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  1. Read this post only if you don't want to see sickening and heavy stuff. You have been warned. If you have a bad time remember that life can become crazily more painful. Even relatively common human sufferings are good times compared to the realms of suffering that lurk in life's creative potential. Just how can one be cool with fates like below? Is the living through of these fates unavoidable for God?
  2. I was thinking about that too. Pain is terrifying.
  3. Normally not, only if I concentrate on the above paradigm.
  4. It's Idealism. Things do not exist if they are not present right now.
  5. After some time, I went to a techno party again. At first I wanted to enjoy the party sober, but took a little bit of amphetamine with me just in case it fitted the situation. The drive for pleasure took over and I consumed it after dancing and socializing for some time. It did really feel good to express myself enjoying the music and atmosphere and interact with the people around me. The thing is, I would never be able to dance this inhibited without drugs. I tried it multiple times. Stimulants especially speed and MDMA are such great keys for feeling alright and well in ones skin. I dislike that they are toxic to the brain and the comedown is unpleasent. I dislike that they subtract from my bodily and mental capabilities. But dancing is such a great way for me to get more comfortable with my body, developing confidence and mingle with the opposite sex. All of which I am heavily deficient in. I would like to get to such a state in a healthier way. Does anyone here enjoy dancing and is proficient in expressing oneself in a satisfying way without drugs. And what are ways to get there.
  6. @Yimpa But your ability to translate your passion into bodily movement is something you can improve. It is like learning a language, and with time it becomes more effortless and playful.
  7. @Yimpa Yeah, but anyways that was not my question
  8. Now take the paradigm into account, that everything is created spontaneously, including your memories.
  9. Funnily enough, I am going to participate in one in two weeks
  10. @Miguel1 Nice skills you have. Do you go out dancing too, or is it more of a personal thing for you?
  11. This summer I have gone about transcribing episodes into text, so I can print and read them. My main motivation was to turn them into a form that survives power black-outs or potential crisis resulting in the collapse of the internet Yeah, that sounds very unlikely, but I really value Leo's talks, so I want to preserve them in that manner. For this purpose I want to transcribe only the most profound episodes. Now I want to share them with my fellow actualizers The texts are great if you really want to get the information in or you learn better by reading stuff. Anyhow I used a program that did a good job transcribing. I edited the introduction and ending of the episode, as well as filler words and slips out. If you want to read the original transcripts as produced by the program, I add them here as well. But these are full of errors by the program that I had to edit. I'm hope these have a lot of value for you. Enjoy!
  12. If one could find an intellectual, literal truth, it would be subject to forgetfulness, like all the other intellectual concepts too. Knowledge is impermanent. Both are not accessible in deep sleep. Fatigue, tiredness, sickness and faint deny access to complex intellectual concepts. The mind with which words and sentences are thought of is unstable and impermanent. It collapses, as everything collapses which once was built up.
  13. @Inliytened1 So it is a necessary foundation? But how to understand reality if the rational mind is not accessible due to illness, tiredness, injury, drugs?
  14. What is a better alternative to thinking, writing and speaking for spiritual advancement? To what extend is philosophy worthwhile for achieving happiness/peace/presence/awakening?
  15. I heard a lot of bad stuff about root canals. It seems like dead tissue is left inside the body and creates continuous toxicity. I would investigate the procedure alot before deciding to do it.
  16. This post is not about complaining, but thought of as constructive criticism. After engaging more with videos I noticed a logical flaw in Leo's explanation of his metaphysics. In his words, reality is a state of consciousness, that has no cause, no historical or material ground. But at the same times, examples that he uses, use a material metaphysics. Like things are made out of atoms in a physical universe, existing in history and so forth. As an example, in the 'What is intelligence' episode, he gives the exercise to see intelligence in the world. As an example he uses a coke can. He than gives a backstory about how it is made of aluminum atoms and how this aluminum atoms got created in stars. Like this it happens in many other episodes. Newer ones too. Leo, your episodes would be more consistent and convincing, if you would stick to your own metaphysics in your explanations and examples. I know you try to cater your teachings to wide audience, but this switching between paradigms degrades the quality of episodes in my opinion.
  17. I see that. As written, I guess Leo tries to make his teachings more accessible. But my critique is a nuanced one, coming from my own likings. Staying on the truest, most fundamental paradigm is what I'm asking for.
  18. Do you mean that reality actually consists of atoms, when it appears as being so?
  19. Increasingly, man is stepping into the virtual world, that he himself created for practical reasons. It infringes and dominates on ever more parts of life. What do you think will be the social and political consequences of this fusion? Especially if you take virtual reality and artificial intelligence into account. Many good and bad consequences are already showing up for years now. I can see it in my own life, how overpowering this process is and for how insanely long I look into screens every day.
  20. State Of Consciousness Is Everything State Of Consciousness Is Everything.pdf
  21. What Is Intelligence What Is Intelligence.pdf