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  1. Thanks @Leo Gura Been watching your videos for around 4 years since I was 15 - back when I myself was heavily stage blue/Christian.
  2. Healthy vs toxic blue (or at least a guy acting toxic blue - he could be stage green in real life)
  3. An amazing story of a transition from stage orange to green.
  4. Stage yellow analysis of news & politics. At least in Australia, I haven't read the other countries editions. Written by academics and not ideologues, and non-profit. Allows for different perspectives and nuanced thoughts.
  5. These guys show a lot of stage yellow thinking
  6. To be honest, I would say I haven't entirely left stage blue, but it has been a few years since I stopped believing in Christianity. What sparked that was a combination of 'the Atheist Experience' and primarily Matt Dillahunty, and the YouTube channel Rationality Rules run by Steven Woodford. I think most people who have left religion can relate to the utter horror and existential crisis I faced at the time, and even the feelings of contempt for the people that were sparking these feelings within me.