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  1. Hi guys, I have lots of very attractive women in my office, the issue is that i do not have direct contact with them. Also i have girls in my team but i am not attracted to them. The people in the office usually hang out team by team and do not talk very much to people ouside their department. I go in the office two times per week and every time i got back home feel that i am missing out. I would really like to start talking to people especially women outside my team but i dont know how to appoach the situation. It would be weird to go to the slot that some girl is sitting and tell her that i want to introduce myself. So any ideas how to start getting to know people outisde my team and introduscing myself or atleast chat with them?
  2. Isnt the whole point of cold approaching is the develope good comminication skills?
  3. Thanks. Do you think i can get out of that situation? Maybe being friendly and acting as thought nothing happened?
  4. Do you think i can get out of that situation Thank you Leo, Could you give an example for a converastion in the office lets say? I know i am too logical and i am trying to fix that but i am really strugling.
  5. Actually she is with private profile and did not acceprt me nor add me. There are lost of cute girls in my company, the problem is i dont have opportonity to work with people outside my team. So i guess i should be more outgoing with all the people in the office. The issue is that i do not know how to start a conversation if a get an opportunity.
  6. Yes i agree.. So you think the insta profil is not the issue here but maybe she is not that interested?
  7. I will be honest with you, the only interaction that i have had with her is say hi.. I know its wrong but i did it because i thought that she has very high interest..
  8. I have a female cowerker in my company from a different deparment so the only common thing that we share is our shared space office. I have noticed that she has some interest in me because everytime i pass by she is looking at me or when i sit close to her she is checking me often. The other day when i was in the office she was purposefully passing by my slot back and forth and stared at me until i say hi. I tried to add her on instagram but she didnt accept my request. My profile is not very good and i thing i messed up by adding her. What shoud i have done different? Or what i could possibly do to in the future.
  9. I am using the idea of death to cope with the suffering in life very often. Good insight.
  10. I have been pursing my carreer in as aa data analyst for 2 years. I will change my company soon for better salary. The problem is that i see lots of people talking about ai taking over tech jobs so i do not know if its worth it to pursue this carrer or change it while i have time. I am 30 years old already.
  11. @Leo GuraSo leo, do you still think that Black pill is a toxic ideology and you should stay away from it?
  12. I think man and women and people in general ascribe high value to good looking people and then justify the reason for liking them with some other things that are not the looks. But lets be honest we are all doing that even if we are not aware of it. The better looking you are the higher value in society you have. You can make friends easily, you can attract partners easily and you could get a job easely. It is as it is. I had e cowerker that was a true Chad. Like 200 cm Tall very handsome and muscular. And guess what? Everybody liked him even the men.
  13. In my country Bulgaria its very common beautiful girls to have average and below average boyfriends who are nor rich nor famous. ( i am collecting examples so if somebody want i would share pictures) So i am still strugling to understand how does that happen? In my opinion the best chance to pull a woman way out of your league is to know this girl in person like being a cowerker or having a chance to see her in person very often. I have no experience in cold approaching so idk about that.