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  1. You're thinking that its not a realization. Wanna trancend your suffering? Go on with your life, and apprieciate how good you have it. Stop entertaining your thoughts. You dont know how? Well thats just shows that your thinking "I" is not in control in any way. Sit in the emptiness, dont even think about it as "meditation". Your ego mind is to broken and traumatized to be of any use the good news is you're not it. This right here has reduced my suffering manifold. And also Truth can't be putted in langauge. The human minds biggest strenght is also its biggest weakness. Always talking, thinking, judging etc. with language. Biggest reason why you're stuck is because of thinking and biggest part of that thinking stems from langauge. Use language and thinking but don't let these tools of the mind get you stuck.
  2. Your intention all the way from your heart. My guess is you just want Love or more of it Some guidelines. You are not in control, so just clear your mind with what ever way you want. Meditation is probaly the best way. Relax and enter the trip.
  3. You forgetting one of the most important things. And that is that life is a break from infinite love. If you got the taste of the Love that we came out of, than you will just want to die and not care about life and all the horrible shit that goes with it. You are still looking at it biased there is no horrible shit about being a wage slave, slave etc. When you completly awaken. Another point is you would not apprieciate the Light without the darkness. Life is a game but the most serious game you can ever play. God is just waiting to give you the gift of Infinite Love, so this is the other reason for allowing all of the "bad" stuff to take in the relative plane. You can look at it from many perspectives but all perspectives eventually collapses and returns to Infinite Love.
  4. @Holykael There is no "me" and "God". Suffering is a wake up call. I understand you. Believe me I am suffering so much sometimes. Have gone through and still going trough a kundalini awakening. Right now I am in the train, and it feels like all of my body is being pierced by nails. I feel so hot inside, my head is tense. I am conscious now that my life is like a psychedelic trip. I see beauty everywhere. And I know that I am writing to myself now. But there are moments of peace, clarity and love. Sometimes I am conscious that I am the immortal Self. Pure Spirit. All I am saying is that you are feeding the ego. Your intention and truthfullness is the only thing that can get you out of the state you're in.
  5. @Holykael You need to stop your delusional understanding of what God, Truth and will is. For your knowlegde you are not the body-mind that is suffering. God is NOT a seperate tyranical being controlling and making your suffer. It is yourself. Now complete your journey or stay stuck in your own hellrealm. Wake up, suffering is Love. Fear is the obstacle. Death is an illussion. Nothing needs to be said anymore.
  6. @no_name It is always guiding you and communicating with you. Everything you see is literally God aka yourself. But at the end like Leo is saying its your free choice to decide to say yes or no. Go towards awakening or just continue sleepwalking in your life.
  7. @Edvardas Amazing post. Describes my journey and spiritual experiences perfectly both sober and due psychedelic/weed induced. Can't wait for the end of this journey. ❤?
  8. Lets begin. There are no limitation to consciousness. You are only saying that and have come to that conclusion because of your own lack of understanding of yourself as consciousness. Firstly it can be biased. How so? By being a man, woman, cat etc. Any finite manifistation/form of it by definition is gonna be biased, and let us not get to how survival of any different form makes consciousness biased. Yes in its pure formless absolute infinite state it is Love and unbiased. What does it mean to reject? It is to seperate and that in the Absolute Truth is an ILLUSSION. Unity, nonduality, oneness etc. Are not meaningless names. There is much more to explore in this biased topic alone. But I wanna keep it simple and be straight forward. There is a reason for why Leo is pointing at Omniscience and how everything is Infinite Love. What are these two words pointing at? And lastly there is no evil. You almost sound so afraid and sad of accepting everything as yourself. Let me spoil it for you thats the only reason why you came here, and why you're not in your Absolute Infinite state. Don't wanna keep digging on this point, but I have a lot more to say. Sorry but you're wrong it can create things beyond our wildest dreams, things that we as humans can't comprehend, that is Infinity for you. Like I said before, you came to these consclusions by your lack of consciousness. No thinking, logic, contemplating (without psychedelics), imagination capabilities, basically all things comming from the human mind can make you realize and understand what Consciousness is. The funny thing is that you came to the conclusions of the limitations by your own limited mind. We can't comprehend Infinity by our ego minds, you need to connect to it to fully understand and realize what it is and what it is capable of.
