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  1. @Bujo Its aspects of yourself that you need to integrate. Fear is seperation. Love is union. Get lost in illussions or accept it all as yourself. What do you want chaos or peace?
  2. You are full of fear Holy Keal thats what your suffering is based on. You demonize God because of your fear of his Love. Realize it deeper and deeper until you fall out of the ego's spell.
  3. Its one of the most beautiful Truth that there could be. Off course it is this way. Thats what it means to be God. Oneness, Love, Infinity, Nothingness. Total Peace. But really apprieciate the design. You get to experience what it is like to be this seperated being. Look at the fucking world. Its big, grand, full of life, full of beauty. Sorrow and joy.
  4. Because of Infinite love. Because of getting the experience of getting and recieving love. From the One to Many. But the Truth is Absolute so no matter how lost in seperation and illussion God gets, its assured to wake up. Wake it self up. Thats what all of Life is about. If you become conscious enough you would know that all other people and everything is yourself. When the dream gets to demonic and consciousness to seperated from itself than the desire to wake up fully begins.
  5. @meninojiraya You probably have some deep trauma that you need to work on. You describing the devil hidden in the light is just your fear of infinite love. Fear is an illussion, there is nothing to fear or worry about. The Love and Peace you want is inside you. You need to open your mind and heart to that possible that all that "horrible" stuff that has happened to you are nothing but a total illussion. If you seek from your heart and you're being totally honest with yourself every moment as much as possible, than you can get to begin the journey towards total healing. But remember its not in your hands, so just flow as much as possible with life. Use your inner intelligence, heart and open your mind for possiblities.
  6. The body would not survive ind the end. Its a pointless way of thinking. Our consciousness is eternal. There is no death for the Seer. No souls, and no reincarnation. Sorry.
  7. Speaking from my own psychedelic trips, than there is indeed a difference between before the breaktroughs and after. In the first few trips there wasn't a big difference, but when you go deep and enter these higher states than it does affect your "baseline" state. All from energitic changes, physiological etc. But its not the same as when you took the substances.
  8. The problem is not overpopulation per say, but also the over consumerism we have especially in the West. What I learned in my university is that there is a heavily focus on applying a circular economic system and solving the energy crisis trough a more green approach. The only problem is that the transition goes slowly. The current economy is not serious enough before we stand in a big crisis.
  9. And so what? Its out of our hands, its useless to worry about it.
  10. @Keanu Awaken so much that you wouldn't post this. So much that you'll be laughing over what ever reason you wrote this. I am just taking a guess now, but you probaly wrote this to help yourself go deeper ?
  11. I have had some. One of them is my 5th trip with 30g of strong magic truffles. Holy shit, my trip started very good. Did it in late afternoon where I looked outside and just was shown the magic, beauty and wonder. After 30 min it began. I got so conscious that I panicked, I didn't even think I was going to die, but just to be stuck in a state of confusion and paranoria. I took 2 baths, and I was still totally stressed out lmfao. When I went to the bathroom I forget earlier how I got there. My imagination got blurred and I thought or believed that I maybe went trough my walls! Yes like I went trough my walls, but it was a state of total confusion and paranoria so I probably did not do it. I off course I didnt know my trip would be such a mindfuck, so on the comedown my friend came by, not a good place to be after such intens trip lol. And I asked him if its just all an illussion ? He found out that I took mushrooms, and said that I shouldnt touch drugs and this is what happens. After that we basically just had a good conversation which calmed me down. What a good day, miss my earliest psychedelics trips ?
  12. Indeed. All of my experiences of life support what I already knew deep down. Its all a game of pretense and manipulation. There is no unconditional love between any body. And its all good, its part of how this game was designed. But while at the ego level, infinite love seems like pure inperfection, unfairness, "evil" and just a disguting game. The irony is that it is your own ego which puts a veil over the Truth. There is no other way this could be possible if you were not God.
  13. You can't even see her face properly ?
  14. Scored 4/40. Seriously its a good test. But there is some nuance that is lacking in the test. The choice between the statements was either full blown narcisstic or a somewhat humble one.
  15. Today I reflected that all my suffering I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world. Suffering is a two way street it can build your character and infuse you with enorms wisdom and compassion, or it can lead to total destruction. The only difference is are you conscious of where that suffering leads you? Or do you just wanna engage in illussion, projections and being a hopeless ego? There is something behind all the suffering, all the pain.
  16. There is nothing to do other than reach as high level as possible while being a human. Remember any kind of dissatification and suffering is always comming from the ego and from the feeling of lack. Life is about finding your way back to Love. So if you see it from the highest level, it is not so bad.
  17. Consciousness is everything you see, taste, hear, touch etc. You are Consciousness means that you are Mind before projecting yourself in the body-mind of the being you currently are experiences life through. Nothing is pointing at the formless nature of the substance of Reality which is Consciousness. Physical objects ARE Conciousness. What is Consciousness itself? Love, Infinity. Everything you see in your visual field is Love if you become conscious of it, but thats a whole other matter.
  18. To much mindstuff, its fine to discuss spiritual topics. But as long you think there is a "you" experiencing this stuff than you are asleep. God is right infront of you in this present moment.
  19. It is indeed part of the game of life. Nothing wrong it with, and it is basically a survival mechanism of the mind. But it doesn't make it true. Because survival is a game you cannot win.
  20. You assume that there is a world and that you are a being in that world. There is a object world that is independent of you and your experience, that is fundamentally the metaphysics of matrialistic science today. The brain generates conciousness that means your subjective experience is caused by a matrialistic process. But what is a subjective experience than? Science regonizes that you as a person has feelings, thoughts, ideas, interpretations so basically your mind exist and it is caused by brain, which we clearified is an objetive process. But how can a objective process cause a subjective experience? Directly that means that your brain is recieving data from your environment later giving you the experience of what is happening in your field of experience. But where is the disctintion between whats truly happening and a hallucination you can have. Both are generated by your own brain? How can the brain give you an experience that is "incorrect". Does it mean that the brain is already hallucinating all of your experiences according to science? Because it is the brain that is the generator of consciousness according to matrialism. What is real than? See I can go on, but to deconstruct ALL beliefs, assumptions and perspectives is what true spirituality is about. Only you can do the work, there isn't anyone that can convince you of anything, because that would only mean that you change your perspective/belief to another one. Drop this game and investigate.
  21. Doesn't always work. It depends on your ego structure. Some are just filled up with to much emotional bagage that selfless action won't cut trough the all the negative energy. The best way is to awaken as much as possible in ones life, when one reaches though a certain point one is more effective in being selfless.
  22. All suffering is illussory. With that said I emphasize with you. But in Truth we are the cause of our own suffering. You need to understand yourself on a personal level. When you become conscious of yourself totally you have the key. The mind is not built for self trancendence you have to understand that. There isn't a "you" that gets to decide wether you trancend or not. Life is playing out if you identify with the "you" inside your mind than you get lost in delusion. The harder your thoughts and emotions bother you the more urgent it is to let go. Awakening is total peace and love. Where can you find it? In the vast emptiness that is Life itself. With that said take care of yourself, your body and life. But just realize it is just as it is. No worries, no useless and endless thinking. Just be as you truly are.