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  1. I'm considering getting vaccinated but I want to know your perspectives. Why should or shouldn't I get vaccinated?
  2. @Bando So you just watch videos and read random articles? Isn't that kinda scattered? I understand you learn as you go, but I'll probably need a catalog of techniques and what to expect otherwise I'm just ungrounded and all over the place. Be yourself can only go so far. I need navigation.
  3. @Peo Thank you. Is the reason you cannot help me because it is illegal?
  4. Have any of you done 5 meo dmt? How were you able to attain it? I need your help. I tried using the search bar and I got no results.
  5. Hi. I want to talk to girls but I also don't want to be a manipulative pick up artist. Should I still consider learning pick up techniques? If so, should I read 'The Game' by Neil Straus? Any other books or videos you recommend? Thank you
  6. What are men with micropenises supposed to do? And this made me think about why God would create men with micropenises? What purpose does it serve in the expansion of universe other than to suffer deeply for an entire life? I hope this doesn't sounds like complaining but I'm serious.