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  1. Here is a great playlist on the science of climate change by a former science journalist.
  2. Stage blue on gender: This culture has turned its back on Jesus. This is what we were warned about in 2 Timothy, where people are unholy and ungrateful in the end times. Where "men can be women" and "women can be men". God gave you a body that was perfectly designed for you and your soul. This generation is idolatary; it's created a religion from this gender theory - did you know that the founder of gender theory caused two brothers to commit suicide? - and they say it's about compassion, but really they just hate God. They only want to spite him. So sad, Jesus better be coming soon.
  3. @Reciprocality Perhaps I've misunderstood what you were saying, but I don't believe that acknowledging the interconnectedness between the goals is the same as saying they're all equal in importance. You can have a hierarchy and prioritise the goals whilst also realising that making progress on one goal can also have an impact on other goals.
  4. I think they're idealistic too, but not in the same way green is. Green is idealistic to an impractical extent. I think these goals are, to an extent at least, idealistic and yet self aware of the fact. Yeah definetely agree
  5. The interconnectedness between all the goals especially is what indicates this as yellow to me
  6. Totally agree, he's talked about how he was raised christian, so it seems he's made quite the transition, possibly from blue, definetely up to orange/green now, and I expect for sure he'll move up to yellow in the future. He has nuanced opinions about a lot of topics and is a really smart guy but I don't think that makes him yellow. He's still got lots of green outrage towards the factory farming industry to get out of his system before that happens.
  7. Thanks @Leo Gura Been watching your videos for around 4 years since I was 15 - back when I myself was heavily stage blue/Christian.
  8. Healthy vs toxic blue (or at least a guy acting toxic blue - he could be stage green in real life)
  9. An amazing story of a transition from stage orange to green.
  10. Stage yellow analysis of news & politics. At least in Australia, I haven't read the other countries editions. Written by academics and not ideologues, and non-profit. Allows for different perspectives and nuanced thoughts.
  11. These guys show a lot of stage yellow thinking
  12. To be honest, I would say I haven't entirely left stage blue, but it has been a few years since I stopped believing in Christianity. What sparked that was a combination of 'the Atheist Experience' and primarily Matt Dillahunty, and the YouTube channel Rationality Rules run by Steven Woodford. I think most people who have left religion can relate to the utter horror and existential crisis I faced at the time, and even the feelings of contempt for the people that were sparking these feelings within me.