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  1. I am usally very needy with girls, ive been trying to hide my needininess and it doesnt fucking works. I have issues with that and i havent figured out what exactly is behind this neediness in the first place..
  2. IOww man, that striked me really hard..
  3. You are born introvert you dont get introvert because of depression and also introvert doesnt nesecerely mean shy but lots of introvers are shy. There are lots of sucesufull people out there who are introvers so thats not exuces. Usually introvers are deep thinkers so dont underestimate them.
  4. Tell me more about that. I have OCD but thats a first time i am hearing that. What do you mean by that?
  5. What are your OCD sympthoms?
  6. When we are afraid to lose someone we go into scarcity mindset and start becoming very needy but hey i am not blaming you because if i were on your position i might be feeling the same. I think that everything boils down to scarcity and abundance..
  7. Start going to the gym and track your calories. There are lots of calories calculator in the internet, and you will have to set your goal which will be gaining weight or (bulking)
  8. Yeah thats right, i feel very needy with girls i like. Sometimes i might get jelous if my friends go out and nobody call me. But it feels exatcly like that validation feels very good and after a while you start craving more and more.
  9. I think alpha and beta are more likely about your behavior. I have physical appearance of an aplha and mindset of a beta. Yeah my external appearances might seem intimidating but i am emotionally weak.
  10. Girls have guys friends and yeah if she is cute they are probably into her but if she sees them as a friends there is no danger involved..
  11. I cant stop see her because because even if i dont want as i said our town is small and we have mutual friends. I dont beat myself up that i love her but that she doesnt love me(because i might be not handsome enough in her eyes and so on and so forth) When i start forgeting her either i see her or she react on my story in social medial. Yes i have this stupid hopes about her that one day smth might happen ...
  12. In know that attraction is survavival mechanism but i just cant imagine her running after guy in my eyes she doesnt have to run after anybody but i know that i am deluded.
  13. What would be the example of self love exercises, techniques etc.?
  14. Thank you for your comments, it really make me feel better. yeah its very unhealthy and destructive, it feels like her opinion about me its to only that matter to me..
  15. Ive been struggling to let go of a girl for 4 months. The thought that she doesnt like me or dont want to be around me its very painful i cannot stop blaming myself for that. I havent slept with this girl we just kissed once. I want to forger her or at leats stop looking at her in that way. I cannot forget her because i see her very often our town is not big and we have mutual friends aswell so its not possible to completely forget her. As i said the most painful thing is that she doesnt give a shit about me and she doesnt like me and i just cant stop thinking about her every fucking day... Of course nobody is obligated to like or to love you but i have never experiance so intense pain with a girl...