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  1. Quick update. The girl texted me and she even offered to meet again. This world is so strange..
  2. Have you ever played hard to get after the first date, even though iyou are interested? Like slow and cold responding to text messages?
  3. How exactly you have figured out that he is a good guy?
  4. Not expet in that field but Just be carefull because there are lots of fake gurus outhere who are renting sports cars and present themselves as a sucessfull traders who are selling courses.
  5. Yep, this is why i wont text her again..
  6. Sometimes its very tempting to text her asking her how is she but i stop myself i say ok why would i do that, she has never done that, any relationship romantic or friendship has to be mutual thing...
  7. Hey guys, there is one girl, friend of mine(or atleast i thought so) which almost never iniate anything first. We started hang out with mutual friends (sometimes 1on1) since the begining of this year. We literaliy used to go out atleast once per week this whole year so we became prety close i guess. The issue is that this particular girl has barely ever initiating anything, almost never text first, almost never invite to go somewhere. Before one month she went abroad to study in university and i texted her once asking her what is going on and so on and so forth. So my question is wheter its worth it to try maintain some friendship with someone who dont reciprocate your level of investment, or i have to cut her completely, never text anymore, never contact her again? P.S I am not pursuing her in terms of trying to have some romantic relationship with her, i just like her because she is cool person.
  8. Oh i like that :D. That is to much of overgenarization that all women are caring and loyal, i dont believe Leo has said that. Yeah some of them are, some of them are not, some of them are caring and loving with you, some of them are not caring and loving with you. Thats is the same way to say that all men are caring and loving, but its that a true?
  9. As a person who has been suicidal for almost 10 years i can tell that the depression and suicidal thoughts will pass away, its very hard but be patient.
  10. Its always better to share your emotions and problems with someone rather than trying to ignore them... Even in the forum. If you want someone to talk with you can DM me