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  1. Hitler saw himself as the spiritual father of Germany, who had to protect and bring up his children to survive in a world in which only the strongest survive ahtoyouth.mp4
  2. Not only in the hands of people, but bought from goverments. The thing is, that goverments are already committing to buy billions of doses.
  3. The people should have the right to choose how to look after their immune systems. Some eat healthy, some do regular exercise, some spend time in nature every day, some cut stressfull things out if their life and some take vaccines. This virus will stay like the flu, and new ones will come. People who want to be protected via a vaccine can take a vaccine.
  4. What is work? Why do humans work? What forms of work are there? What was work in the past and how is it today? What kind of work will people do in the near future? Why were businesses and employment formed? How to find valuable work? What are the dangers of unconscious work?
  5. @Matt23 If your mother had amalgam fillings while pregnant or you have or had some I would recommend: Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis & Treatment by Andrew Hall Cutler The Mercury Detoxification Manual: A Guide to Mercury Chelation by Andrew Hall Cutler and Rebecca Rust Lee
  6. How does he know by how much the ethical attitude of others had changed? Humans can change tremendously, when they are willing to do so. He seems very stubborn at that part.
  7. Seems like the calls of a past addiction. You don't really want to masturbate, but doing it to porn was very exciting in the past, so your subconscious brings it up when you are bored (maybe due to low dopamine) Just see sexuality as it is, a simple physical act. Porn isn't sex, it's voyeurism. And the acts portrayed in mainstream porn have as much to do with sex, as wrestling has to do with real fighting. My tip: Masturbate without porn, as it will confuse your mind if you do it regularly. If you want sex, seek it in the non-virtual world.
  8. From the middle of Austria
  9. Your way of seeking may be a little bit confused. You want to find some place or some people who will let you feel great. But isn't it true, that we feel great when we are healthy and doing constructive work on our selfs? If you let the outside world decide how you feel you may end up compulsively hunt for pleasures, which could lead to frustration and mental suffering. A wiser way, in my opinion, would be to think of what is beneficial for you. What city, what people, what kind of food, what kind of sport, etc. But just at one change at a time so you don't alienate yourself from your past tendencies.
  10. Amalgam fillings actually give off a whole lot of mercury vapour when they are heated up, for example by friction or hot beverages. It seems that this vapour is then absorbed by the lungs and the mercury concentrates in the brain, liver and endocrine glands, where it causes damage. (source: Andrew Hall Cutler's books) Here's a video of an dentist, who demonstrates mercury vapourization from amalgam fillings:
  11. @OBEler Hey, I would really advise against doing provocation tests. I heard of many people, which got seriously bad health issues from doing them. The problem is, that in these tests huge amounts of metals can be mobilized from non-problematic tissues, which then redistributes in glands, the liver and the brain. I studied metal-detoxing very intensely and it seems to me, that the Andrew Cutler Chelation Protocol is the safest and most effective of all metal detoxing protocols. Many people report of alleviated ADHD, mania, social anxiety, depression, insomnia, autism, allergies, digestive problems or even Parkinson's. If you want more information on this topic, just send me a private message. I am glad to help. And sorry for possible errors in the text, English is not my first language.