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  1. ah, ok, so everything is still there except for the ego. Thank you.
  2. Thank you so much for this. Im willing to put in the work because I actually don't value the truth as much as I value the mind. And since there's this territory of infinite mind...I want to seek it....even if at the end I end up at the same place because it's all here but yeah.
  3. @Nahm @Inliytened1 @dimitri @Aaron p Thank you for taking your time to answer. I realize that I still have confusion, that means I have to put in more work. Love you all.
  4. Wow...ok. I'll definitely put in more work! Thank you for this.
  5. So, me as god, I can have desires to create the dream that I want. But who's the I when the true I is just pure awareness? Thoughts aren't me, but sometimes I need thoughts to schedule my days if I wanted to, so therefore, the awareness is working with the true self?
  6. Yes, I have and I have come to the conclusion that I am the awareness. That is the reason why I'm asking how emptiness can have any desires? who's writing right now? the true self or the ego? It can't be the awareness can it since it's just there and observing.
  7. It makes totally sense because there is only now and the ego is just an illusion, it's a story, a concept and that is the the real me. The real me is the awareness and that's what confuses me. If I am just the awareness how can nothing have any desires? who's writing right now? the true self? I'm aware of the action, but who's doing the action? The awareness can't do any actions since it's just simply then who is it? the ego? the true self? both?
  8. So, it is nothing and everything at the same time, which then leads to your true self?
  9. So, I should work WITH Winny? When we are talking about Winny, we are not talking about the ego right? but Winny as in the true self?
  10. It is nothing Can't describe its features because it has none.
  11. They arrive out of nowhere O_o so do desires, passion, love, joy, peace, arrive out of nowhere?
  12. From nobody or from Winny? I don't know...
  13. Thanks to @VeganAwake who sent me a video on "True Self vs Ego" it is a bit clearer to me what the difference is, however, doesn't true self imply that there is a self? With my self inquiry and a long conversation with @Leo Gura about the brain I came to the realization and direct experience that the true I is actually...nothing...pure awareness. Therefore, how can something without characteristics and features have desires? How can pure awareness have peace, love, passion, desires when it is just aware of those? Or am I holding myself back from just "being" which naturally comes with peace, love, passion, joy, desires (it just simply happens and you will know it with intuition) by asking too many questions?