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  1. Hi, i’m wondering if any of you have tried practicing Kriya Yoga from hariharananda’s lineage, as is thought today by the Kriya Yoga foundation. They are the main folks teaching Kriya here in brazil, but their main seat is in the US. I’ve been practicing their teachings and it does make my mind way calmer, but i haven’t experienced any samadhi yet (though that might very well be on my lack of consistency). The reason i pose this question is that i heard “normal” Kriya is medula-centric, while in this specific lineage Hariharananda edited it to make it crown-centric. (Which, some redditors seem to argue, makes it not Kriya) That made me curious in regards to the differences, but i once heard the swami say we should not waste time trying to know the differences between lineages since that would open room for our ego to try and keep hoping from practice to practice, never actually delving deep into any of them. I believe there is truth to that, but at the same time i am a very curious person. Specially since my adhd makes the kriya last close to 1 hour every time (to do the first Kriya’s), so i would like to know that i am taking the optimal path to make use of all that investment. So, anyone with experience or knowledge about this specific lineage?
  2. notion has the problem of not being future proof, the company can simply decide to trash all your notes. Also last i checked it doesn’t work offline, so there is that limitation as well. Although i have to admit the functionalities are neat.
  3. @Leo Gura if i may, do you have any thoughts on obsidian in regards to bein a commonplace book or have you decided it is not worth looking into it?
  4. Stage Red can know how to achieve success, they are daring and risk-taking, so many of them ascend financially. Their disadvantage is that they are more reckless than orange and so may end up losing their wealth or going to prison at some point.
  5. There is no leverage to be used against China. the sanctions that are already in place are as strong as they can be without hindering the american economy to a much larger extent than it does china. They can’t be bombed since they have nukes. The only threat that could actually harm them is the west backing some form of internal revolution or coup. The USA needs China more than China needs the US. Another thing, how could the US threaten China to make them vaccinate people, when a large part of the americans have refused to vaccinate as well?
  6. @Stovo It is not irrelevant, the stronger the protection the less the virus reproduces inside each person (also contaminates less people overall) and therefore the less it mutates.
  7. As the title implies, i still don’t know exactly what it is, some definition seem to be weirdly worded, other places i don’t know if they are talking about the same thing i am searching. Sooo, is contemplation sitting down and thinking about what you really think deep down about something?
  8. @Leo Gura the mass flagged him, going video by video, hoping youtube would find something. and youtube did. apparently it was some old video that had an excerpt of a film with nudity in it. and it does appear to be the case that he got permabanned.
  9. i maintain what i said, you did not address my point. SD focuses on cognitive and mainly moral development. It seems to me that If you don’t embody systems thinking, you are not tier 2, regardless of your life experiences. Now, how can you be loyal to the meta-stability of a complex system and a nation-state at the same time?
  10. i have a hard time buying that. Loyalty to one’s nation when most contemporary problems are international in cause and nature, just screams tier 1. Being loyal to an outdated concept is almost the opposite of the flexible and systemic nature of tier 2 thinking. One cannot foster the meta-stability of a complex and ever changing system while staying loyal to a small part of it.
  11. We? thanks but i’m ok right now. Didn't fight the US when they invaded Iraq, nor Libya, nor Syria, nor while they are helping conduct an actual GENOCIDE in Yemen. Also didn’t fight Israel while they destroyed Palestine. The US is also bombing Somalia as the war in Ukraine unfolds Are you doing anything about these wars?
  12. @JosephKnecht Same thing can be said for the general. He is there to protect imaginary borders, the fact that he is in the military at all is a sign he is devoting himself to protect and expand a collective ego built on aggression and violence. You use “what he could use” to judge the general but uses “what he needs” to judge the soldier? Nice double standards. A If you think the military is the best use of your time, you are very likely centered at blue, be it in a general position, or in a foot soldier position. What i said about the soldier was just to show how you “could” theoretically, use the same argument you used but towards the foot soldier.
  13. It that doesn’t entail dying from starvation, always choose to be you. In this last year or so i found there is nothing that hurts the soul as much as having to pretend to be someone else. My parents are very open minded, but i had a very close relationship to my boss (i’m an intern in a law firm) and i felt his expectations towards me and i really wanted to live up to them, maybe one day be a partner in his firm. But it wasn’t what i dreamt for my life, and as hard as it was to tell him i wanted to leave it was one of the most liberating things i’ve ever done. You really want to spend years of your life in something that doesn’t make you full filled? Go have a serious talk with them, it will be worth it.
  14. this sensation of losing your mind in the ego fighting to not lose control over you. It’s scary, but it’s just that.