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  1. How our dreams are connected and interfere? If I stand with my neighbour in front of a tree - will I see the three living his life?
  2. I am aware of this, but the question I asked somehow bothers me for a while... Of course I'll try to find the answer in myself This is a very good hint, I need to study and feel it. Thank you guys
  3. Maybe my feedback won't be very helpful. But I want to say, that there are many people who work on themselves day after day, becoming a better version of themselves, getting closer to God - in large part due to your work. I really appreciate your delicacy and attentiveness in sharing your thoughts, encouraging to validate them. Talking about concrete indications and tips, without vague allegories. An Advanced Explanation Of God-Realization Guided Exercise For Realizing You Are God What Is Actuality? - Distinguish Direct Experience vs Concept These videos are mind-blowing... Presented in a safe, clear manner. Thank you for these and please more
  4. Exactly. This is my biggest mindfuck. Thank you for your explanation. I encourage others to share their opinion. @Leo Gura - can you write/say a little bit more about the topic? What are other bubbles? Are they?
  5. Blaming Leo for anything is quite ridiculous. Even suggesting that he should change something. I don't know many other people, whose work brings life back so much. Are you looking for someone else's fault? Why are you suggesting that there is any fault? Something has gone wrong? From whose point of view? SoonHei's or your? Adult man, his will, his freedom, his bubble... You don't know the reasons, and you'll never know. Accept it. Let others live their own life and choose. RIP SoonHei
  6. Maybe myself? Where is a border between others, between bubbles? Is there any border?
  7. Hi, I'm walking my path with Leo for few years, earlier mainly with Anthony de Mello. Recently I've had some important moments - using quite low doses of LSD or without. But one thing still bothers me. I've felt: - Universe as me, creating and feeling itself - continuously as strange loop - every realization about myself or universe, every thought - is building next layer of falsehood So far, I've been thinking about other peoples as bubbles with which the universe gets to know itself - others perspectives, thoughts, experiences. But now I know, that's not the entirely true. Moreover in the last video @Leo Gura said "(...) They don't realize that they're God and they don't realize that there's nobody to save, nobody to help" So, the question is: who are other people? What are other "bubbles"? I'm a God limiting myself to small bubble. Seeing and interacting with other bubbles - with myself. Am I only the one bubble? Other bubbles are imaginary? Or other bubbles are true? - from God's perspective, not bubble's. Or every possible answer - is another layer of falsehood?