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  1. Thanks @Natasha for dealing with this person.
  2. @Evil Raccoon I've reported you you little punk. You're probably about as smart as that racoon...
  3. Good video on stage yellow thinking, and openness to experience (which might be relevant to what you're dealing with.)
  4. @Evil Raccoon Stay the hell away from me and don't reply to me again, or I'll report you.
  5. @Evil Raccoon Why do you say that? I'll report you to Leo if you don't quit this idiotic behavior.
  6. Utterly Unbiased: Humans give meaning to everything. In this sense we collectively are God. Life is about the whole package. We are animals with all the impulses to dominate and take, yet we also create meaning and values. So yeah, the "benevolent ape". Or the protean monkey, which might be more apt. I like how "Paranoid Android" conveys modern life's angst. Not to be pedantric about the meaning of angst.... Basically I mean the dissatisfaction with existence, with the nature of life. God loves his children, yeah! I'm not some whiny teenager spewing these stuff from a cushy household, but someone who's poor af and has a bad life condition. Somehow these kinda make my life real, in spite of being literally hell. Kinda portrays the nature of life, doesn't it? Never black and white, always impartial, always unbiased. You're free to interpret everything as you like, really.
  7. It's natural, like the hatching of eggs, or changing of weather.
  8. The Affirmation of Life/Fictional Hero's Journey Implies The Highest Value on Earth/Love: To leave this house. Save money and go to Stockholm or Melbourne (??) What will my life be then? Acquire knowledge, stay fit and healthy, be beautiful. Enjoy life and have a relationship. Being young and beautiful is so invariably boring because it's such a hollow and empty thing. It's like having a vacation -- everybody can have it, and so it's too fucking drained of novelty. Decorating my house with a couple of stuff. Living alone -- or having an adventure, complete with people beside me like Hermione Granger, or Jesse Pinkman (?) The common idea with journeys is the path towards a goal, usually a noble one (so that we'll root for them, thus affirming human existence and therefore being called a hero.) Why? Because deep inside mentally normal humans are all capable of empathy, and therefore can love. That love then is bound to symbolize the "human spirit" if we're to believe fiction. So yeah... a worthy goal. Not money, not a Maslow Hierarchy of Needs thing, but an abstract, existential one. Like sharing an important branch of knowledge to the world (Carl Jung), or inventing next level things that elevate mankind (N Tesla), or baring your soul through art (Jackson Pollock/Sylvia Plath). Something like this. What is mine?
  9. With orange the authoritarianism is gone, at least in their visible ideology
  10. If it is people wouldnt bother so much about losing weight. Also, no preference for attractive people on advertisements and stuff. Just my 2 cents. Although I've also read that people prefer "manufactured, egalitarian beauty" as opposed to natural beauty. Probably a good example.
  11. Kanye seems to be turquoise (more so now than in this video, but this I think qualifies as well.)
  12. Some ideas: Food - coffee, beef, salads, grassfed dairy and fresh milk? Meditation - 1hr for confidence, self-esteem and inner calm (truly works!) Art decor - Starry Night (print), Pollock (print), Marilyn Monroe (pic print) Gadgets - Macbook pro, iPhone 12 mini (cancelled? Maybe just iPhone 12), Airpods, Instax mini 9, UE boom 2, Tin Audio T2, no kindle because physical books maybe better And something steam-punky, nerdy too (catering to my left brain analytical hermit side) Finding friends - online, also starting a YouTube channel where I discuss my interests and stuff Boyfriend - finding a hot boyfriend and doing erotic things with and to him Nice fashion - tbh people treat you well if you're attractive and confident (thems the rules I guess.) Grit - resilience, tenacity, and willingness to take risks, blah blah blah
  13. Aesthetics: Stockholm or Melbourne/ coffee? David Lynch, "Nudes" Andrei Tarkovksy's polaroids
  14. Freedom: Melbourne or Stockholm Having enough money to start vlogging. Creating a channel from scratch. Buying books and developing a panoramic viewpoint of the world. Also, cinema and television. Finding a partner and meeting people from online kinda thing. Having a social life. Why? To spend an intimate quality time with them. Doing research - intellectual most of all. Developing a rational way of life. At the same time, exploring the limits of the ego - through psychedelic drugs and reading ancient spiritual texts. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), having a supporting boyfriend. Developing resilience and studying culture, psychology, philosophy, etc etc. Painting and decorating my house. Buying good smelling self-care products. Food - beef, salads, and the food in either city.
  15. Perfect at spewing nonsense, probably.
  16. @Evil Raccoon most people don't walk that talk.
  17. Existentialism in 2021: A life without purpose isn't worth it. Perhaps that's just my all or nothing behavior. But who cares, right? We're not important. The nihilists are right. Three decades from now most of pop culture would have already been forgotten. So yeah, screw all the ego games. What do I really want? I want to be loved for who I am. But first I must... start with myself first. At the same time, finding a way to be able to live fully, not just survive. Which is accessed through meaning, of course. We love movies and art because of their meaning, not the stupid problems the characters face. Even accomplishments are defined by what they stand for. The ego will never make anyone happy. If life has to teach us anything, this would be it. Survival is fear... the will to life. The id. The unconscious. Meaning is art, knowledge. All the Platonic good things. Yup.
  18. Ayahuasca probably Or just some really emotional psychedelic. I've heard LSD is good for it.
  19. Because the world operates through chaos and change.
  20. I find nature to be ruthless, frankly. Like the biological drive for sex. The need for men to get laid, and the ensuing chaos that that creates. The have and the have-nots. Just like with everything else.
  21. Inside the Mind of the Human Animal: Socionics Basic study of cognition. Information Element Semantics (Cognitive linguistics is the field of research that studies the relationship between language and cognition./ from this link) LT's Descriptions of Cognitive Functions (I've read that she supposedly abandoned this work, but probably the best MBTI source I've seen to this day.) Instincts & Instinct stacking Studying some of the contents of the unconscious. The Spiritual Instincts - notes from a workshop (Definitive instincts data imo.) Instinct Variants by David Gray (Additional data, quite interesting too.) Instinct Stackings Scrapheap: Collection of Notes (Demystifying instinct through object relations.) Spiral Dynamics Human Nature Prepares for a Momentous Leap by Clare W. Graves (A new psychological theory holds that human beings exist at different ‘levels of existence.’ At any given level, an individual exhibits the behavior and values characteristic of people at that level; a person who is centralized at a lower level cannot even understand people who are at a higher level./ from the article) SD Table colored Models of development comparison chart (Graves, Maslow, etc.) Collective Narcissism Antisocial Personality Disorder On Empathy