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  1. What is "unconditional"? What is "love"? "Unconditional" = without condition "Love" = ? Let's work out the absolute definition of love and from there we can determine if only God can love unconditionally. Though, if you are God, and all others are God, then both you and other can love unconditionally. We can replace the word "love" with the word "blah" in this case. Since we all have a unique concept of love. We need to understand that the true love is not one that is determinable or one that can be decided upon. The true love is there before the idea of it is birthed in mind. It could be argued that true love is actually Beingness, or existence.. or consciousness (consciousness being the substratum of everything in existence).
  2. You have some interesting ideas there. But, what happens when perspective is shifted, as the result of an awakening, and suffering is no longer experienced? Does that mean that when one is free of suffering that there is no longer meaning in life? Maybe some food for our thoughts.
  3. @WokeBloke I've done some serious contemplation on this and thinking a lot about the "lifecycle of a thought". From what I can gather through meditation and focus, thoughts start as a notion or an energy (pre-conceptual) that then form into a thought (conceptual). In the energetic state (pre-thought) they exist and arise seemingly randomly from a deeper pre-conscious/sub-conscious space. Effectively, here they can be "caught" prior to evolving into a full-blown conceptual thought and they seem to be like pieces of a puzzle; some parts energy and emotion and some parts disjointed "incomplete" thought. So, based on this observation, my hypothesis is that thoughts come from/originate as energetic species in the pre-conscious/sub-conscious mind and it is highly likely that some thoughts originate as energy in the body (maybe even partially coming from food and the processes of digestion!), prior to reaching a conceptual state in the conscious part of the mind. So, to properly answer your question: What thinks? Well from an absolute sense, the answer is, the entire system of reality. Lenny
  4. @Magnanimous I think that Eckhart Tolle's teachings are very powerful and helpful for noticing the mind's arisings for what they are: energetic, random, habitual, conceptual, story-like "happenings" that boil up from our subconscious mind structure. Without our conscious mind's "choice", "control" or "say in the matter". You are reality and pure "being". In other words, you are "what is", here and now and only here and now, without images, ideas, stories, imagination, thoughts. These exist within you. Though, they cannot define you. That would be like a painting defining the canvas. No matter what the painting, or how intricate or detail, it can never be the canvas. The canvas is "before" and "underneath" the painting and the painting cannot exist without the canvas. But, the canvas can exist without the painting. Also, there is an important thing to recognise here: Leo saying that suicidal thoughts are "impure" can also be taken on and understood as a deficiency of the "thinker" or person/mind having the thoughts. We need to realise that we are not deficient in reality, this is just a thought that has arisen from habit (which may have been set in place from the mind's interpretations of our life). I have come to learn that the mind is not sufficient enough as a tool to define reality (that which I am), so I let it do its thing and try not to get involved. I "let it run" with thoughts of it being "impure" (not give it attention/entertain the thoughts) and thus the subconscious and "inaccessible" structure of the mind is able to "purify" itself. Strangely enough, not doing the "work" to "purify" actually does the "work" to "purify". That is why talking about the Self and defining reality gets "in the way" of spiritual "work", because the real work is to notice the unreality of the mind's associations and meanings. To realise that the "motion" of mind/thoughts into a process to complete/achieve something is imagination. Now, to answer your question: how to purify the mind? The first step is to understand the implications of association. We can also break down the question to help us navigate the landscape of this thought: "How to" (possible associations: process, steps, desire to know, "I want/I need"): we can observe how the mind is engaging in a "desiring" of something. And most likely desiring that which is separate from itself. The mind says: "that which I desire/that which is desired cannot be found in here". But, it can only be found "out there" (through a searching or from the words of "someone else"). Notice also that this desiring to know can just fall away once attention has been diverted to something more immediate (your toast popping, a message from a friend or loved-one, etc.). If we always have something so immediate in front of us, then maybe these "impure thoughts" would never have a chance to arise. "Purify" (possible associations: to clean, to make "better", opposite of "unclean", opposite activity of a mind that is doing the "right thing"): this is an idea/concept, and one that is different for everyone (imagery, memory and subsequent association from/of unique and individual minds). How does it feel? Is it desired? Are "you" pure? Are you enough without having pure thoughts or a pure mind? Could the desiring of "purity" cause an "impure" mind? Can we get from here (association "impure") to there (association "pure")? These are powerful questions to ask ourselves. "The mind" (possible associations: me, I, thoughts, images, separate entity creating "my" experience): this is also a concept/idea, created by "itself". The true "mind" is reality and is not separate from the universe. "It".. The "mind"/a partition/part of "reality" tends to "dream up" its "separateness" if the thought/energy is entertained or habitually "created" by us, as reality, as mind. There needs to be a point where you lose interest in trying to "purify" and see that it is an illusion, a thought (enlightenment is obtained by going