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  1. I wanted to make a journal where I can be more down-to-earth and post my general thoughts unfiltered. The other journal is great, and I'll continue working on updating it with more amazing insights, but I think I need another one as an outlet. To me, journaling is similar to breathing. This journal is for casual breathing, and the other one is for yoga-like breathing.
  2. Setting the vision for 2021, and the trajectory of the next decade; Taming the ox. Rediscovering the body. Learning Chinese. 1) What does taming the ox mean to me? The ox is the mind, and it's conditioned in a way that is not in perfect alignment with the body. It's conditioned in an inauthentic way. My objective here is to perfectly align the mind with the body in a way that allows me to be perfectly aware, strong & healthy, rational, and practical. And for that, I have to make a special effort in order to raise my awareness to extraordinarily high levels. Disintegrating & Reintegrating the ego. Creating a more enhanced version of the ego and a better understanding of the mind, body, heart, self, life, nature, society, etc... Conditioning consists of two components: Patterns. Emotions. The two components are interrelated. They cannot be separated. The patterns are maintained by unconscious emotions. And the unconscious emotions are reinforced by the patterns. The journey of untangling and dismantling that relationship is going to be extremely difficult and messy. And it's going to require complete honesty and accountability, which is what this journal is going to be for (in case I don't lose focus ). Basically, what that means is that 2021 is going to be focused on unwiring the brain from various bad habits and addictions, and on replacing them with better healthier habits and higher awareness of the body and its needs in the present moment. I want to develop a better relationship with the gift that is my body. I want to reach a state of complete lack of emotions and all that petty fearful nonsense, while at the same time being highly aware of my body. Emotions are a sign of sickness and they shouldn't ideally exist in a healthy body. They're maintained by fear, which is the ultimate underlying unconscious emotion. I want to have a full conscious ownership over my mind & body, decisions & actions. I want to become totally unaffected by the outer world and all the appearances. Grounding myself in my bodily sensations is probably the best way to do that. 2) I got the inspiration for practicing body awareness from Rilles. I think it's in perfect alignment with my plans. I will start doing a formal practice of 30-60 minutes per day. That should help me rebuild my discipline, and formal practice is the best way to explore new practices. You have to follow maps at first. Then, after a while, I will integrate the practice into my day-to-day life so I won't have to practice it formally anymore. It won't be just body scans. It may include strong determination sittings, but it will definitely include breathing & body relaxation practices. I'm aiming at entering deeper meditative states and merge more intimately with myself through that practice. We'll see how it goes. 3) As for Chinese; The west will probably fall in the next decade or two, and in the meantime the east will rise and take the lead. It is only wise to be prepared for that moment. And even though there's not much I can do at the moment, learning about China and its language does not sound like a bad idea. It is a small investment, with a very huge potential. Plus, it is fun.
  3. I've literally got sick with the solipsism threads and posts spamming the forum every now and then. I don't know how to put this other than to say that God has blessed me with the final answer for you, guys. So, I will share it with you here hoping that this will be a pill that will get you past this confusion once and for all. Okay, ready? So, the same way you've convinced yourself with the concept Direct Experience and how "important" or "true" it is, I would like to introduce you to another concept that I like to call Indirect Experience. Indirect experience is not at all mysterious or hard to understand. It is simply the experience that you are not currently having, but rather thinking about. Thinking about something is an indirect experience of it. For example, you have directly experienced an ice-cream cone in the past. But now, as you're reading this, you're thinking about that experience. So, right now for you, the ice-cream cone is an indirect experience. Now, apply this to other beings. Do you believe there are other sentient beings? Well, the answer doesn't really matter, because the question itself is framed wrong. A proper way of asking the question would be something like this: There seems to be other beings that seem independent of my perception of them. How can I know that they're real like me? And here's where understanding indirect experience is critical. Because you can actually have conversations with these beings and get a glimpse of their direct experiences by indirectly experiencing their experiences through imagination. So, when a person tells you about the most delicious plate, it's an indirect experience for you. And you can turn it into a direct experience by actually going and tasting that delicious plate they told you about. And then after that, you will have achieved direct experience of the plate, and you will be left with indirect experience, which is basically your thoughts about it. Now, it's important to tackle the issue of truth here, because the concept direct experience claims to provide absolute truth, or at least a close relationship to it. So, where does indirect experience stand from truth? Well, the truth is that what other people say can be either true or false. So, it's not really a problem of what indirect experience can yield, because it can yield anything, it's more about how it's understood and applied. In other words, indirect experience is neither true or false by itself alone. It requires your validation for it to be true. For example, if someone says that the moon is green, you go look outside and see if it's green for you. That'll determine whether the direct experience claimed by the other person is true for you or not. If you look at the moon and don't find it green, you'll know that your direct experience is different from what they're saying. You won't necessarily have to prove or disprove their claims. You can live knowing that everyone perceives the world differently, and that some people don't tell the truth about their direct experience from time to time. If you're going to be smart and tell me that indirect experience is the same thing as imagination, well, you're right. They're the same thing, and that's precisely the point, because when you say imagination as opposed to "direct experience", it seems to you as if they're two different things. But what you don't realize is that reality is infinite imagination, as Leo puts it. Just get this idea out of your head that there is somehow a distinction between actuality and imagination, because they're literally the same thing. If you haven't yet realized that reality is infinite imagination, notice that direct experience = indirect experience. So, by definition, all experience = imagination. That being said, I hope that I will never have to read another solip-fucking-sistic post for the remainder of my life. Thanks.
  4. Well, that seems terrible. But I would take it with a grain of salt. It could easily be propaganda. What's the backstory behind the accusation? This is the important question here. Also, what far worse than that?
