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  1. I feel so sorry about the people there. Watching videos about the situation there is so traumatic for me...
  2. I thing that i have, but i am not aware what is it.. I find myself depressed very often.
  3. Yes, we had great compatibility as friends.. Also our relationship covered the Secondary Fantasy as you described above.... Everything was perfect.. but i do not love her. WHY?
  4. I was with a girl for 11 months. I haven't been in a serious relationship before her. She is the most beautiful girl i have ever met, she is kind, nice, ambitious and young, she would be a perfect wife. She loved me very much, no girl ever loved me like that before. We had a great connection. Everything was perfect initially. Once our honeymoon phase passed something happend. I lost my feelings towards her without any reason. We broke up 5 months ago because i was very drepressed and sad in our relationship, and i no longer loved her, i didn't want to spend time with her and i started to resent her. She still loves me.... Why i don't love her? Why i don't have feelings towards her? Can you be with someone that you dont have fellings towards? I feel bad for not being able to be with her....
  5. Why i am so fucking afraid of being in relationship? I am fucking scared and have extreme anxiety it feels like i am in prison and dont have control over my future it drains my energy. That was the reason to broke up with my dream girlfriend 6 months ago who loved me like no one else before. The girl wasn't obsesive or anything like that she was supportive and understood my issue.... I realized since i am not able to be with my dream girlfriend i am doomed to be signle...
  6. Thats stupid.. you know why? Why Greta is anoyed at Tate? Is she close minded?
  7. Why this stupid kid bodyshames? So feminist are allowed to bodyshame you but you cannot bodyshame a feminist.
  8. Greata is the most anoying kid i've seen
  9. For one i have been studying computer science and learning to code with python because i am looking for career change. Since this ChatGPT arrived i am very concerned wheter its worth while the effort that i am putting into learning that matter. How do you thing AI will affect tech jobs? Which tech job will be least likely to be replaced by AI 1. Programming, 2. Software testing 3. Devops I have interest in theese 3 but i am a little bit discouraged right now.
  10. Almost every man masturbate.. I don't know where your obsservesion is commign from. Also, most of the serial killers that i have watched videos and documentaries about were addicted to porn and masturabtion.
  11. My question is why this guru is not working for himself if he is so good? And he is wasting his time for somebody else? Just a question i would ask myself
  12. @StarStruck what excatly program your are refering to? Could you please share?
  13. My brother is in depression and told me that he might suicide. What to do?
  14. You can join it then, i hope you are proud of yourself