the "opposite way" of the mind/thoughts [not opposite in direction, but opposite in dimension]). If you feel any tension or strong feelings/emotions during this point/understanding of the illusory mind, you need to also see this as being based in illusion. Cannot see the illusion? Is the illusion "stopping you" from "seeing"? this is an illusion also. Try to have an attitude of "it's ok" and acceptance through this process. You are a loved child of God. A cool meditation practise that I have found that is helpful is a "no words" meditation I developed for myself. Sit in a quiet place (doesn't need to be) and try to empty your mind/clear your thoughts and get to a "quietness" of mind. Anytime a language-based thought arises say to yourself "no words" and cut the stream of thought. Use your own creative power of will to stop word-based thought. You can also do this with imagination/images. Use your own creative power of will to remove all imagery, imagination and words during your meditation. Enter a state/attitude of discovery and child-like curiosity and lightness. I hope that this helps. Sorry for the massive rant lol With love, Lenny
  5. @Illusory Self I'd like to give you a simple thing you can employ. Also, if you have a sense of "running away from it all" or thoughts of "I want to change this" or "I can't do this, if I haven't first done this", then consider another idea/approach: turning toward your situation and meeting it will acceptance and love. From what you said, It seems that you are in a very loving home, this is a great opportunity to grow (not that growth equates to what you are, or that growth will get you closer to what you already are). As for the "simple thing" I mentioned that you can do: add some meditation to your routine. The type of meditation you can employ is awareness meditation, a.k.a observer meditation, a.k.a transcendental meditation. This is how you do it: sit quietly somewhere (doesn't matter how you sit, just sit comfortably), try your best to "watch" all thought forms that arise (all thoughts) without judgement or desire to change them. The stream of thoughts could be as follows (with action met): "I can't be here" (watch thought arise and leave), "I can hear everyone in the house" (watch thought arise and leave), "this isn't working" (watch thought arise and leave), "this arising and leaving thing I'm doing isn't working" (watch thought arise and leave), "no, but really, it won't work" (watch thought arise and leave), "maybe this could work" (watch thought arise and leave), "maybe I could stay, maybe I don't need to change anything" (watch thought arise and leave). Continue this for the time that you have allocated for the meditation in a "insert any thought here" fashion. I am 35 and I understand that it is alright to feel lost. If I entertain these types of concepts/thoughts/beliefs I can easily feel lost too. Feeling lost is a great opportunity in itself. It allows us to take a closer look at what's going on. Now, nothing may need to be done, but just having the awareness of feeling lost can be enough to get in touch with your Being. I hope this helps Love from Lenny.
  6. @mo_v What type of inner work have you been doing? In my experience, we can reach states reported by people who have used psychedelics naturally through a number of techniques. Note that "letting go" or diverting attention from "inner work" can be a form of inner work, so we can be doing the wrong thing and still think that it is inner work. The concept of "inner work" isn't what inner work is in reality. Understand that what you think is "inner work" is not really inner work. Inner work could be equated to abiding in your absolute intelligence (before the thought "I need to do inner work" arrises as a product of this intelligence (that which you are)). Know that you are the intelligence that has created the idea of "inner work" (from collecting information and data about it). Your "inner work" is a synthesis of all the information that you have collected (thought limited understanding and perception - which we all have). Inner work is an "unfolding" that occurs outside/before/underneath the thought of "inner work". In a sense, the "you" that you think you are doesn't really have control over when the inner work happens. It is because the ideas and thoughts of "inner work" are artefacts of that which does not require "inner work". I hope this helps Love from Lenny.
  7. @Jahmaine Ah. I don't know about this one. Did he mention it in an episode?
  8. @Jahmaine Are you referring to his course based around the concepts of pickup? I recall him talking about this in his episode on getting layed.
  9. @lizz_luna It's important to understand that you are creating everything (also the "path"), even if you are not aware of it yet. If you are invested in the thought/idea "I need to burn through karma" (outside of direct experience of the process), then you will be hypnotised by the thought/idea, and this will prevent you from seeing Truth. You see, the "idea" of burning through Karma is a product of intelligence, not intelligence itself. You are intelligence. Intelligence is then hypnotised by its product (by something it creates - by its own decision). Who said that Truth prevents you from enjoying life's delights? Being highly conscious helps you enjoy the reality of the delights, rather than the illusion (a limited creation/perspective) of the same delights. Understand what the delights are, in Truth. And maybe you can enjoy them more.. I have recently listened to Leo's "burning though karma" episode, and I can see that the message is very flawed (of low consciousness, in theory) (unless Leo has vetted his message to be understood by a certain consciousness level of listener, which is possible). My hypothesis that it is flawed comes from his continual reference to "I" and "me" and how there is a separate "he/I" that needs to "burn through karma". There is a created "I" that needs to do a "thing" to be closer to God. These ideas inhibit access to intelligence/God (or veil the truth that reality/intelligence/God is already here). I hope this info helps Love from Lenny.
