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  1. @Thewritersunion Hope the great Truth unfolds before your eyes! Bye
  2. @preventingdiabetes It's really hard. It also alienates a lot of people, because culture itself is designed to make people NOT to self-actualize).
  3. I was gonna make a post for a journal of mine, but then it told me that I could only post 266.24 kb files? I wonder what's the reason for this? .. I find the journal room to be reaally helpful, but I think this kind of limitation hurts the content of the journal...
  4. @Thewritersunion Famed Stage Coral example
  5. @Leo Gura Congrats Leo! 🀎 πŸ’•πŸŽ‚πŸ’
  6. 1. Leave 2. Something like transcendental meditation
  7. @Leo Gura Leo where did this Stage Blue claptrap come from??
  9. @evgn Looks matter because of preference. Because humans are not trees. Which of course, makes a lot of sense and purpose even, if you think about it.
  10. @GroovyGuru How can you call yourself a 'guru' and talk/think like this? No offense. Also, if you don't mind me asking, do you have any favorite spiritual teachers?
  11. Anytime he laughs. And his jokes are legitimately funny too (my favorite is the feces one on the conscious politics episode lol I rewinded that a lot)
  12. ^How creative people think
  13. @Leo Gura If that doesn't get picked then I have another one; what's the key to having a childlike enthusiasm and wonder to life?
  14. @Leo Gura If you would give a short practical advice to literally anyone in the streets no matter who they are (as an identity), what would that be?
  15. @Thewritersunion Witty!
  16. Check out Leo's video "All criticism is untenable". Early on in that vid he mentioned how the mind likes to focus on other people in order to avoid doing inner work (which is meditation, or probably journaling I think). As for actual interactions, researching zen practice might be of help. Alan Watts is a good resource imo
  17. Lately I've been learning a lot and changing the way I see the world in pretty important ways. However I notice that some limiting beliefs still regularly fill my mind, even when I'm contemplating about deep metaphysical topics. I think its an ego trap. Any thoughts on dealing with this? Why I think its an ego trap: Constant mind chatter about "what would people think" coupled with thoughts of being afraid and helpless and even some thoughts making fun of "me", criticizing, etc.
  18. not bore him and not be bored myself. Also, how to pick the right guy in terms of standards?
  19. @Anderz Nice insights! This journal is quality stuff <3
  20. As consciously as one can? I find that I get highly stressed in these situations. Like when someone tries to anger me, make me their enemy, create drama and high tension environments. Have you ever encounteredwith these before? How did you deal with these kinds (I'm sure they're everywhere...) without losing one's... mind I suppose. (Guaranteed it can get that bad :/).
  21. @SirVladimir Overcome, yes that is the keyword haha! Thanks.
  22. @Farnaby Thanks. The body processing thing is interesting
  23. @BlackMaze Thanks, love the part of not knowing what the person has been through..
  24. I just realized I am currently at SD stage orange. I am 17 and transgender (if it matters). I relate to stage orange values like achievement, improving one’s own position in life, efficiency, progress, productivity, action, results, pragmatism, never-ending growth, self-improvement, skills, knowledge, confidence, optimism, charisma, entertainment & showmanship... (among others) I have been trying to study spirituality for a while. And some insights do arrive here and there, with varying levels of personal relevance. But in terms of the "mystical" love thing I couldn't access it nearly enough, well, sometimes I go outside in nature and see some beauty there... But for example, I find that I can't see beauty in negative situations. I find myself avoid a lot of them, and at worse, get chronically afraid of them. My plan in life is to move in a nice, convenient city where people are young and fashionable and smart and life is pretty secure, yet adventurous. I also tend to be pretty ambitious, altho I haven't consciously worked on any ambitions, save for some personal interests and talents. I am somewhat threatened by SD stage red, and have been for a long time, altho I just got conscious of this today and had to go through a sort of meditation thing where I just went through all my thoughts, which are fearful bits of carnage and violence and chaos, all of which sprang from some conversation that I had earlier this day. I felt (and am still) feeling some sense of peace in me. Rn its midnight and I am writing this with no music on... Any tips on what to do, like what possible steps to take? Any insights on my situation? Thanks .
  25. @Michal__ Yea, I'm aware that not everything can be viewed through sd. Thanks for the advice!