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  1. I have gone through stages for the last 5 years of watching leo intensly and then going and getting lost in life. Im 20 and i recently seperated with my partner. I have a real chance now to really hook in and do some serious work on myself and figure out what i want from life. This scares me. On one hand i have amazing friends, family and support, but on the other i crave truth. I am worried because, i am not sure if both of these go togethor. Thus i am afraid which is ovbiously my ego talking. In the past ive had some horrible panic attacks and existential moments and to recover to the point that im at now feels very good. so i guess im afraid that a pursuit of truth and time spent inside my own head will once again bring insanity, and paranoia towards the people that love me. I dont really know what i want to say, or what i want to do lol. I figured this would be a place where maybe i could have a chat with people with a little more life experience.