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  1. I don't come with answers but I can definitely sympathize. A shared sorrow is half a sorrow, right? For me the change was very drastic. I came back from my travels around the world just before the pandemic started. Imagine taking an active and social guy who enjoyed being outdoors, meeting hundreds of new people on average per month, covering lots of distance a day AND one day seating him on a chair in front of the computer for a whole year to study through zoom. The effects were detrimental to me. My social interactions diminished almost to zero and instead of crossing countries I crossed my living room to get from the chair to the fridge. I felt I am closing myself off even when there wasn't a quarantine and even from my best friends. Like isolation was my new homeostasis. I know that this is not me. Give yourself some credit that you are passing through unusual times, it is temporary and that too shall pass (I saying this advice to myself as well). P.S I would say take out from your head this idea of introversion and extroversion. These are just tags. In reality, people are much more fluid and they move on the spectrum depending on the situation. Identifying with one of them will just make you stuck ( just like Charlotte advised you to not hung up on a term like 'social anxiety').
  2. Hey Leo, can you please make the "Guided Satisfaction Meditation" video clip (The link below) a downloadable audio file or upload it to Spotify? Would be helpful
  3. @Flowerfaeiry Thanks:)
  4. How do you make it a more present, pleasant, relaxing experience rather than "bringing there your problems with you" and having negative nostalgias? Basically, how to truly disconnect?
  5. Going soon on a 7 day retreat in nature in order to clean my head, exit repetitive thinking loops, disconnect, vent, regain energy and relax. Any suggestions for the retreat would be greatly appreciated (besides disconnecting from tech). Again, the purpose is not spiritual but rather to get some peace of mind and re-energize. The beautiful crossing from Chile to Argentina
  6. The world needs now, more than ever, coffee stands on top of mountain peaks or in a middle of a trek. Just imagine the long line of people waiting to take an energizing sip from your hot coffee on their way to the Everest, Mont Blanc or Kilimanjaro. Now imagine you'd open a worldwide chain of that.
  7. Wow you clearly analyzed the situation wayyy too much. Spiral dynamics? Self esteem? Really? So it's 185$ for one month and then for an additional one week you pay an extra 160$? What? Anyway, In my opinion, paying for more than one month from now (if that's a standard in your country) is not an act that comes from being kind or thoughtful but rather a people pleaser.
  8. Basically you've dug yourself a hole. On the flip side, it is a pretty small hole as it involves small amounts of money. It will serve you as a lesson for the next time you'll search for an apartment: 1. NEVER enter an apartment without a written contract that was agreed upon both sides. 2. Following the first point, don't just give people money in a form of "deposit" , without a clear written definition what is it going to be used for. 3. Before you enter an apartment with other people, especially those that you don't know, try to assess as best you can their lifestyle and personality - how clean the apartment is, peek at their private rooms and ask them questions. Regarding your current situation, without a written contract, nothing is really stopping you from leaving besides that deposit (and your respect towards the landlord). I didn't really understand the deal you have with your roommates but I am not really sure how it has anything to do with them anyway. It is between you and the landlord. Reach an agreement with him that will satisfy you both. It requires trial and error to recognize the difference between being an asshole and weak in a negotiation. It's hard to give you specific instructions regarding that. Worst case scenario, you will loose a bit now but you'll learn
  9. If you are tight with money, why would you consider violating your current contract and paying fines to the landlord? Move to a new place only after a one month notice (or whatever is written in the contract) - try to convince the new landlord to move later or find a different place.
  10. Just finished reading "The little Prince" by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and boy it touched me deeply. Coming from a dysfunctional family, I had a rough childhood which made me to mature fast. As a result, I feel disconnected from my inner child. How do you regain the ability to see the world in all its magical wonderment and the playful attitude to life that kids possess?
  11. @Nick_98 Thanks man. Edit as much as you like Essentially, the book teaches you how to be a strategist in life? Sounds very useful. Looks like I have some homework to do.
  12. @hyruga Thank you for the book recommendation, I will check it. As I mentioned in the first post, I did take the course. I didn't manage to finish it though. When it comes down to the practical part of the course, it offers guiding questions but it's up to you to generate the answers. The course won't just tell you what fits you and what doesn't. I wasn't able to answer a lot of questions past the value's section, therefore I had to take action to give me new feedback.
  13. @Snader Thank you Sadhguru with Iron Man's hands. That's a correct description of my situation. Very unclear at the moment. @Bob Seeker Do I really think it is within the area of engineering? No. But in order to overcome my indecisiveness regarding the topic I finally went with Picasso's quote - "To know what you are going to draw, you have to begin drawing" ;thus, I started my studies. My goal this year was to immerse myself in the projects that the uni offers and to expose myself to as much new people and ideas to broaden my scope. Covid had other plans this year and so the studies were done remotely... Given the current circumstances, I think it would be best that I stay in the uni, do this work next year and try to bring clarity to this issue as fast as possible. You know, another thing that frustrated me this year was that by talking to other students in my class, they didn't seem to be troubled at all by topics like: Is that truly their life purpose? How do they feel about the courses? At best, they have a general sense of direction. They kept it simple, executed like robots, passed the exams and moved on , whereas I felt like I was self sabotaging myself thinking about these things. Maybe I am just getting into specifics about my future life too soon?
  14. I am finishing now an unsuccessful first year in the studies of Mechanical Engineering and I'm feeling lost. Let me backup a little and explain to you why I started them in the first place. Firstly, Nature, contribution and creativity were in the list of values I formed in the Life Purpose Course. Secondly, I like the feeling of working with my hands and I possess a general technical sense. Bearing that in mind I went to these studies with the idea of contributing to the environment through engineering. However, when it came to the actual studies, I found them to be dull. I felt huge resistance whenever I sat down to study which manifested in procrastination and an immediate tiredness as soon as I did start to study. It's as if my body told me "nope, I'm not gonna allow you to study that". I don't have ADHD, it's just that math and physics courses don't excite me. I wouldn't feel peaceful if I'd leave the university now, because I feel I might miss that which is beyond theoretical studies. For example, I want to participate in an international project in the uni called "Engineers Without Borders" where they head to undeveloped countries and provide them with solutions to increase their current quality of life. That being said, even if I do participate in it, I would still need to take courses. What should I do then? Suck it up? Grind through or look for a different direction?
  15. @nistake Thank you. What do you mean by "shadow material"? Are you referring to emotional blockages or unhealed trauma? Isn't one of their qualities to purify you from such things?