  10. A good question to contemplate is: Is there truth in charity? My answer is, yes. Why, because only giving is real/true. Taking/keeping for oneself (the finite ego-mind) is not real/true. In reality, in truth, there is only giving. But, from the perspective of the finite ego-self (self with a small "s") it creates/dreams stealing/taking/keeping from the one true giving. You can only give, because you are only one. How much is a finite part of the infinite microcosm of your body truly "taking" from that microcosm? If we look at every example of taking, we can see that it has been given by God/reality/life/the Self. For example, I want to take money/sex/belongings/earnings from someone (or from the "other"). In truth, if I succeed in my plans, these things were given to me by life and by reality. Even the instrument through which I take/keep were given to me. Reality/God gave me my hands. Reality/God gave me my cunning mind that can think up things and put value on them so I can get pleasure in taking them (how childish, hehe). Reality/God gave me the freedom to manifest the thought/dream that I could own something. As an ignorant finite-self, I am dreaming that I am keeping. I dream the concept of stealing/taking. I dream the idea of owning. Because it is all just giving. If I give for a personal satisfaction, it is taking for the finite self. But, it is giving for the Self/God/reality/life. When you realise that you are all of reality, you give for the purpose of giving alone. Giving is its own reward. You let the will of God decide on when you give. You do not need to feel guilty if you decide to keep, or if you do not get the chance to give. Reality/God will decide when it is your turn to truly give. Which in truth, is a becoming (or a removal of the veil of ignorance). But, if there was a purpose to giving. A pure form of the idea of purpose, before it is played with and taken beyond the will of God, we could say that to share with another is to share with oneself. Since you are all that there is. When you give to another, you are giving to your true self (the Self/reality). When you take/keep/steal, you as the Self has given it to you as the finite ego-self. "You" as the finite ego-self could not obtain something unless you as the Self gave it to you. So, there is only giving, wrapped up in a facade of taking/stealing/keeping. Giving is real. Stealing/taking/keeping/owning is unreal to the extent to which it is not understood/seen truly as a giving/allowance from life/God/reality/the Self. So, we can now see why those who take/keep/steal (for their small/limited self) end up where they do; because they are doing something that isn't real. Love from Lenny
  11. I think that love of a finite part of yourself, coupled with impermanence, creates an arising of suffering. The reason why we suffer is because we love. It's only that we are loving a finite part of ourselves (e.g. the other). Your love created the entire universe, it seems.
  12. Rupert clearly said that you (as consciousness) are experiencing Rupert's thoughts, but cannot experience the thoughts through the lens of the finite mind of Lucian. This comment could still allow for the idea that you (as consciousness) is creating the finite mind of both Rupert and Lucian, therefore resolving any disparity between the ideas from Leo and Rupert. I believe that Rupert, not wanting to confuse Lucian, based on a quiet assessment of his spiritual level/consciousness level, wanted to approach Lucian's questions from a position that would be understood. Rupert is not speaking from the position of the Self here, he is speaking from the position of a finite person/mind. He may have noticed that Lucian's "mind" (Lucian's idea of the mind) is not the "mind of the Self". Rupert also started to use the term "finite mind" to differentiate between the one mind (consciousness/the mind of the Self) and the "mind" of "Lucian" and "Rupert". Also, Lucian could be speaking of the one mind, and there has been a miscommunication. But, I didn't hear Lucian say that he is Rupert. Now, I might be wrong. It is easy to come up with ideas that verify statements and give justifications. To expand; I know that I am all of existence/reality/consciousness, but the little me "Lenny" isn't. The little "Lenny" appears in me as reality. It might not help others for me to speak about myself as the fresh poop on the ground. Or that someone is imagining everything and nothing is real. From the position of the absolute, being real or not real doesn't hold any water and does not change the absolute/consciousness/reality/what is. "Real" and "unreal" are just ideas/thoughts/finite forms in reality and only veil itself from itself. Even my saying "just ideas" is a thought/energetic form in reality that veils reality. My thought "reality" is made up of reality, and made by reality, but isn't reality in it's entirety. Love from Lenny
  13. You are, because you love. Your love generates the entire universe, including yourself. The only thing holding the universe in place as it is, is your love.