they have built the emotional bond trough sex, being judged solely on your looks ect. The question is not that, the question is - why does it seem that girls struggle to see that there are real men out there who is struggling. A lot of girls would rather be a man, without realizing the consequences of being a man. They see the pros, not the cons. And yeah, it's true - being a man has a lot of benefits, but that's true for being a woman aswell. Girls doesn't have to submit to a guy who shows attention to her too, she can hit a highquality guy up on IG , I mean its 2020 right... and quess what, I think he would reply ?? ((; The question is however.. who is that guy? It's not the lonely incel guy that I can tell. Lmao. Who got most choices really? You see what I mean? Male 100%. I like the chase and I love girls. I wonder what a lot of frustrated woman would choose though. A lot of them surely sometimes whish they would be a guy. ( Listen to the song - " if I was a boy") It tells exactly this beautifully if you listen to the lyrics Again it's fine this is the case. I am just eager to understand Whyyy. Because it's fun and facinating!?
  7. Yeah bro; for sure! It's a we versus them dynamic that creates. The thing is however that most girls doesn't seem to be able to do this for some reason and I simply wonder why. I understand, that woman have it super super fucking hard whensome player firat leaves them or someone just uses them for sex. I get it ( atleast logicially) but from my experience girls can't do this as well as men can understand girls problems. I encourge you to try look for it yourself and draw your own conclusions. Maybe I am wrong but I think a lot of guys have the same experience. Again, I am not saying it is wrong, weird or even that it shouldn't be like that. I just find it super facinting that they struggle to see the struggles that a lot, and I mean a lot, of guys struggle with. (:
  8. My intuition is telling me; porn and masturbation creates more suffering and is not something that goes well, with spirituality. This, because it sets us in a low state of consciousness. However... we often talk about balance in personal development, and a lot of people say that you could and sometimes would benefit do it in moderation. This mindset was the reason that I myself relapsed - I thought I could do it, just moderately... without porn. But Guess what, the map is not the territory. If I do it once - it opens up the door to do it twice, and to do it with porn. Self deception baby.. My question is therefor, is it better to just stop doing it all together or find a way to strongly strongly limit it? Is moderate masturbation something that one should strive for or completly avoid if you seek truth and higher conciousness? @Leo Gura
  9. Hey, what's up everyone! I was wondering if any of you guys have some recommendations for some high quality online recorses for daiting, sexuality and female attraction that you have used and or can reccomend. ( including high quality YouTube channels about daiting/ sexuality, courses, workshops ect) I already have Leo's book list and I will start to read the books about relationships, really soon. That said, I also want to find more high quality material that can supplement the books that I am going to read. I want to tackle this via a holistic approach - and really master daiting and female attraction once it for all. I would love your suggestions and thoughts on this -thanks for your help! P.s If you know some great books, reccomend them aswell. Give me all you got ((; @Leo Gura
  10. Lmao psychadelic porn. Now I understand what Leo means by high quality porn hahahah
  11. Why the facepalm Leo? It would be much better to explain where I'm wrong so that me and all the other people can learn and grow from my inaccuracies (: Maybe self deception is the wrong word, but in a sense it's kinda true. Your subconcious mind litterly thinks you're getting laid - when you're not. Can porn be of higher conciousness? I struggle to see it ( maybe beause I am decived + confirmation bias, idk.. If so, do you have examples/ any recommendations where I could find it high conciousness porn ((; lmao All love
  12. I really don't think so, but maybe! Porn is always low conciosness. You're tricking yourself that you have sex. Self deception...
  13. This is a super classic problem. There is not something wrong with you - you're just seeking pleasure and comfort, because that's what the ego likes to do. That's also where the resistance comes from - you feel like you HAVE to do X, instead of wanting to do X. You need to find a balance where you work on your goals consistantly, while at the same time not burning yourself out. This means that you need to find and be strategic with planning and executing, and do more research into your problem - cause the problem is deep. You're probably really hard on yourself for not following through on your goals, contemplate why that is, and try self compassion aswell. If you have a lot of freedom, you risk suffering from your freedom. Find a way to set up some daylie goals/ habits that's worth your time - now that you have to opportunity. Don't be a perfectionist though - you will slack of, but make a plan that you can stick too and stick to it. ( + investigate this subject for yourself more - this is self deception in eccense, aka your ego's preferences. You need to know more about the enemy, aslo known as yourself)
  14. I have a strong insecure ego ( if I look at myself objectively) and I really crave a girlfriend. I feel a lot of inner stress for my future, and I am as of today more aware than ever of how neurotic I am. I am so broken, ( but broken in the sense that I see my own ego and the stories it creates) I know that the only thing that is going to fullfill me is to learn to live in the present moment and become more concious. I know that because I meditate 40 min every single day and I am super interested in spirituality... but I am still soooo neurotic, anxious and terrified in so many ways. I want to become peaceful... I want to become blissful and fulfilled... I deeply seek spiritual enlightenment and understanding .... But I am at the same time so scared that my ego wont be able to handle it - that I am not ready. I have so many attachments still... How does one know he or she is ready for let say hardcore krya yoga? Am I ready, and if no, what should I do instead? @Leo Gura P.s I'm 19 btw
  15. Wise Words. You understand what I mean though, my ego has so many attachments and is needy