  9. @Oceanalley Lol I misunderstood your post. Dude open yourself up for the possibility that you're deluding yourself. This is not a healthy way of thinking. If you are so sure than write and see what happens. My guess is she is not even gonna responds.
  10. @Oceanalley Just say it as it is. No need to add something you don't feel.
  11. @Slizzer The ego is God being asleep. The ego is based on fear, seperation and lack. Time is not an absolute. Think about it, your question is like saying is the ego imagined outside of language. It is off course but its not about time and language because both are imaginary. I hope you get it.
  12. @Rob06 It's a good sign and means that you are opening up for the deeper dimensions of life. Personally its a stage that I went through first time when I was 17/18 years old, and later again when 22. So you will probaly go through it many times in different ways before you get a good intuition and understanding of what it is. Its a journey so don't react strongly to these phenomenas. But the best I can say is just observe it and don't react, you are not gonna die
  13. "I am so conscious that I can't die. It feels so good to be here. I am in peace and joy. It is an infinite ocean of freedom and love. I love God, I truly do. I can't die do you understand? I am everywhere so infinitely intelligent. There is truly no where to go or to do. I am so sorry for all the suffering, so truly sorry. But the Truth is you can't die and that is freedom and joy. It feels so good haha. May you awaken to Alien Infinity it is more than Love. It is indescribable, it's more than Love. That's why reality is so big. That's the only way possible. The sun, the moon, the planets and the stars in the cosmic scale and all the microscopic stuff in the smallest scale how is it all possible? Reality is too big to describe. It's more than Infinite. It is so much more. Alien Infinity is the only possibility. Its Infinite Intelligent that is why it is possible. I can't describe it to you. It's too much Intelligence. I am a dust how can I explain it to you? Reality is much more than a dream. It's a miracle I swear a big miracle. Only possible because of Infinite Love. Give thanks to Infinite Love, be grateful. It gave you your life, all of it. It's not an accident believe me it is not. There is something going up in reality that's so much bigger. This is more than a dream. Wake up silly humans there is no afterlife I am sorry. If you become this conscious then there is nothing left of the world. It's pure perfection. Even if a nuclear war started I will be truly happy. Because I am too conscious to die now." That is my recent awakening. I didn't become fully conscious of Alien Infinity, but I realized that it is the only possible explanation of life and all of reality. And this is actually not my first time awakening to this. I got glimpses before Leo posted about it. I don't know about you, but I have never felt so much joy and peace as my awakening to this. I want to understand this. Its utterly amazing, and words can't describe.
  14. No worries my friend. I don't care about their criticism. Just wanna share my experience to help everyone on the possibility of this truth. And you're welcome
  15. I am not in control of what my awakenings gonna be like. And I am sure what Leo is mentioning is much deeper and profund. The reason of my post was to open others to the idea that this is a possibility.
  16. You don't know how much Love is waiting for you, keep going
  17. Let me try to describe what I mean instead of using the word "Alien". My consciousness went so deep, that I had no more fear. I was in pure Love. But as I mentioned before, it was deeper than Love. Reality was seen to be a miracle and not a given. No explanation from a human even myself was to justify it, it is too big to describe. The word "Alien" for me came, when I realized that Infinity goes in all directions and dimensions, it is a bit hard to explain but my consciousness also felt Universal and cosmic and I just realized how deep this Infinite Intelligence goes, it is operating everywhere and I am It as are you.
  18. I got awake specially from "Alien". For me its still Infinite Love and Infinite Intelligence, but its so much deeper that the only possibility of explanation of reality is Alien Infinity. I don't know what Leo's mean by that, other than God being a Alien Hypermind etc. But what I mean is that it goes deeper than what I thought it was, and what I mean exactly with the word "Alien" is that my consciousness went super high, to a cosmic and universal level. As I said I had glimpses before Leo even mentioned the word Alien. I had states of God Consciousness where the exact word Alien came to me, to describe the nature of who I am. So don't be a smart ass
  19. All of what you wrote is imaginary. It's filled with dualistic thinking and it got a religious overtone. Evil is not what you think it is. The duality of love/good and evil its purely illusory, evil does not exist at the highest level. Everything is already God, Gods will and Absolute Perfection. Now its our job to realize that Tune your self towards God and be filled with Love and Beauty. Awaken! Or just keep dreaming your illusory dreams. Up to you. Peace out.