  5. The mistake here is defining ultimate reality through consciousness as if consciousness is ultimate reality. It simply is not. Reality is not infinite consciousness. Reality is an infinite nothingness that is capable of imagining consciousness. Consciousness is just a tiny portion of infinity. Consciousness is actually not very different from thought, it's just a different manifestation/form of thoughts. Are you conscious of thoughts? Or are you thinking about consciousness? There's no difference. All of it is imagination couched within nothingness. So, you're left with not-knowing anything outside of imagination. And that's pretty much expected because, by definition, you know-not nothing.
  6. Lol. And I thought nobody was ideological about gender.
  7. Good. Don't get close to those and you'll be fine. They're masculine and unattractive, anyway.
  8. No, this is factually false. Nobody is that ideological about gender. Most false accusations are motivated by desire for money or out of hurt.
  9. I don't think there's any legal system that sentences 20 years for rape. So you might be imagining things a lot worse than they are. Usually when a woman falsely accuses a man, she's after his money, so she would be careful not to throw him in jail. If a woman seriously wanted to throw a man in jail, that means he's actually hurt her so bad that she wanted to get back at him through illegal means, because she couldn't get justice through the law because she's socially disadvantaged and the man was a jerk to her while thinking he would get away with it, so he probably deserves it. Otherwise, she would have to be completely nuts to falsely accuse him. There are basically no other options out of those three.
  10. It depends on the culture. For example, in my country, if a girl was raped by someone, they usually marry her to her rapist to avoid public shame, because having sex before marriage is a great shame here, especially for women. So, even if she was raped, her folks would try to hide and suppress that story, and then they would communicate with the rapist family in order to arrange a marriage, and then after a few days of marriage, they get their daughter divorced so that she's known to be not virgin anymore. The rapist gets away without any damage.
  11. You're right. The truth is that criminals get away very rarely.
  12. Of course society is biased. Otherwise, there would be only men or only women. Bias is what creates identity. And not all bias is bad. Some of it is even good, for example the reason why we enjoy hot sex is the bias, aka the masculine-feminine polarity. If everyone would be 100% unbiased, then all women would become men, or all men would become women, however society would want. As well, our bodies are inherently different, so it's fair and justified to be biased in certain things. And I get what you mean, but don't forget that women face similar challenges and sometimes even more. A man can have sex with as many women as he wants without being shamed or marginalized. A woman will be called a slut for engaging with two men. That's society. Some things work for your advantage, and some other don't. Everyone faces different challenges. The challenges won't likely go away anytime soon, so it's kinda pointless to waste time complaining about them.
  13. Notice that the you that is asking the question is not the same you that will receive the answer. So, what does it matter?
  14. @Etherial Cat You're welcome. There's an aspect that I forgot to address earlier, which is the humility that spirituality advocates. I have struggled with all these things in the past, so that's why I'm mentioning them here. Usually, people who gravitate towards spirituality tend to view humbleness as the highest trait to have and exhibit. And that may be true, but for many people when they think about humbleness it's the opposite of being confident, so it becomes hard to show confidence even when they want to because in the back of their minds they're always trying to show humility, even when unnecessary. Most of the times, the reason behind this bad association is the tremendous focus on ego and pride in spirituality, which blocks the good aspects of ego and pride, such as confidence and strength. In the end, and after years of demonizing those self-aspects, confidence and strength become alien to the seeker until they start creating other problems such as poor self-image, poor boundaries, and things like that. I have personal experience with all of that because I used to hate on my ego too much. Luckily, at some point I realized that and started moving in the opposite direction until I have reached a more balanced place.
  15. This is false. The law is not biased towards any specific gender. In very rare cases, the people representing the law can make mistakes or be unfair with both men and women. But that's the exception, not the rule. A woman that has been raped could also face unfair judgment and the criminal might escape. Now imagine being raped without being able to prove it, but instead you get charged or sentenced for false accusation. And on top of all that you will just have to continue living with all that while knowing that the rapist is still out there.
  16. @Parththakkar12 Also, consider the opposite case. Consider that a woman who barely escaped being raped could not come forward about it and point to the criminal, because the crime didn't actually happen, even though it was intended. At best, she could get a restraining order against him. Consider how that woman would feel about going out while knowing that that criminal is out there and could possibly reach to her again.
  17. Stay silent about what? False accusation is a crime that only a criminal would do, similar to rape. Most women are ordinary people, like most guys. Rapists are rare, and false accusing women are rare. And actually, it's harder to prove rape than to disprove it. So, female victims have a disadvantage here. For example, if a woman was weak after the incident and didn't act on it quickly because she couldn't face people, then she would likely lose the case. Can you imagine how hard it is to hold yourself together after being raped? I'm not saying false accusations are fine, but they're a lot less frequent than sexual harassment and violence against women. So you shouldn't make generalizations. Yes, mistakes happen because judges are not Gods. The mistakes have n specific bias towards a specific gender. Doctors make mistakes and patients die, too. It's rare, but there's a law system that deals with that, too.
  18. The difference is that you're smaller than me because you are within me. I am the dream, and you're just a dream character. At least, that's what direct experience says.
  19. You are generalizing your experience, dad. Don't make the rare cases universal.
  20. @Inliytened1 So is it my mind or your mind? You see, the answer is ego solipsism, not God solipsism.
  21. That's blatantly false. Do some research before throwing claims as such.
  22. @Inliytened1 The problem is that how do you explain apparent consistency/realism? I'll accept an answer from the relative perspective because the question is from the relative perspective.
  23. Idealism and solipsism go hand in hand with psychedelicalism. Two concepts that carry very little truth and a drug that carry too much hallucinations.
  24. @Someone here Did you know that all "what is?" questions are simply a desire to hear a story? So, you want to hear stories about insanity? Maybe try the psych ward, or political debates. Or, you know, just normal conversations with normal people