  20. Enlightement is still a dream and buddhism in its general form doesn't go all the way to God realization. What is God Realization - Its simple to realize you are God - Literally God - And everything is inside your Mind - You have been lost for eons in your own dreamfield - Now is the time to wake up? But you think "I wanna wake up and be in peace and bliss and never live in fear again". Are you sure? For sure there is a part of you that truly wants it, but also parts that will do everything in its power to withhold you from this truth. You know why? Because death will arise not as a concept but Actual death! Insanity - Infinity is total insanity - Fear, oh my all kinds of fears will arise - Fear in its natural and pure form will challenge you - so what are you truly after? You after the Truth never forget! It's Truth you seek, what your inner most Heart seek - Not money - Women - Men - Fame - Secriuty..... It's funny to me that Leo is bashing tradional awakening a lot and I see wisdom and guidance in that - You see he is leading you towards the Absolute and all powerful Truth - Which is, as you guessed Total Absolute Pure Infinite Consciousness - Real God Consciousness - Only if you want it - The gift is yours to take - But remember Reality goes full circle - So whether you think "Dude, I just want a normal and good self actualizing life filled with fun, love and you fill the blank". I am spoiling it for you - Thats not what will bring you joy beyond this world - Life is pointless in the Absolute - But you see it's not about points and meaning - Love is the end and beyond - Love in it self is the biggest meaning you can contribute to your life. Haven't you wondered why you are here? This particlur life - That Truth is yours to realize. Only when you grow tired of this circus that is egoic life will you see the deep urge in your heart to put all your eggs in this basket. I welcome you.
  21. @Holykael I hear you brother. I understand your pain, frustation and the meaninglessness of all of it. Many of the things you post about, think about are all things that have accompanied me in my journey and to a degree I am still facing. Its part of the journey towards Truth. The issue is and I know its difficult when in suffering and pain, is to remember not to feed the negative chatter. I am not saying to fight it but don't feed it. From my own insight to my own suffering and pain, it has come to my knowlegde that all of the pain is resistance to infinite love. You fear death, its fear that is your biggest problem in life from the highest perspective. From what I have come to know about you is you have had awakening from psychedelics etc. What you are going through is part of spiritual purification, but it is complicated there is no easy way out of this mess. Thats why your intention and trust in the Source is absolutely necessary. I can tell you to go to therapy and try to talk about your problems, it's also part of the spiritual journey. Or to meditate, do yoga. Find a teacher etc. All of it can be useful in any given point in your spirituel progress. But the number one thing is to be true to yourself. There are still possibilties, and if you want to feel good about yourself be serious don't endulge in this negative egoic chatter, don't feed it. And last thing from what I remember is that you wrote that you don't have acces to psychedelics anymore, well I can recommend weed its fairly more easy to get and can also be useful and refreshing especially after you have had awakening on psychedelics.
  22. "Lord of Love. I owe my heart to you. After everything you did for me I rejected you, I abandoned you. I couldn't see your Love for me. I owe you everything. You showed me nothing but Goodness. But I was blind. I closed my heart to you. And for that I am truly sorry. Forgive me for my ignorance. I can see now, that you want nothing but Goodness for me. I want to give you everything. My heart is yours. My life is yours. My will is yours, Oh God. Let me repay you. Let me do everything for you. I want to show nothing but appreciation for you. I want to show you nothing but my Love for you. Let our Hearts meet in union. Let us merge together again in perfect union. In yoga and in Love."
  23. @Twinstar Glad you liked it and you're welcome ? @Holykael As it should. Division is the begining of the circle again, so you can realize infinite love again in every possible way. Its magical and pure perfection. And no one is pretending but yourself, don't blame your own rejection of what and who you are on anybody else but yourself.